Create Art Studio & Workshop Summer Camp 2018


Secret’s out!! Create Art Studio & Workshop is seriously Perrysburg’s best kept secret! But not anymore, the secret is officially out! Located at 422 Louisiana Avenue in Perrysburg, OH, it’s where kids go to….

  • learn to think creatively, with an open mind
  • learn to observe and describe, analyze and interpret
  • learn to express feelings, with or without words.
  • practice problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills,
  • discover that there is more than one right answer, multiple points of view
  • build confidence….because there is not just one right way to make art; every child can feel pride in his or her original artistic creations.
  • build community….children have the opportunity to make friends outside of school
  • and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!



They offer an awesome variety of summer camp and workshop options for all ages!! And if your children are….WE INTERRUPT THIS POST WITH BREAKING NEWS!!


They are offering a SLIME CAMP; we’re talking top shelf slime with colors, glitters, and more!! This camp will fill up in lightning speed, click on the link below to register your kiddos now!


Slime Camp

June 4, 5, 6, 7     3:15-4:00            


This slime filled camp will be sure to keep your child engaged! Participants will make 4 different recipes of slime during the camp and decorate containers to keep their slime in.  Slimers will create a slime “recipe” book to keep track of their creations.  Both white and clear glue will be utilized, plus shaving cream to make fluffy slime, and more!  The colors, glitters, and add-ins to choose from are extensive at the studio!  Let the kids make slime in our studio to keep the mess off your countertops:)

Teacher: Deborah Lambdin

Ages 7+

Cost: $85             Limit 12

Click HERE to Register


Mini Camp: Pastels, Mixed Media & More

May 29, 30, 31 June 1       10:00-11:15  


Students develop drawing and collage skills while learning about blending, line, shape, value, color theory and composition through a variety of artistic materials. Our projects include watercolor, acrylics, mixed media and collage, and cover many exciting subjects.

Ages 8-13

Cost: $85       Limit 8

Click HERE to Register

Teen Art Camp

Session 1: June  June 4,5,6,7                       1:00-2:30

Teens will be able to utilize the many art supplies in our studio to bring their creativity to life.  Students will explore a variety of art mediums, including watercolor, acrylic, pastels, mixed media, and wooden sign making.   Students will be encouraged to bring in personal items such as photos or memorabilia to integrate into their art. This camp will have the opportunity post their art process and projects on CREATE’s Snapchat and Instagram accounts throughout the week:)
Ages 13+                               Teacher: Deb Lambdin                                          Limit 10

Cost: $90

Click HERE to Register

Session 2: July 30,31 Aug. 1, 2                      1:00-2:30                                  $90

Click HERE to Register

Advanced Drawing Camp

May 29, 30, 31 June 1                             4:45-6:15  


Do you have a child that is quite accomplished in drawing? Have them learn even more advanced drawing techniques in animation and anime from a skilled artist and illustrator. Enjoy creating characters from today’s popular culture!  The extended 90 minute class time will allow young artists to create more in depth drawings.   This camp will utilize graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, ink, and watercolor to bring characters to life!

Ages 8+   (must have previous drawing experience)                                  Teacher: Dan’o Ammonette

Cost: $85

Click HERE to Register

Adventures in Painting – Mini Camp  

May 29, 30, 31 June 1  9:00-9:45

Students explore both watercolor and acrylic painting with the help of an experienced painter. There will be a different project each class to  allow them to explore the creative process and get them familiar with popular painting methods.

Ages 5-7

Cost: $60.00

Click HERE to Register

Art Together-a parent child creative camp

June 11, 12, 13, 14                                       9:15-9:45

Join us at the studio to share a creative experience with your little one!  Make memories together you can remember for years to come as well as art you can both be proud of displaying at home:)  Participants will create a variety of abstract art together using, watercolors, acrylic paint, and mixed media techniques.

