Fun Way to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022!

Was it a fabulous year? One you can’t wait to say goodbye to?  Either way, if you’re celebrating the fact that this year is finally over, or, unfortunately coming to an end, a celebration is in order! How are we celebrating? We’re throwing a mini New Year’s Eve party. I’ve put together fun Countdown Bags full of goodies to help Countdown each hour until the New Year (FYI, or half hour…depending on the age of your kiddos 😉).

Our activities include…getting festive with hats, masks, and necklaces, decorating a glass to toast in the New Year, writing down everything we’re thankful for this year, writing New Year resolutions on balloons that will be popped at midnight, & noisemakers, silly string, poppers, etc. to do outdoors at midnight. And it doesn’t cost a lot, all these items came from Dollar Tree 😉 Wanna add to the fun? Share, tag friends, invite family and friends or add a Zoom/Facetime session with different family and friends each hour!