10 Tips for a Smooth Back-to-School Transition



1- Outfit Planning

Sunday evening have kiddos set out their outfits for the week. Include hair bows, socks, underwear, & jewelry in the planning. And make it clear that once the outfits are sat out they are set in stone, this eliminates any rushing around the house looking for clean socks minutes before the bus arrives.



2-Pack lunches the Day Before

Have kids sit down & plan the lunch menu for the week either on Saturday or Sunday, place menu on clipboard next to lunch boxes/containers. After dinner each night have kids grab menu and necessary items from fridge to make their lunches. (I prep the veggies & fruit ahead of time so all they have to do is literally open the container & place food in their bento box).




The television/screens are productivity zappers. Cartoons, news, etc. are out of the question in the morning. Mom can check the weather on her phone, but beyond that mornings need to be screen free for ultimate productivity!!




4-Morning Playlist

Music is the perfect way to help kids wake & stay on task. Put together a morning playlist, start out with quiet mellow music & slowly increase the energy with each song, and let kids know when a certain song plays it means they have 10 minutes until you’re out the door.




Don’t give kids too many options. Simply toss a couple choices on the breakfast table & let them pick and eat as they wake. It’s also a good idea to have some grab-n-go breakfast options…every kid is different. I have one that is up & at-’em early and lingers over breakfast and another that literally grabs her breakfast as we walk out the door.




6-Eliminate “Dropsies”

Kids tend to walk in the door and literally drop everything, book bags, coats, shoes, socks, etc. Have a place near the door where they can hang their book bag, coat, lunchbox, & a spot for shoes.




There are complicated charts, graphs, stickers, carry the one & add a smiley face methods out there for chores. Keep it simple! Get inexpensive frames, place each child’s picture in said frame, then each week write chores on the glass portion of pic with dry erase marks. Include community chores, as well as, an opportunity project to earn money.



8-Homework & Paper Clutter

Eliminate paper clutter after school by giving each child a clipboard to put letters home, their homework, etc.


9- Put it on the Mother Board

Everything must get on the calendar. As soon as a child brings home the school newsletter place those events on the calendar. All extracurricular activities, recitals, games, art shows, field trips, doctors appointments, wear green socks day, etc. must be put on the calendar.

10- Make adjustments where Needed

Every school year is different, children grow, and schedules change, if you see something isn’t working out then adjust the routine where needed.


Agree and/or disagree with one of the tips that made the list? Do you have a great back-to-school routine tip or trick that didn’t make the list? Please share!

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