Tuesday’s Treat, Fun-da-Middles

On this mama’s to do list today was trying out the new Betty Crocker Fun-da-Middles.

My daughter’s birthday is coming up next month and she can’t decide what she would like for her birthday party celebration.  Which sounds funny, when I was little we simply had cake; it was what you did for birthdays.  There was never a question of whether or not to make a cake or order a cake; it was the one sure thing every year.  You have birthday cake for your birthday. However, today the options seem endless. There is cake pops, cupcakes, cookie cakes, brownie cakes, cakes in an ice cream cones, ice cream cakes, rice crispy cakes, ice cream sundaes, ice cream bars, etc.  Then there are the occasional parties where the parents do not believe in sugar. Please, it’s a birthday party, can’t we have an exception? I understand if there are health issues, but if there are not, please do not make the funky tofu cakes.  When guest say they taste great they are lying to you.

So, with that being said, we are on the quest for the perfect party treat!  So this afternoon I got out my mixer and made
some, Fun-da-Middles.

Mama’s Review of Fun-da-Middles

Cost: I thought they were a little pricey at the store, especially considering it only makes 12 cupcakes but thankfully we did have a coupon.  I would have to purchase at least two boxes for a party (maybe three after the kiddos and hubby taste test the first batch).

Preparation: These were rather easy to prepare.  They just required oil, water, and eggs.  Mix them up and then place 1/3 of the batter in the cupcake liners.  Squeezing the filling in the center was pretty easy. It was the making certain there was enough batter left to cover each that was a little tricky.  I had to get out the big spatula and scrap it till there was no batter left in the bowl. Thankfully only one turned out with some filling poking through.

Bake: They baked in 25 minutes but required 20 additional minutes for cooling.

Nutrition: Hello! They are cupcakes, for a birthday party, enough said.

Taste: Wow! We frosted ours and the kiddos decorated them too.  They taste amazing.

Overall Rating, I give Fun-da-Middles a B+

My daughter exclaimed that she would like to try something else before she makes a final decision. So the quest continues….


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