Tips For Successfully Balancing Your Career & Home Life

As a mom and professional you want to make sure that you stay healthy and well even though you’re a busy person. Stress and burnout can negatively impact your life and your performance at work over time. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get in front of the matter sooner rather than later.

These are some tips for successfully balancing your career and home life so that you can get more done and still feel happy and energized. What’s most important is that you take breaks and carve out time to rest so that you can recharge and stick to your new routine. These are pieces of advice that will only make your life better and more rewarding so it’s worth taking a closer look.

Consider A Flexible Job

Being able to successfully balance your career and home life begins with you choosing the right job in the first place. For instance, if you’re creative and like working with people then you may want to start a photography business out of your home. You can set up a home office to work out of, invest in necessary equipment such as professional cameras and this DJI m3e drone, and create your desired schedule. This way you won’t be having to report to anyone else and can make your own hours. Running a successful business as a mom can be done with the right tools, support, and motivation. You can also find plenty of online jobs from home on Jooble.

Wake up Early

Sometimes you have to be willing to make sacrifices or changes to your routine if you want to have and do it all. You can successfully balance your career and home life by choosing to wake up early each day. Get in the habit of going to bed on the earlier side and then set your alarm and get up to tackle a few tasks to start your day off right. It may be a good time for you to go to the gym, finish a work assignment, or have a cup of coffee while you catch up on the latest news. The point is that you’ll have more time in your day this way and will be more productive while feeling less rushed.

I’m up at 5am on weekdays and by 6:30am on the weekends…moms, if you’re looking for “me time” or time to get your week organized this is the best time!

Set & Communicate Boundaries

Another tip for successfully balancing your career and home life is to set and communicate boundaries with others. Have clear and designated working hours so your customers or clients know what these are and then get home and spend time with your family. Speak up if anyone begins to overstep these boundaries and ensure that you stick to a routine that allows you to have more balance in your life. Avoid being able to respond to work matters around the clock and assign tasks and chores to your family so you’re all pitching in and helping around the house.

Make Lists & Prioritize

If you want to successfully balance your career and home life then you should spend some time getting better organized. Make lists and prioritize your tasks so that you’re tackling what’s most essential right away. Be willing to leave additional matters for another day once you hit a good stopping point. As far as prioritizing goes, you should also prioritize your time so that you don’t spread yourself too thin and can focus on what’s most important to you. You can put yourself first to ensure that you get the downtime you need to be able to manage and complete all your daily tasks.

Learn to Delegate

One of the most beneficial skills you’ll ever learn is to delegate and put your trust in others. Balance your career and home life by getting in the habit of delegating appropriate tasks to the right people at the right time. You can do so to your coworkers as well as to your family members. It’ll free up some of your time to do other things and you won’t feel as stressed and pulled in too many different directions. It’s an assertive trait to have and one that will help you properly manage your time so you can reach your goals more quickly.

Be Good about Unplugging

It’s ultimately up to you to make sure you’re taking actions daily that are helping your cause of successfully balancing your career and home life. Be good about unplugging so that you can truly have a break away from technology and your to-do list. Instead, consider reading a book, taking a nap, or going for a walk outside. If you’re always connected then you aren’t giving your mind and body a break and you risk overdoing it and not being able to recharge properly.

Say No without Feeling Guilty

It’s not only about learning to say no but also to do so without feeling guilty. Successfully balance your career and home life by saying no to others or activities that drain your energy and that you don’t truly have time for in your schedule. The more often you say no, the more opportunities you’ll have in your day to use your time as you please. Saying no to people means that you’re choosing to put yourself first and that you know your limits, which will deliver positive results for you.

Schedule Regular Family Time

Be proactive and make scheduling family time non-negotiable. You can successfully balance your career and home life by setting aside moments to be with your loved ones and create long-lasting memories. There are many opportunities to do so throughout the days and weeks such as exercising together, cooking and eating dinner as a family, and spending the weekend together traveling or doing arts and crafts. It might help to maintain a family calendar of events so you can all plan accordingly and see what’s upcoming.

Self-care can be going to a hotel by yourself quarterly! NO kids, spouse, partner, work, JUST YOU and HGTV or a good book!

Make Time for Self-Care

If you’re going to overcome parenting stress and live a balanced life then you need to feel your best and have a lot of natural energy. Therefore, make time for self-care activities such as grooming yourself, exercising, cooking healthy meals, and getting enough sleep each night. Balance your career and home life by making your health and wellness a top priority and not letting other to-dos or obligations take away from your “me” time. Remember to also make time for others and to nurture the relationships you have with friends and family. This is the best way to prevent burnout and ensure that you have fewer health issues to deal with.

Find A Mentor

Pinpoint someone that you can look up to when you’re trying to better balance your career and home life. Find a mentor who has successfully done this or is doing it right currently and who you want to emulate. Observe how they handle their schedule and to-do list and ask questions to gain more insights as to the ways in which they can create more balance in their days. They may have new ideas and tips for you or a different perspective that you haven’t thought of previously. The right mentor may be just what you need to thrive and make certain that you stay on a rewarding path and don’t let your schedule run you.

Ask for Help

You should never be too proud to ask for help as a working mom. Instead, speak up and lean on others to assist you with certain tasks. Successfully balance your career and home life by reaching out to others to let them know how they can pitch in. You may also want to ask for more flexibility with your work schedule or your employer if you have one and set up a home office to work out of some days. It’s always healthy and beneficial to have a support system you can rely on when you’re going through challenging times.

Keep at it & Don’t Give up Trying

Most importantly, never give up trying and keep at it even in the face of adversity and setbacks. Successfully balance your career and home life by taking appropriate actions that help you make forward progress and keep track of what’s working and what’s not. The more motivated, committed, and focused you are on succeeding with this initiative, the easier it’s going to be to perform well at your job while also effectively managing your home life. You’ll not only excel in your career this way but your relationships will likely grow stronger and deeper too.


You now have some ideas and tips for how you can successfully balance your career and home life and reach new levels of growth and development of yourself. You can make it happen when you implement these suggestions and do not get sidetracked or distracted by the elements that could hold up back in the long run. Let go of perfectionism and practice self-compassion so that you notice when you are taking on too much and more than what you can handle. In this case, be proactive about changing up your habits and routine and learning to say no while also establishing boundaries. Start small and track your progress so that you can stay encouraged and motivated to change your ways.

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