Tips for Throwing a Summer Party at Home

The air conditioning is on, the sun’s out, and the pool’s ready. Now it’s time to kick back with family and enjoy the slow days of summer. With so many memories to build with your kids, make this summer the most memorable one with a summer celebration. Planning the party takes time, but keep reading to learn how to throw a summer party at home.

Check Your Calendar First

Everyone in your social circle has other things going on, like work, summer school, concerts, and vacations. Before planning anything, coordinate with your friends on dates that could work so that you can avoid accidental overlapping. Don’t focus on anything else until a date’s set. When picking one, ensure everyone agrees or selects “yes” on their online invite.

In addition to that, it’s best to rent all of the services you need beforehand because everything goes fast. Tents, dumpsters, and catering are necessary to schedule early—even if it’s a small gathering, make sure to rent a small dumpster.

Make Sure You Get a Headcount

Don’t wait until the last minute to get a final headcount. Knowing how many guests are coming beforehand helps determine how much food or drink you need to buy or order. Sometimes guests don’t show up on time or at all. So make sure to send out reminder texts to everyone on the guest list.

Find Fun Entertainment

No one’s going to want to sit around the entire time, so plan out fun activities everyone can participate in. For the kids, you could have a magician or a family-friendly obstacle course.

One more option, especially for an outdoor summer party can be inflatable activities. When selecting an inflatable activity, be sure to consider the age and interests of the guests. For younger children, a bouncy castle or slide may be the best option. For older kids, stylish inflatable climbing walls or Obstacle Courses may be more appealing. Ultimately, the goal is to choose an activity that will keep the guests engaged and entertained throughout the party. With a little planning, inflatable activities can help make any summer party a success.

Since it’s a summer party, you want activities that benefit everyone, including the adults. If there’s a point in the night where it’s adults-only, ask your friends to bring games to play once the kids go to bed.

Set Up for the Party

Now it’s time to get busy—two days before, you need to clean the house and set up all the decorations, tables, tents, etc. Let others help out so that nothing goes behind schedule. Also, check-in with any services you booked to ensure that you have all you need.

Clean the Important Rooms

It’s time to party! Now that you set everything up, do one final walkthrough of the house. If something doesn’t look clean, clean it! Straighten up the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and patio. Set up any last-minute tables for food, games, and water toys for the kids. Don’t forget the chairs!

After that, turn around, grab your large straw hat and drink, and relax. The point of a party is to have fun with friends and family, so enjoy it! Make it memorable, and the next time you plan a get-together, consult these tips again before throwing a summer party at your house.

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