Read’em and Reap

This is where you can find some fun, educational, and adventurous books you and your kiddos are sure to enjoy reading together. When possible fun activities that correlate with the books will be included. You and your child are sure to reap the benefits of these books and activities through the lessons and quality time spent together.

Options for retrieving books:  You could purchase these books if you do not have them already in your home library.  You could also visit your local library and checkout the book, visit a local second hand store and see if they have a copy (Savers), or, swap books online at (you can swap toys and clothes at this site too)or

Enjoy the many Colors of Fall

Read a book about fall.
Discuss the changing of the season with your little ones.  Then have them make pictures of a tree during each season.

Once you have completed the art project put on your coat and head outside for a walk.  Take your time, encourage your little one to use all their senses.  Ask them to close their eyes (stop walking first) and listen, what sounds do you hear? While their eyes are closed crunch a leaf and see if they recognize the sound.

What else do you hear, perhaps birds, squirrels shuffling in the leaves,
people?  Then have them open their eyes and look for all the colors of the rainbow.  Note that a single tree can have so many different colors if you just take the time to stop and observe.  Allow them to touch the leaves that have fallen.  How do the freshly fallen leaves feel different from the ones that have been on the ground for awhile?

Have them take a deep breath in, what do they smell?  This is also a great time to discuss gratitude.  Express how grateful you are for the changing of the seasons, for the beautiful fall colors, and more.

Then it is time to go home and test out those taste buds.

Apples and Peanut Butter makes a Yummy Fall snack!

Feel like buggin today?

Book: The Grouchy Ladybug

Carle’s story explores the concepts of time, size and manners through the  exploits of one very grouchy ladybug. When it refuses to share aphids with  another ladybug, the grouchy insect flies off to pick a fight an hour with a  succession of ever-larger animals. Kids will love the way the tension seems to  build in the story. Will the ladybug get its comeuppance? Or will it learn to  mind its manners? (If you don’t remember, you’ll just have to read it yourself  to find out!)

Activity: Busy Bugs by Discovery Toys

The set includes 36 pliable, textured crawly creatures and 23 activities on double-sided cards, and even an answer key if you are stumped. The set introduces sorting, sequencing, matching and counting. My kiddos could care less what the definition of “sequencing” is, they just like to work on getting the right bugs in the right spots. The cards start out easily, putting all the red bugs on the red spots and then moves on up to games like fill in the blank patterns all the way up to beetle addition. It can be much more open-ended as well. Sometimes we get them out and play memory on the floor or take all of the beetles to the nearest tea party.

Snack: Getting Antsy


  • Celery Stick
  • Peanut Butter
  • Cream Cheese
  • Cucumber slices
  • Grape slices
  • Raisins


A very simple snack idea! Fill the center of the celery stick with peanut butter or cream cheese. Then allow your kiddos to place the “ants” or “bugs” on top by simply adding few raisins, grape slices, or cucumber slices. Eat and enjoy!


Just keep on buggin right through lunch with Back to Nature’s Crazy Bugs Mac & Cheese.

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