Wallabies, Buffalo, & Camel Rides, OH MY!

We had quite the adventure today! We had the opportunity to see camels, pet goats, feed Emus, watch alligators & wallabies, be briefly accompanied by a wild/free-range deer, got up close and personal with a buffalo, got to see tortoises & their poop (surprisingly much large than I had anticipated), had the pleasure of petting lots of adorable and cuddly bunnies (I SO badly wanted to put one in my purse…so wrong, but so true! Don’t worry I restrained myself, but it wasn’t easy), and so much more! So right about now you are probably wondering what type of wild & exotic vacation we went on. Australia? Sahara Dessert? Florida Everglades? The answer might surprise you, Lambertville, Michigan. Yep, we were only 10 minutes away from our house at Indian Creek Zoo!!


 indiancreek 014FBBLOG

 indian zoo 035BLOG

 indiancreek 028BLOG

Indian Creek Zoo is a unique place that offers camel rides, up-close viewing of exotic animals such as zebras, camels, emus, wallabies, donkeys, coatimundi, alligators, peacocks and many more! (Also, just an FYI- their animals are available for events, festivals and nativity scenes). And, this is kinda huge, at least for the kids (and us kids at heart), you can feed some of the animals!!!

indian zoo 030BLOG


indiancreek 046BLOG


When you enter and pay admission you have the option to purchase food to feed the animals, DO IT!! It is only $3 for a huge cup full of food; it was enough for me and all 3 kiddos to enjoy the experience of feeding the animals.

 indian zoo 053BLOG

The admission to the zoo is $8 for adults, $6 for kids, and 2 and under is FREE! The experience is a great one to have as a family. Stop by for a fun filled family weekend visit and add a camel ride to the fun for only $5! (Camel rides only run on Saturday and Sunday between noon and I believe 3pm but call ahead just to make certain).

 indian zoo 046BLOG



indian zoo 050BLOG



indiancreek 055BLOG


indiancreek 030BLOG

The great outdoors is so lovely this time of year, don’t rush through the exhibits, take your time and enjoy ALL that nature has to offer, including toads (which we managed to find two), spiders (the boys loved them, girls may have screamed a little), and the very best part, this oh so sweet tour guide….

 indiancreek 060BLOG


indian zoo 003BLOG

Yep, that is a deer, a free-rang/wild deer who roams around the zoo from time to time. The children will forever remember their up-close encounter with this sweetheart.


 indiancreek 017BLOG


indiancreek 018BLOG


indian zoo 060BLOG


indian zoo 061BLOG



The Indian Creek Zoo is a mom & kid approved establishment. In fact, 2 out of 3 kiddos gave it 5 stars….the 3rd thought the spiders were ridiculous and only gave it 4 stars. Lol! They have bathrooms, refreshment, & snacks available for purchase. Added bonus, when you leave you can take a peacock feather home as a souvenir! It is very clean, animals are well kept and looked after, it is an all-around great destination that we plan on frequenting.


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