April’s Meal Plan: Stop Going to the Store Multiple Times a Week

“Boss up and change your life”, that’s legit my favorite line from one of Lizzo’s popular songs. Why? Because that line is such a true statement, the only person responsible for your life is you! Sure there are environmental influences and we cannot change the inevitable, but ultimately, like Charles R. Swindoll said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”. Bottomline, you’re responsible for your own happiness, no one else, and no one else can “make you” do anything, or, not do something. Sure, we make excuses sometimes, and sometimes we are just so frickin tired, am I right mommas?!  So where am I going with this? Once we realize no one else is responsible for our happiness or lack thereof, then, and only then can we boss up and change our lives. Thus, after 3 cups of coffee and listening to Lizzo essentials on Itunes for an hour I decided to boss up and change my life! 

Since the pandemic hit I’ve slowly allowed myself to slip into some bad habits.  Like tossing my clothes on the floor & just grabbing whatever to wear in the morning (because ultimately who cares what I’m wearing, I just see the same 3 people everyday, my kids), allowing things to pile up in the basement instead of going through them to donate/reuse/ or recycle, not making meal plans but instead stopping off at the store throughout the week, and there’s a laundry list of habits that need to be broken. But here’s the thing, if you’re going to boss up and change your life you can’t change all of it at once, thus, I’m sticking to these three for now and once I conquer them I’ll bask in that glory and then move on to the next 108, lol! So, here’s my first habit that I need to break…

Stop going to the store multiple times in a week, MEAL PLAN!!!

By meal planning you….

1-Save Money/Stay within Food Budget  

By meal planning one can actually take note of the staples and ingredients that they already have on hand instead of purchasing duplicates at the store.

2- Save Time 

Going to the store multiple times a week actually takes a lot of time, and our time is valuable, I don’t know about you but I’d rather be spending it at the park with the kids, reading a book or having coffee with a BFF.

3- Eat Healthier

We tend to make more conscientious choices when we’re not under pressure, thus, by meal planning we’re eliminating those impulse purchases and actually taking the time to research healthier meal options for the family. 

4-Save on Gasoline/Help the Environment by Driving Less

Those gas prices are rising and eliminating a couple trips to the store each week will have you saving more at the pump. And taking less trips to the store means you can lighten that carbon footprint a bit too! 

Here’s the meal plan I came up with for April, feel free to duplicate this one or borrow a few meal ideas. 

Have you gotten into any unfavorable/bad habits since the pandemic hit last year? Is it just me? 

2 thoughts on “April’s Meal Plan: Stop Going to the Store Multiple Times a Week

  • Aw, yes! This was the post I’ve been waiting for! But I’m finding that my problem is that, even when I plan, with the crunch of afterschool activities, I don’t have time to actually make the meals I plan! But with this 5-day-a-week school, I just might find the time!

    • I’m with ya, when the kids were remote learning it was practically impossible to stay on top of things and hybrid learning only seemed worse, but with them finally back to FULL 5 days a week in-person schooling I’m hoping to really crush this meal prepping plan too! Cheers to finally having kids back to school…better late than never?!

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