Back To School: Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy

Ah, the back-to-school season is in full swing. After the dog days of summer, many students have returned to the classroom to take on a new academic year of learning and unlock a fresh world of possibilities. This period of change and transition is an ideal time for parents to focus on the health of their kiddos. Providing the greatest opportunities to sustain their wellness and soundness is of the essence in the months ahead.

Keep in mind that a strong and healthy immune system is only a portion of personal well-being, but mental, physical, and emotional wellness are all areas to nurture when going back to school. Without further ado, consider these guidelines, suggestions, and tips for keeping your kids healthy year-round. 

Incorporate Physical Activity Into Daily Routines 

Lack of physical activity is a leading cause of obesity, illness, and chronic diseases. Encouraging imaginative play and exercise every day is one of the top tips for keeping your kids healthy after they head back to school. Arrange for some tech-free time after homework sessions to get moving with some good old-fashioned play.

Be sure to head outdoors if the weather allows, and keep an open mind about fun family activities. Whether it’s romping around the yard, biking down the street, or heading out for a hike, immersive exposure to the natural world works wonders for their young minds, bodies, and souls.

Prioritize Good Sleep Habits 

You’ve heard it millions of times before—adults know how integral sleep is for functioning at your best every day. Adequate sleep is even more crucial for developing kids to allow their minds and bodies to rest and recover. Children who get a good night’s sleep consistently are not only more creative and energetic but can also concentrate for longer when learning tasks. 

Remember—each child is different in their needs. Take the time to determine what kind of bedtime routine creates a sense of security and structure. Good sleep habits help kids navigate their realities and get through each day healthily. 

Produce Haul for the week!
Food prepped/cooked

Make Healthy Food Choices 

The bedrock of good health is a diet that fulfills nutritional needs. When heading back to school, creating healthy eating habits is the foundation of a thriving academic year. Help your kid start off the day right with a nutritious, filling breakfast packed with protein or fiber.  

Can you guess what our lunch inspiration was?
Do your kiddos have a favorite restaurant/fast-food establishment?
Each kiddo made their bowl to their own liking…

In terms of mealtimes and snacks, offer plenty of fruits and vegetables, but resist the urge to label certain foods as good or bad. Offer less nutritious foods occasionally as treats, but keep healthy junk food alternatives around that kids will love to cut down on extra sugar, sodium, and additives. These valuable habits are the cornerstone to the longevity of their well-being as they grow, learn, and mature in the months to come. 

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