Ages 2 and up!  (children, teens, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents all welcome:)

Cost:  $75 (for child & parent)

Click HERE to Register

Preschool Painting

Session 1: June 4,5,6,7                         9:15-9:45        


Let your preschooler make a mess for the week in our studio! Preschool age students will have fun painting a variety of objects and projects in this mini camp.  They will enjoy exploring the world of paint and taking home their special creation each day:)

Ages 3-5                                                             Teacher: Deb Lambdin                Limit 6

Cost: $65

Click HERE to Register

Session 2: July 30, 31 Aug. 1, 2                       9:15-9:45

Cost: $70

Click HERE to Register

Artist Adventures: Session 1

Session 1- June 4,5,6,7                       10:00-10:45    


Kids will paint, draw, cut, paste, tape and more their way through this art adventure camp! Participants will have fun exploring multiple art mediums and creating many unique projects, including decorated terra cotta pots:)

Ages 5-7                                         Teacher:  Deborah Lambdin                                               Limit 8

Cost: $75

Click HERE to Register for Session I

Artist Adventures: Session 2- July 30, 31 Aug. 1, 2 10:00-10:45

Cost: $75

Click HERE to Register for Session II


The Young Artist

Session 1: June 4,5,6,7             11:00-12:00    


Students will utilize pencils, ink, markers, watercolor and acrylic paint to create unique works of art.  Fundamentals of drawing and painting will be taught as well as basic art elements, such as composition, texture,color, line, and value. We will also spend one session designing and decorating a mini “fairy” or “bird” house.  Each student will have fun while creating unique works of art they will be proud to display at home!

Ages 8-12                                              Teacher: Deb Lambdin                         Limit 10

Cost: $80

Click HERE to Register

Session 2: July 30, 31 Aug. 1, 2              10:45-12:00

Cost: $80

Click HERE to Register

Top Chef | a creative cooking experience

Tuesday, July 24                 11:00-12:30


Learn some basic kitchen skills from accomplished local “chef” and caterer, Lisa Cook. Then put those skills to use and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Top Chef!  Create your own recipes then chow down on your culinary masterpiece.  Participants will prepare food and have time to eat it during the workshop.   It will be a fun and tasty class where you’re actually encouraged to play with your food!

Ages 8-12                               Teacher:  Lisa Cook                  Limit 12

Cost: $35

Click HERE to Register

Art Journaling – Mini Camp

June 18, 19, 20, 21             9:00-10:15

Kids love to create art. Journaling allows them the freedom to explore their ideas without limitations. We will  give students the tools and inspiration to journal and let them explore different mediums, techniques, and themes. Students will be given their own journal to personalize and work in.  They will also be given additional direction and opportunities to turn their ideas into unique pieces of art.
Ages 7-12

Cost: $75

Click HERE to Register

Drawing and Doodling Camp

June 11, 12, 13, 14           10:00-10:45


Do you have a doodler at home? This camp will focus on creative and contemplative doodling.   Art journaling prompts and doodling ideas will be provided each time we meet.  Kids will utilize art journaling techniques, prompts, graphite, sharpies, ink and collage to fill pages of their own journal with art, inspiration, creative writing and creations.  Students will be encouraged to bring in personal items such as photos or memorabilia to integrate into their journal.

Ages 6-10                                      Limit: 12

Cost: $75

Click HERE to Register

Beginner Drawing and Watercolor Class

Session 2:  July 13, 20, 27   10:00-11:00 am

Does your child love to doodle and draw?  Learn basic drawing techniques and how to add color to them with watercolor paint.   This class will utilize graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, and watercolor to bring drawings to life!

Ages 7-12            Teacher: Dan’o Ammonette

Cost: $55

Click HERE to Register


Art FUNdamentals Camp

June 11, 12, 13, 14               11:00-12:15       


Do you have a budding artist at home?! This camp will cover the basic fundamentals of art including color theory, composition, drawing, painting techniques and more.  Each participant will receive a “young artist’s” starter kit including drawing pencils, an artist journal, acrylic and watercolor paints, and a set of brushes to take home at the end of camp.  Your young artist will feel equipped with new skills to incorporate into their art journey that will last a lifetime.

Ages 10-14                                      Teacher:  Deb Lambdin

Cost: $110

Click HERE to Register

Hand Lettering Camp

July 16,17,18,19                                                  10-11:30

Learn the art of hand lettering from accomplished lettering artist, Savannah Marten!  Participants will learn the fundamentals to create beautiful words and quotes- perfect for personal display or for gift giving. This workshop will include working with graphite, ink ,pens, watercolor, and metallic paints.  Participants will create a beautiful hand-lettered canvas on the last day of camp!
Ages 11-17                Teacher: Savannah Marten                                                   Limit: 12

Cost: $95

Click HERE to Register

Share with friends….that carpool schedule won’t make itself 😉


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