PEEPS Taste Test Challenge

Peeps are to Easter what the Candy Cane is to Christmas! It simply isn’t Easter without Peeps! And the list of fun things to do with them gets longer each year….you can make Peeps Playdough, use them in STEM projects, make arts & crafts out of them, decorate a cake, etc. In fact if you’re looking for a fun way to fulfill your child’s curriculum requirements this week look no further, Peeps can cover their Science, Math, Art, & Home Economics requirements. And why not schedule in a little fun with a Peeps Taste Test Challenge!!

Processed With Darkroom

This was super easy and lots of fun!

What you need…..



Here are the flavors we grabbed for our challenge…..



How it works….

  1. The adult overseeing the challenge needs to write the correct Peep flavors in the “Key” worksheet.
  2.  Then have kiddos put their blindfolds on.
  3. Adult overseeing the challenge places one Peep flavor on their plate at a time.
  4. Ask kiddos to really use all their senses….what does the Peep feel like? Smell like? Taste? And finally they can remove the blindfold, what does it look like?
  5. Repeat for each Peep flavor.

Processed With Darkroom


Processed With Darkroom


Processed With Darkroom


At the end take time to have a conversation regarding their flavor guess and the actual flavor….if kiddos are a bit older this is a great segue into the scientific method and future Peep STEM fun!


Processed With Darkroom



My kiddos had a blast!

Is your family up for the challenge?

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