What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day but Are Too Afraid to Ask

What does a mom really want for Mother’s Day? To determine the answer to this question one must take a few factors into consideration, first, how old is mom? How old are her children? What does mom’s average day look like? 

If mom is between the ages of  20 and 50 years old chances are her days start very early, around 5am or 6am, they are long, and demanding, and she doesn’t get to “relax” until her head hits the pillow sometime around 11pm. And, although mom might feel lonely because she rarely gets to interact with any other adults during the day and receives little if any, attention from her spouse/partner due to the fact that they are also just as busy, she is NEVER alone. If this sounds like the mom in your life then a night to herself at a hotel might just be the perfect gift! And trust me, I know, I received this gift and it was amazing!! We’re talking about a new lease on life, better than therapy, life-altering, and ready to conquer the after-school pickup line kinda rejuvenation!   See the pic…after one night away from it all I’m ready to reenter the mom matrix, lol!

10 Reasons Why a Mom Wants a Night at a Hotel as a Gift

  • The environment is not her own. Thus, she will not feel obligated to care for, or, clean it. Moms and Dads are wired very differently, Dads can relax at home, put up their feet and watch television with no problem, while moms often attempt to sit down and relax but then they see a pile of clothes that were supposed to get put away, which leads them to go up to a kid’s bedroom where they tidy a shelf, and then grab a dirty shirt to throw in the laundry, and suddenly she’s folding two loads and starting a new one. Bottom line, if a mom is to truly relax she needs to be removed from her home environment.
  • Someone else did the laundry. Do you know how nice it is when someone else, just for once, does the laundry? When you are the person who does the household laundry all the time walking into a hotel room where somebody else cleaned the sheets and towels just for you feels amazing, it truly gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside like you truly matter. 
  • Someone else made the bed. If you are the only one who’s made the bed day in and day out for years walking into a room where someone else has made the bed for you might have you literally holding back the tears. 
  • Someone else cleaned. While mom is always treated like a maid/housekeeper, and perhaps ridiculed for not being a good housekeeper (ya know because that’s not what she is), she can actually enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor and finally feel what it’s like when someone else does the dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning. 
  • She gets the entire bed to herself and ALL the pillows & covers! Now we’re talking princess status, like for real. After sharing a bed with a spouse and little ones who have bad dreams she is literally going to feel like royalty having an entire bed to herself as well as all the pillows and not having to play tug of war with the covers is the icing on this royal cake. 
  • Remote to Herself. We’re talking HGTV with a side of Bravo and possibly even dabbling in some HBO…whatever mom wants to watch! No cartoons, kid shows, compromising with the spouse, just the entire remote to herself! 
  • No audience when she pees and might be able to poop like Dad. She can actually use the restroom in peace. Shoot, she might actually be able to have a “dad bowel movement”, ya know, grab a magazine and make herself comfortable, lol! 
  • Hot shower sans a childing pooping on the potty, someone flushing the toilet, or a child interrupting her half a dozen times.      
  • Sleep through the Night. No being woken up because someone had a bad dream, someone puked in your bed, pooped in theirs, or simply set their alarm wrong! 
  • Someone else is making you breakfast. Okay and this is when I did literally cry, it just felt so amazing, I felt so special, someone actually thought of me! 

Bonus features:

  • Late checkout. Not quite ready to get back to reality? Ask for a late checkout! Those extra two hours are fabulous…that’s practically another entire movie you could watch on your own. And yes, I did get up first thing in the morning and started watching movies while sipping my coffee…Jurassic Park, the original, I love that movie, yup, I’m a dork! 
  • Kitchenette. No need to pay a lot for takeout or cook an entire meal. Just grab some food on your way, drinks, microwavable meals, etc. Keep it simple.
  • ALL the amenities. Looking to work on your fitness? Get a swim without having to play lifeguard and watch the kids.  Take advantage of all the amenities during your stay. 

Ultimately the mom in your life will be overjoyed with whatever you decide to give her. But if you are truly looking for something she will want and ultimately enjoy, give her the gift of a break. Give her a night off, and let her finally have some time to herself, she does so much for everyone else, she deserves to feel pampered for a night. 

Shoutout to my amazing parents who made this epic night possible, to Staybridge Suites for their amazing hospitality, my awesome girlfriends that made a cameo, and me, it was delightful spending time with me and having an actual clear thought without being interrupted, lol!

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