Moms’ Timeout Show: Happy New Year!

This segment discusses: Great tips for New Year’s Eve Parties, ways to accessorize your New Year’s Eve attire, and fun ways to celebrate the New Year!

Moms’ Timeout Show: Christmas Special (includes a Giveaway)!

…..and now for the Giveaway!

We are giving away 4 of McDonald’s Seasonal favorite beverages to one lucky person! We want you to slow down and truly savory the season with 2 Small French Vanilla Lattes and 2 Small Peppermint Mocha or Small Peppermint Hot Chocolates.

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Once you have done all three post a comment stating so as well as an item on your Christmas wish list (silly or serious).

Winner will be randomly selected Jan. 1st 2013

Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Homemade Gift

There is so much to do during the Christmas season that sometimes we become overwhelmed and lose sight of the true meaning.  For me Christmas is a special time; a time to forgive, rekindle, love, a time to serve those less fortunate, a time to give, and cherish all the family and friends in our lives.  

I think as parents we become sidetracked, or even distracted, by the “things” our children have asked to receive for Christmas. But, as parents we do have the opportunity to refocus not only our attention, but our children’s attention too, to the true meaning of Christmas. After all, think back to your Christmas when you were a child, what do you remember? What are your fondest memories, how many revolve around gifts and thing?  I know my fondest Christmas memories are of going out to cut down the Christmas tree with my family, Christmas Eve at the Cathedral, singing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve, my father reciting ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, playing games with family members at my grandparents, and one of my favorite, waking up early and placing the baby Jesus in the manger Christmas Day.

So, in an effort to refocus our attention and reignite the true meaning of Christmas here is a fun activity that will have you spending quality time with your children, making a truly priceless homemade gift, and hopefully making a fond Christmas memory in the process. So, turn up the Christmas music and grab your aprons, it’s time to make some Apple Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments!

 scott_cookieexchange 023

Apple Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments

Ingredients/ Items you will need:

  • 2 cups Cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons Cinnamon (to use for rolling out the dough)
  • 2-1/4 cups Applesauce
  • Cookie cutters
  • Straw
  • Rolling pin

scott_cookieexchange 029


Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees. Mix Cinnamon and Applesauce together until it is the consistency of playdough.  Roll out dough, you might need to use cinnamon like you would flour so that dough doesn’t stick to the surface or rolling-pin.  Cut out Christmas shapes with cookie cutters.

scott_cookieexchange 033

scott_cookieexchange 043

Then use the straw to make a small hole where the string will go later so that the ornament can be hanged on the tree.

scott_cookieexchange 044

Place cutouts on cookie sheet and place in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and place on a drying rack for a couple of days until they are completed dry. 

cinn_deer 003

Once dry add string or ribbon to each ornament and hang on tree or give as a gift.

 cinn_deer 024

I am curious, what are your fondest memories of Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate this time of year?  Does your fondest memory revolved around a gift?


Win an iPad Mini or Tickets to Six Flags!

I am sure all moms can agree that a child’s first haircut is a huge deal.  I can recall our eldest daughter’s first haircut like it was yesterday.  She was two years old and I dressed her in a cute outfit so that she would look adorable in the dozen of pictures I took before, during, and after her haircut. I shed a tear or two as those gorgeous baby locks were cut. Thankfully we got to go home with a long strand of her golden curly baby fine locks tied with a beautiful pink bow. As soon as we got home I rushed over to her baby book and carefully placed the lock of hair and certificate she received in her baby book so she, and I, could treasure it for years to come.

hair 003

Fast forward 4 years, our eldest child is now 6, our son is 5, and our baby is 2 years old. We were contemplating going for our 2 yr. olds milestone first haircut in the near future. That is until someone beat me to it.  Our 5-year-old son and 2 yr. old were quietly playing in the family room while I was in the kitchen, key word being, quietly.  Moments later my son came running in the kitchen sporting a new hairdo and confessing to also cutting his sister’s hair.

I had missed my baby’s first haircut! And what a haircut it was, he had cut all the fine baby hairs framing her face as well as the long hair that was pulled back in piggy tails.  She was now the proud owner of one messed up mullet.   I was heartbroken but some time has passed and I have grown comfortable with the fact that I will never get that first haircut back. And, though I did not get a before, during, and after picture of the milestone event I will always have the Christmas pictures to treasure and commemorate the year our 5-year-old gave his sister her first haircut.

