Fun Things to do in Toledo with Kids, Staycation this Weekend!

Florida, North Carolina, Washington D.C.? Whether you were off to spend a week on a beach or explore historical landmarks, Vacation was something to look forward to, and possibly even brag about to your friends. However, after COVID many of us are vacationing closer to home. We’re staycationing! Best of all it’s not only fun, it works around your schedule, (every weekend could be a staycation) doesn’t require traveling far, and it’s a great way to boost your local economy. How does one go about having an epic Staycation in Toledo?

How to have an Epic Staycation



Even though you are staying local you will still need to take some time to plan out your Staycation. Put money aside to use during the week/weekend. Allow plenty of time to actually enjoy your destinations, don’t rush anything, and don’t over plan your days.



There are so many amazing places to take kids in Toledo and the surrounding area, but how do you know where to go? Remember the idea is to make it feel like a vacation, thus, you want to go places and do things you wouldn’t normally do and that varies for each family, and while some are okay driving a distance others may want to stay real close to home, here’s a list to get you started. 


Coppermoon Studios– have fun with glass & teach kids why Toledo is called the Glass City  

DIY Bath Bombs and/or Soap

Make your own candles

Toledo Museum of Art 

Toledo Zoo and Aquarium

National Museum of the Great Lakes  

Sloth Encounter

Giraffe Encounter

Chuck E. Cheese

Nickel World

Dave & Busters

Sportsway, Go-Karts, Putt-Putt, & Batting Cages 

Get Air

Urban Air 


Escape Game Experiences  

Sky Zone

Sylvania Playland


Bowlero Bowling and Arcades

Miracle Lanes Bowling 

Port Clinton

African Safari Wildlife Park 

Lakeview Park & Playground 

Kalahari (link under “Stay”)

Great Wolf Lodge (link under “Stay”)


Campbell’s Sweets Factory Tour


Tour the Christmas Story House 

Cleveland Museum of Natural History 

Holden Arboretum Forest & Gardens



Jungle Junction


Bicycle Museum  

Armstrong Air & Space Museum


Loveland Castle


National Museum of the US Air Force (free)  


EnterTRAINment Junction


Museum of Natural History (not open to public yet)

Michigan Science Center 

Henry Ford Museum 

SCRAP Creative Reuse-Recycling place


Dow Gardens 




Pet Sharks at Newport! 

Ark Encounter 


Smoky Mountains 



Go on a culinary adventure!! So maybe you currently can’t travel to Greece, Japan, or Peru, but you can experience the culture through food! Again, remember you are on vacation, don’t frequent your usual restaurants, expand your palette and the kids’. Never tried Indian food, sushi, Lebanese, etc. now is your chance! There is no shortage of amazing restaurants in Toledo and the surrounding area. And when you go let the waiter know you’d like to taste dishes “family style”, so you will each be able to taste a variety of popular dishes from that county. If you wish to take the experience a step further, contact your local library and grab a few books on whichever cultural adventure you landed and learn more about that country. 


Chosica Restaurant (Peruvian Restaurant)

Address: 3065 W Bancroft St A, Toledo, OH 43606

Phone: (419) 531-2800


Hours: Tuesday-Sunday noon-8PM

Snacks/Ice Cream for Dinner

Again, I can’t emphasize this enough, the idea is to get out of your usual routine, make the experience memorable, switch things up, have ice cream for dinner! And while there are an endless option of ice cream shops in Toledo and the surrounding area here are two that are sure to give the kids the “WOW” factor! 

Milkster Liquid Nitrogen Creamery 


Odd Fodder

Address: 26520 N Dixie Hwy, Perrysburg, OH 43551

Phone: (419) 386-9800


Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm 



What better way to really seal the deal and totally embrace the essence of “Vacation” then to stay the night somewhere else!! Mind you, for us, somewhere else was literally 5 miles from our house. But it didn’t matter because it felt like vacation…we had things we don’t have at home, like cable, a microwave, pool, & best part for me at least, someone else did the laundry and made the beds!!! And since we were just down the street I could still stop at home to let the dog out. 

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites on Secor 

Things to know before you book….

Most local places require you to have a card on hand for incidentals (apparently sometimes local people get a bit rowdy)

Inquire about the pool- is it open?  Is the heater working (forgot to ask last time we stayed and it was a very chilly swim)? Do you require reservations be made? 

Is there a “grab-n-go” breakfast bar? (continental breakfast has been replaced w/grab-n-goes) 

Fun places to stay…

Maumee Bay State Park 


Great Wolf Lodge 

Pokagon State Park 

Added Fun…

Attend a different church

Surprise kids w/new pajamas at the hotel!

Make a special playlist just for your Staycation!

No matter where you go or what your decide to do, remember that the Staycation is only as much fun as you allow it to be…try your best to relax, channel the kid inside you, and most importantly, be present, turn off the phone and give the kiddos your undivided time, turns out that’s the best treat of all!!!

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