FREE Admission at these Museums on MLK Day (Save $75+)

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday is a day we commemorate a brilliant man who moved people to change through his words, action, faith, etc. and the following Museums are celebrating him by offering FREE admission to the general public on MLK Day.

Know of any that didn’t make the list? Please feel free to include them in the comments. Tag/share with friends and make plans today!

Ottawa Park Ice Rink Free Open Skate 

Phone:  (419) 245-3388

WHERE: 2015 Parkside Dr Toledo, OH 43606

ADMISSION: FREE (reserve spot on website, link below)



Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Hours: Monday Jan. 17th, 10am -5:30pm

Address: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 1100 Rock and Roll Boulevard,
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Admission: FREE (Normally $26 for adults & $16 for kids…but FREE admission on MLK Day!) Reserve your time online.

Phone: 216-781-7625




Henry Ford Museum

Hours: Monday, Jan. 17th, 9:30am – 5pm

Address: 20900 Oakwood Boulevard, Dearborn, MI 48124‑5029

Admission: FREE (Normally $24 for adults & $18 for kids, but its FREE on MLK Day)

Phone: 313-982-6001


Celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights leaders who had the extraordinary courage to ask for more from their nation. Bring family and friends on January 18, 2021 when Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation is open to the community absolutely FREE.

Sit in the Rosa Parks Bus and listen to the story of her brave act. Make your statement in the interactive program Minds on Freedom, highlighting the contributions of Dr. King, Mrs. Parks and civil rights champions like the Freedom Riders. Then explore the proud and often challenging evolution of American freedom, in the exhibit With Liberty and Justice for All. 

Make your own history on Martin Luther King Jr. Day with free museum admission, parking and activities.

Note: MLK Day programming will be offered virtually and the Science Center’s building will be closed.

Panel Discussion: NASA Glenn Research Center and the Cleveland Foundation: Bridging Cleveland’s Digital Divide
We are proud to host a virtual Panel Discussion with NASA’s Mary Lobo, director of Technology Incubation and Innovation, and Leon Wilson, Chief of Digital Innovation and Chief Information Officer at the Cleveland Foundation. Our guest speakers will discuss the efforts to bridge the Digital Divide in Cleveland, and how the knowledge gained from this endeavor may someday bring Wi-Fi to the moon. Read more about NASA’s current efforts on this project here.

NASA Artemis Team Introduction
Meet members of the NASA Artemis Team as they introduce themselves in a series of short videos. This group is the most diverse team of astronauts ever selected. Half of this team are women and half are people of color. All of them will help us shape our future.

National Society of Black Engineers Discussion
We welcome Reggie Glossett, Mechanical Engineer with Turner Constructions and NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) jr2 STEMulates Advisor as he and his colleagues share about the inspiring work that NSBE is conducting with the youth in our communities.

Lift-Off Demonstration
Blast off with your family as we present “Lift-Off,” a high-flying science show that demonstrates the forces needed to launch a rocket into space.

NASA Activities
Explore and engage in a variety of special videos and activities from our friends at NASA.  (Source)

Cleveland Museum of Natural History FREE Virtual Event

Hours: Monday Jan. 17th, 10am-3pm

Admission: FREE

Phone: 216-231-4600


Get ready for an exciting day of discovery! Join us on Facebook Live for a special lineup of events featuring Museum experts.


  • 10–10:30am | Data Zombies: Using Technology to Preserve the Past

Join the Museum’s Digital Asset Developer, Hailey Majewski, as she 3D-scans a 30- to 33-million-year-old mammal skull live on stream! Learn about structured-light scanning, why we are scanning our specimens, and how digitization can expand access to the Museum’s collections. The final rendered skull will be published straight to the website Sketchfab.

  • 11–11:30am | Winter Wildlife

Here in Cleveland, winter conditions can be challenging. When the weather turns cold, what do you do? Perhaps you stay inside, bundle up in warm clothes, and have some hot chocolate. But how do animals survive the winter, when less food is available? They have three choices: hibernate, migrate, or adapt. Which option would you choose?

Today we’ll discuss some of the animals that live at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and how these species have adapted to winter in Ohio.

  • Noon–12:45pm | Amazing Air (with Museum Educator Lee)

Get excited about science inquiry and the scientific method as we manipulate the properties of “Amazing Air”! High-energy demonstrations (involving giant air bags, Ping-Pong balls, and an unusual application of a leaf blower) will challenge you to use the scientific method and explain, “How did we just DO that?”

  • 1:15–1:45pm | How a Museum Defines “Race” (with Museum Educators)

Throughout history, genetic variation within the human species has been a source of community strength and personal identity. It has also been the basis for discrimination and oppression. Today, geneticists and anthropologists have proven that all humans share ancestry in Africa. In the context of these scientific breakthroughs, our educators will lead a discussion of the idea that “[Racism] is not about how you look; it is about how people assign meaning to how you look.” —Robin G.D. Kelley, historian

Humans aren’t alone in this behavior; we’ll reveal other animal species that segregate themselves into specific cultural communities. Join us as we try some activities and discuss ideas that may challenge how you think about the very human-specific term “race.” 
 Follow the Museum on Facebook for further event details!

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