My tip for handling sticky situation such as this one; first, be cautious if the room suddenly grow quiet.  Second, find the humor, whatever the mishap there is humor there somewhere.  Motherhood is messy and humbling, and the kiddos are not little for long so enjoy every moment, even the sticky situations.  

Sticky Situations Contest

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Homemade Christmas Treats for Dogs

Doggy Treats

I have made my lists of gifts to be purchased or made and I am slowly checking them off as the shopping days before Christmas are closing in.  I have to be honest; my attention is usually focused on the family, extended family, close family friends, teachers, and neighbors. Those individuals, who love, forgive, nurture, watch over us, help us, illustrate patience with our children, watch over our children when we are not there, and who comfort us when loneliness begins to creep in.  Funny thing is people are not always all those attribute, but, do you know who is? Do you know who acts as security when my husband is away, who is patient with our 2-year-old when she drapes clothes over him, who pretendes to be a lion or horse depending on our 5 year olds imagination, who knows all our 7 yr. olds deepest secrets, is happy to see me even if I forgot to feed him that morning, who loves our entire family unconditionally, our dog!

bassproshops 015

Our yellow Labrador has been a part of our family since before we had children. In fact, truth be told, we brought him home on our way home from our honeymoon. So he has been a part of our family since the very beginning and I cannot imagine my life without him.

So this year for Christmas the kiddos and I have decided to show our gratitude, appreciation, and love for the best four-legged friend a family could ask for (shh…don’t tell the cat) by making some yummy Dog treats!

Doggy Treat Recipe

This recipe yields: 3-4 dozen treats (depending on the size of cookie cutters used)

dogtreats_coop 003


  • 2 cups Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1/2 cup natural Peanut Butter
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 2 eggs

dogtreats_coop 004


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Mix together all the ingredients. Knead dough on floured surface and roll dough out with a rolling-pin. Have kiddos pick out some of their favorite cookie-cutters to use. Place cutouts on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Bake for 10 minutes.  Remove and cool for at least 20 minutes, they will firm up as they cool.

dogtreats_coop 005

dogtreats_coop 008

dogtreats_coop 010

Recipe source: The Scrumptious Pumpkin.  Checkout all the amazing people recipes the blog has to offer too!

These also make adorable gifts to give to your family and friends’ four-legged friends.

dogtreats_coop 013


Be sure not to mix up the dog treats and human treats.  Also, remind your kiddos to put up any of their chocolate treats so that your four-legged friends do not get a hold of them. I speak from experience, our poor dog, well, a puppy then, ate a bag of Rollo’s his first Christmas, colorful foil wrappers and all! We had to induce vomiting, and trust me; it was an experience none of us, my hubby, me, or the dog cared to experience.

Do you have a special treat you give your four-legged friends?

Save batteries! Give the gift of Experiences: Tickets to Harlem Globetrotters (info in post)

I don’t know about you but it seems like as each year passes my children are accumulating more “stuff” than I have space for.  It has gotten to the point where we almost have to rent out a storage unit if we accumulate much more this Christmas.  Also, let’s be honest, most of the toys, puzzles, and games that our children receive for Christmas are hot commodities in the house for all of two weeks. Then it is up to mom to find a place to store “more stuff” and that storage location is often that toys burial ground because we know it’s seen its last days of being the “it toy”. 


However there are a few that slip through the cracks and do end up being your child’s all-time favorite, we’re talking can’t go anywhere without it, toy.  And that toy is often the most obnoxious thing since Budweiser’s “What’s Up” campaign. Oh, and did I mention, the “it toy” often also requires 4 AA or AAA (or fill in whichever type of battery you never have on hand) batteries that it eats up in a similar fashion as Cookie Monster eats up cookies (well he used to eat cookies when I was a kid, I think he sneaks the occasional cookie these days, poor guys is probably a diabetic from all the sweets).

