One of the Best Mom’s Day Out Ideas in Toledo

10 moms, 2 hours, 1 awesome downtown! We arrived at 320 N Ontario at exactly 3pm on an overcast windy October Sunday with anticipation in our souls! We parked our cars and eagerly hopped aboard the HandleBar Toledo. Once everyone was on their bicycle seats, beverages in cup holders, and feet placed on pedal we were ready for our journey to begin! Cue the laughter, music, and pedal power!




It was so enjoyable just pedaling our worries away! Not once did we discuss the kids, laundry, dishes, etc. it felt great leaving our mommy duties & mommy guilt at home. And since we were all moms, none of us get out as much as we would like, so it was awesome that we had the opportunity to stop off at 3 different locations downtown.  It was like having 4 mini ‘Moms’ Nights Out’ in one day. What can I say; moms are suckers for multitasking, lol! On our tour we stopped at Wesley’s, Ye Old Cock n Bull, & The Height. The views of Toledo from The Height were gorgeous!











Those were the destinations that we chose to stop at but you can stop off wherever you wish on the tour, as long as it is within the distance of the map, you do have to pedal there…for example, you could stop and grab a drink somewhere, then an appetizer at another establishment, & finish it off with a coffee from one of the coffee houses (they weren’t open on Sunday).


How it Works:

  1. Find an available date on The HandleBar Toledo calendar.
  2. Contact group of moms/friends and see who is interested and available for that date.
  3. The cost for a 2hr tour is $400 Friday/Saturday and $300 all other days. Thus, the cost per mom is between $19-25 if you bring 16 people.
  4. Then have a designated mom collect everyone’s money, we found PayPal to be helpful. And once you have everyone’s payment you can then book your date.
  5. The day of be sure to dress for the weather, sign waiver online, & the HandleBar is a BYO bar so you can bring a beverage of choice (no glass or liquor), coffee, beer, wine, water, etc.


The Handlebar operates from March-November so don’t miss out on this awesome Moms Day Out idea…call up your playgroup moms, PTA moms, Church moms, etc. & book the Bar today!



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