Questions To Ask at Your First Pediatrician Appointment

That first visit to the pediatrician can feel stressful, especially when this is your first baby. You probably have countless questions circling your mind. Having these questions is perfectly natural, as every parent wants the best for their child, and you may have more concerns when you are new to parenthood. Aim to jot down a list of questions so that you can feel more prepared as you get information from a childcare expert. We’ve listed some top questions to ask at your first pediatrician appointment below.

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How Much Should My Baby Eat?

Whether you breastfeed or give your baby formula, your little one has caloric needs. Talk with their doctor about what feeding schedule seems ideal for your little one to ensure they get the nutrition needed to flourish. Moreover, discuss whether to follow a strict feeding schedule, as eating at specific times isn’t necessary for all babies. Understanding how often your baby should eat is vital to ensuring they consume enough nutrients.

How Much Should My Baby Sleep?

Your baby is still a newborn at the first appointment, so they’ll usually need 14-17 hours of sleep each day. However, the right amount could be higher depending on your infant’s individual needs. For instance, premature babies have different needs than full-term babies. Sleep gives our bodies time to recharge, heal, and grow. By getting enough sleep, babies grow and gain weight at a healthy rate.

Parenting Tip

When asking about sleep, make sure to find out how to break those hours down. If your baby needs 14 hours of sleep, ask how much should come from naps versus rest occurring at night time.

When Do Babies Start Teething?

Luckily, you’ll have a few months to get to know your newborn baby before the days of teething begin. Learning to recognize the signs of teething early on helps prepare you for this milestone. When discussing teething with a pediatrician, ask how often you should brush your baby’s gums between feedings.

What Immunizations Are Required?

Depending on where you live, daycares and schools may require specific vaccinations for enrollment. Ask the pediatrician which shots your baby needs and at what age they should receive them.

What Happens if My Baby Is Sick?

Every parent worries about what to do if their baby gets sick, especially if it’s their first. Although babies don’t have strong immune systems yet, they don’t need to go to the hospital anytime they get sick. Your pediatrician can explain how to care for an ill baby and when to seek urgent care.

Preparation Tip

Write down all the questions to ask at your first pediatrician appointment a few days before you go. Keep this on a notepad with a pen in your diaper bag or purse, and remember to bring it when you leave for the visit. Then, as you ask your questions, jot down what the doctor tells you so that you can turn to your notes as a resource. Knowing how to care for your baby helps them grow happy and strong.

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