So this year instead of breaking the bank to purchase a storage unit, or a toy burial ground, or enabling a toy’s addiction to batteries, why not regain your mental state. This year request and give the gift of experiences


The Globetrotters play at the Huntington Center, Dec. 27, 2pm & 7pm

Looking  for an awesome event the whole family will enjoy?  Get your  tickets to  the Harlem Globetrotters brand new “You Write the Rules”  tour.  Your  family’s smiles will start before you even get to the game  as the  Globetrotters take kid participation to a whole NEW level.  Your  family  can vote at and decide rules for the game  that  could affect the final outcome.  With rules like double the points  for  every basket, and two balls in play at the same time, there’s an   exciting rule that every kid will enjoy.  After the game, Globetrotter   stars will stay on court to sign autographs and take photographs with   your kids.  The only thing better than finding an awesome event for the   whole family, is getting a great deal on it.  Use the promo code   “USFAMILY” when you buy tickets for your family to save $7 on each   ticket purchased*.  Get ready to experience the show your family will remember for a lifetime!

You can get your tickets here and don’t forget to use the promo code USFAMILY to save $7 on every ticket!

*Discount available on select seating levels “

For more experience suggestions click here!

So, do you agree with this post? Has your home become over run by toys from Christmas past? Do you find yourself running to the store to get more batteries, or worse, stealing them from another gadget? Do you have an experience you would suggest to other moms? Please share…

St. Nicholas Activities for Kids

So it is the first week of Advent and like many other families we are finding ourselves becoming quickly overwhelmed.  It seems like the month of December, though not the shortest month of the year, flies by the fastest due to the numerous events, festivities, gatherings, etc. I am finding myself checking off Christmas traditions, such as decorating the tree, the house, getting out our Elf on the shelf and moving it to a new location every morning, seeing Santa, seeing lights, etc.  like items on a “to do” list, as opposed to quality family time together making memories to be treasured.

So, in an effort to slow down and truly get back to the real meaning of Christmas I am simplifying by minimizing the commercial or more secular festivities and focusing more on tradition Christmas. This means we will be focusing our attention on the Feast of St. Nicholas and the birth of Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I am not forbidding anything, but rather trying to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas more.  So, this past week in an effort to refocus our attention this Christmas season we have been preparing for the Feast of St. Nicholas. 

Here are a few of the fun activities we are doing in preparations for the Feast of St. Nicholas.

Watching Veggie Tales Saint Nicholas A Story of Joyful Giving which is currently on Netflix.


dec3 021

St. Nicholas Center  has a great story about the Real Santa that I read to the kiddos while they worked on the numerous kid friendly activities I found on St. Nicholas’ Center for Kids, including their St. Nicholas Puzzles….

Click here for puzzles to print off for your children.

Click here for more puzzle options.

dec3 037

dec3 041

dec3 043

dec3 048

While our toddler and preschooler worked on their puzzles our first grader worked on a crossword puzzle and then started making a St. Nicholas ornament out of beads from her craft bin. 


dec3 050

Then all three kiddos helped put together a fun St. Nicholas memory game. The older two helped cut out the memory squares and all three helped glue them onto cardstock.

manorhouse2012 038

Another activity our preschooler really enjoyed was The Ship Game, where he had to circle all the items in the picture that began with the letter “s”.

dec3 052

I have printed out St. Nicholas’ for the children to color and cut out.

manorhouse2012 042

Our St. Nicholas Tradition…

When I was a child my brother, sister, and I would sit our shoes outside our bedroom doors the Eve of St. Nicholas Day and in the morning we would rush over to the shoes to see what St. Nicholas had left us.  We would often find an orange, apple, candy, and other small trinkets of interests for children (cool pencils, stickers, etc.).

Now that I am a mother I am finding so much joy in continuing these traditions with my own children. I have everything ready for St. Nicholas Eve, apples, oranges, chocolate coins, and cute St. Nicholas pillow ornaments that the children can color and then hang on the tree.

manorhouse2012 043

manorhouse2012 046

I am so enjoying sharing the story of Saint Nicholas and all these fun activities with my children and am looking forward to St. Nicholas Eve!

Here are some additional interesting links I came across:

Checkout this new tradition, instead of a shoe why not a shoe bag for St. Nicholas day that you can have embroidered?

St. Nicholas Chocolate Coin Printable

St. Nicholas Day Spice Cookies

St. Nicholas Day Blessing of Candy Canes

Does your family celebrate St. Nicholas day? If so how do you celebrate?

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