Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Just entered into a new relationship? Been together for 20+ years? No matter where you are in a relationship, whether new or long-term, the process of finding that gift that tells that special someone how much they mean to you can be tricky. And if your Valentine is a guy it’s beyond difficult…can I get an amen, ladies? Here’s a fun idea that not only quenches his thirst but also adds to the romance for the rest of the year…or the next 12 weeks (depending on your schedules/budget).

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift in 4 Simple Steps

1- Get their Favorite Drink

Purchase a 12-pack or 12 of their favorite drinks…Corona, little bottles of wine, Coke, Pepsi, etc.

2- Get a cool Container to put said drinks in…Toolbox, Tacklebox, Workout Bag, etc.

Purchase a cool container your man/woman could use…whether that be a toolbox, tacklebox, workout bag, etc. Or if money is super tight right now grab a bag/box they already own!

3- Think of 12 Dates You’d Enjoy Spending with your Man

Decide on 12 dates that’d be fun to do over the course of the next year…or 12 weeks, whatever works into your schedule/budget. Try to think of a few things you’d each enjoy, something he’s been begging you to do but perhaps you’ve been apprehensive, like Axe throwing or, maybe you make a day of it and go climbing and ziplining, or perhaps a slow evening is more your speed? (See below for more ideas)

4- Write Date Night Ideas on Hearts & Attach to each bottle/can

Write each date night idea on a heart, attach each date night idea to one of the bottles/cans, and then as he drinks said beverages he’s “cashing in” on each date idea…thus, that means it goes on the calendar and sitter is called!!! No going back, lol! Thus, it’s technically a gift for him and for you, for your relationship…you can’t have a solid foundation/relationship if you don’t share quality time with one another and make memories together! Be silly together, have fun, make memories!

Planet Rock (learn how to rock climb, HELLO, Awesome!!)

Clelands (Shooting Range. It is important to have knowledge of firearms and seems to be one guys enjoy.)

Toledo Museum of Art’s, It’s Friday!! (There are various exhibits that come to the museum so I think I will decide which one sounds interesting and we can get a babysitter, a glass of wine, and walk the Art Museum Galleries and special exhibit, I can’t wait!!)

A walk through Wildwood …….(A walk in the park and maybe even a picnic in the park depending on the month/season?)

Volunteer at Cherry St. Mission….. (Pick up leftover food from local businesses or volunteer to serve food at the shelter)

Belamere Suites for a Romantic overnight……. (Their suites have a private garage, fireplace, whirlpool, walk-in shower for two, and fresh muffins and coffee delivered to your door in the morning.  It’s amazing!)

Wine Tasting… (This is self-explanatory)

Couples Massage….(Get a massage at the same time. Nothing kinky, just back massages at the same time)

Horseback Riding…(Another self-explanatory, though a seasonal date)

Super Suppers or Cooking Class

Funny Bone Comedy Club (Let him decide what comedian he would like to see, this is guaranteed to be a fun night.)

Do any of the Date Night ideas interest you? What would you add? What’s your ideal/fantasy date night?

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