Simple & Easy Way to Organize Kids Art Supplies

“Crayons are in the family room, construction paper in the computer room, glue’s in the basement, and who had the scissors last?  Dear god, where are the scissors and what are they cutting…sheets, their hair, clothes?!” me every time a child had a project due. Sound familiar?

We legit had kids art supplies sprawled throughout the house, it drove me insane!  I always said I’d organize it once I found the time, but you know how it is…with kiddos after-school activities, meetings, weekends full of b-day parties, sporting events, volunteering, classes, & lessons I never could find the time. Then the global pandemic happened. And ya know what I found out, it wasn’t that the kiddos’ schedules were too busy, or that I had too much going on, it turns out I really just didn’t want to do it, lol!  Nothing quite like a quarantine to really help put your priorities into perspective! After 3 weeks in quarantine and schooling from home I finally got sick of hunting down supplies and mustered the energy to tackle this project.

Ribbet collageArtsCrafts



Organize Kids Art Supplies

I’m a HUGE fan of the K.I.S.S. Principle, “keep it simple, stupid” or “keep it simple, silly”, & “keep it simple and straightforward”.




  • Everything NEEDS to be in one convenient centralized location.
  • There MUST be a “home” for everything & everything MUST be returned to its designated “home”.
  • Caddies are necessary so kids can take supplies over to the table, take them outside on nice days, to their room, etc. ArtsCrafts7
  • NO DRAWERS! I’ve used drawers in the past to get organized and I’ve found that each slowly turns into a junk drawer. (Please note, you can totally use drawers if your family has the discipline, mine does not!)

Budget: $25

Time: 3 Hours

This will vary depending on how quickly you can hunt down and locate all your supplies, clean out an existing space, and/or create a new space for supplies.




We decided on a central location for our art supplies, the old kitchen pantry, which was basically a catch-all space for kiddos’ schoolwork and papers.

Hunt Down ALL supplies

Get this, each time I couldn’t locate scissors I would purchase a new pair, wanna guess how many we ended up finding? NINE! We have nine pairs of scissors, that’s crazy! LOL! By getting organized I’m gonna save so money on scissors alone!


Purchase Contains to Help Organize

I purchased 6 trays to place paper in, two caddies to store everyday supplies, and hooks to hang ALL our scissors, keys, etc.

Purge Items

We went through all the kiddos’ school projects, schoolwork, and all the art supplies and recycled old supplies and works when possible, and threw away whatever was left.







We sanitized the new location of our art supplies, the new containers we purchased, and we cleaned the existing art supplies.

Put Everything into Place

We divided up our paper; construction paper, college ruled paper, card-stock, etc. and placed each in a try. We place the most used items in the two Caddies….including, crayons, markers, pencils, pens, Sharpies, highlighters, rubber bands, glue, & rulers.


OMG! It Feels SO Good! Everything in one location brings such peace of mind.



Do you have a central location for all your kiddos art supplies? Or have you been thinking about organizing all your kiddos art supplies? Share your current situation, thoughts, concerns, tips, etc.




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