Thorn Park SPLASH PAD Opens next week!

Who’s up for a mini-day trip? Thorn Park SPLASH PAD  is the perfect day trip…play on the playground, have lunch, & splash…see details below.

Address: Brownstown Parks & Recreation 21311 Telegraph Rd

Brownstown Charter Twp, MI 48183


Phone: (734) 675-0920


Open Daily starting May 27th

SESSION 1 – 11:00AM-1:00PM /SESSION 2 – 1:30PM-3:30PM

SESSION 3 – 4:00PM-6:00PM

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Thorn Park Splash Pad is located in Brownstown Michigan, roughly 40 minutes from Toledo. It is literally a straight shot up I-75, and super easy to find. It is like a little oasis of fun! Thorne Park has a remarkable slash pad & sweet playground so be sure to pack a lunch because you are going to want to stay for a while.

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When planning your trip to the splash pad it is important to bear in mind that they offer 3 separate splash pad sessions, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, 1:30 PM to 3:30PM and the last session is 4:00PM to 6:00 PM. Admission is required; everyone who enters the splash pad must have a wristband. Admission/wristbands cost $2 per person, talk about a steal! It only cost me $8 for me and my kiddos to enjoy 2 hours of splashtastic fun!!

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The kiddos had an absolute blast! But let’s be honest, they are kids playing in the water, they are going to have fun. The real question is how was the experience from a mom’s perspective? How vigilant do moms have to be? Is there a place for moms to sit? Are there locker rooms/changing areas? Can you bring snacks/food? Is it clean? How are the people? Us moms have REAL questions & would appreciate REAL answers! Am I right!?!

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Thorne Park Splash Pad is extremely clean & accommodating to mothers! It is an entirely enclosed space, children cannot escape, no matter how hard they try. Haha! The gate is latched and needs to be opened by an adult.

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They offer benches along the parameter of the pad as well as shaded, yes; I said shaded areas with tables and chairs. We placed our bags and towels down in the shaded areas since the splash pad wasn’t too crowded. They do have lockers available for your bags. The shaded areas do not get wet, only the blue areas get wet, I like how they define the splash zones, it is nice to know where you can take pics without the fear of being blasted with water.

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Moms can just relax in the shade and chat it up with other mommas like I did while watching my kiddos enjoy themselves. I love the fact that whoever designed this splash pad really considered the parents’ perspective, it was nice not being an afterthought (there is nothing worse than having to squat down and sit on a curb with all your stuff, stressing out trying to locate your child in a crowd of kiddos, praying they didn’t escape or accidentally get caught up in a field trip, all the while wish you would have gone pee when the kids did!)

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Food is allowed in the park just not in the splash area, which makes perfect sense. They have plenty of picnic tables across from the splash pad where you can enjoy lunch. We splashed for an hour, had lunch, and then went back for 40 minutes. 2 hours seems to be the perfect amount of time. To be honest, the kiddos were pretty much finished and ready to go, though it helps when they knew we were going to the playground afterward.

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They offer changing areas and very clean restrooms. After the kiddos changed we headed to the playground. Since the majority of the kiddos we were with were between 5 &12 we went to that playground but it should be noted that they also have a playground for the toddlers too.

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The playground looked like an extension of nature. It is camouflaged by the surrounding trees. It offered quite an array of activities for the kiddos.

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In addition to working out the various muscle groups through climbing, stretching, and balancing it also had them using their senses on a scavenger hunt & and listening to various nature sounds. A panel listed all the items they needed to locate throughout the structure, it made for a fun game.

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I was sad to see this day end; it was the quintessential August day! We will be going back! Huge thank you to our friends for suggestions this sweet splash pad and park and thanks to the residents of Brownstown for sharing your treasure with the rest of us.

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