Kid Curated Art Show!!

Here in NW Ohio we have been receiving some unseasonably cooler temperatures. Thus our typical go to summer activities, like slip ‘n’ slide, waterparks, lounging at the pool, basically any and all water related activities have all been placed on hold till the temperatures rise.  So what are the kiddos to do on these long cooler summer days?  Here is a boredom buster that takes more of a creative twist, have the kids host and curate an Art Show!!!


lakehouse14 688

Hosting and curating an Art Show is a great way for children to build on life skills such as team cooperation and patience, to listen to others and practice verbal queuing.  It is a great way for children to express their creativity. And best of all, it is fun!!!


lakehouse14 657


lakehouse14 653


What you will need:

  • Index cards
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Glitter
  • Stickers
  • Construction Paper
  • Any additional art supplies you have on hand
  • Allow kiddos to raid the recycling bins



  1. Sit all supplies on the table and encourage the children to each make at least one piece to enter in the Art Show. Let their imaginations soar!! Let them draw a picture, create a sculpture, their imagination is literally the limit! If you do have any kits on hand feel free to use those too! (This is a great way to clean out your arts and crafts bin and use up random items) You can allow them to become as sophisticated as they would like….from simple coloring book pages to intricate sculptures and/or paintings.lakehouse14 694
  2. Once they have completed their pieces give each child an index card for each of their masterpieces and instruct them to write their name, the name of the piece, and the medium used.  
  3. Then have each child pick a window to hang their masterpieces (or lay them nearby if they can’t be hanged with masking tape).  Have older children assist younger children with hanging up their art work.
  4. Have children make invites for parents or other sibling to addend if they wish.
  5. Then let the show begin!! Have each child take turns being the curator and asking the other artist about their work.

lakehouse14 678



lakehouse14 690



lakehouse14 695


lakehouse14 682


Why not let them express some of their culinary skills too! Help them bake and decorate a cake, cupcakes, etc. and have refreshments ready afterwards!


lakehouse14 660


lakehouse14 668


Ground rules:

It is advised to have a brief conversation before the show. Express to the children that in order to participate all artist must be polite, kind, and respectful of the other artist works. Questions are encouraged but feedback must build up not tear down.


How have you been spending these cooler summer days?

Upcoming topic: Eating out at restaurants with kids…..please feel free to share you thoughts, love it, hate it, prefer not to, share tricks and/or tips…and you will be featured in post.




Kid’s Top 10 Favorite Day Trips!!

I have received a lot of request for Day trip suggestions.  So I asked my kiddos what their top 10 favorite summer day trip destinations are and this is what they said…and I totally agree with their choices! Here is their list, (in no particular order)…


  1. Rolling Hills Water Park Ypsilanti, MI
  2. Hands on Museum Ann Arbor, MI
  3. COSI  Columbus, OH (FREE admission with Imagination Station Membership)
  4. Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Dayton, OH (Free admission with Toledo Zoo Membership)
  5. National Museum of the US Air Force Dayton, OH
  6. The Spangler Factory Co. /Dum Dums Bryan, OH
  7. African Safari wildlife Park Port Clinton, OH
  8. Jungle Java Ann Arbor, MI
  9. Kalahari Sandusky, OH
  10. Sauder’s Village Archibold, OH

Since all 3 could not agree on the same 10 here are a few additional destinations that the older two (7 & 8 year old) liked…

Cedar Point Sandusky, OH

Scrap Box Ann Arbor, MI

Kelly’s Island


Here are some tips for making travel easy and fun!

What are your family’s favorite Day trip destination? Please share…no matter where you live (never know when we might be in your neck of the wooods)


JAWsome Party!

What is it about summer time that seems to send life into warped speed? It seriously feels like the kiddos just got out of school yet it is already the Middle of July!!! Where did the time go? Seriously!?! I told my son we would start planning his b-day party over a month ago due to the fact that his b-day was a month ago. So we discussed various themes he wanted. First it was Ghost Busters and I have to admit I was pretty psyched to get away from the typical super hero party. But then he changed his mind. He wanted a Power Ranger party, more specifically the green Power Ranger party. What? I have to be honest that just sounded like way too much work! So I put the entire party planning thing on the backburner for a few days. Well, days turned to weeks and weeks turned to our trip to Disney. We got back and he asked if he was EVER going to have his party. So July 11th after being consumed with 100% organic mommy guilt I planned a birthday party and five days later we had a party….that is seriously a record for me. In the past I would take weeks planning stuff…what a fool I was. Haha!

maxparty 023

I called Fun Factory to rent an inflatable water slide (can you say awesome?) and they were so kind. They worked with me on the date and time and helped answer all 1000 of my questions….I think, no, I know I can be annoying at times. Shocker!! Haha! Then I went to Walmart to grab some Bake and Make pizzas for family movie night that evening and we happened to walk past the party isle. All the Shark themed items were on sale! Score! We got ourselves a theme for the party!! Then I thought about ordering a cake. And I thought about it some more. And the day of the party I ran to Costco to grab a cake. After that I grabbed some balloons and then we had ourselves a party!!

maxparty 004


maxparty 01114

One would think that after everything so smoothly came together I would be out of the woods (oh, and I forgot to tell you, all but one child could attend…what are the chances, right!?!) I would feel some relief and that 100% organic mommy guilt would dwindle but it didn’t. Nope! It was the gosh darn forecast that had me all concerned. The forecast indicated that it would only reach a high of 72 if we were lucky. 72!! Now that is chilly for the middle of July!!  Thus I stressed out over the weather. Let me repeat that, I stressed out over the weather!! Something I literally have no control over. But I felt guilty…what if I had the party closer to his actual b-day? Perhaps the weather would have been perfect? What is wrong with me? Why was I looking for something to worry about?  Perhaps it was because everything was going so smoothly?  But alas, I worried for nothing!

maxparty 027


maxparty 048

Day of party!!! It was cold…I wore jeans and really wants to wear a sweater but felt guilty since the kids would be in their bathing suits. But guess what? The kids didn’t care AT ALL!!! They were climbing up and sliding down that cold water for 3 hours, practically straight! There were a few breaks for cake, gifts, and the piece de resistance, the piñata!!

maxparty 071


maxparty 074


maxparty 088


And this is what really smothered that 100% mommy guilt flame…a portion of the kids stayed till 8pm!! They were on that slide for 6 hours!!! What chilly weather? Haha!


maxparty 091


maxparty 094

It was definitely a JAWsome party!! And our little birthday boy asked if we could do the same thing next year! And of course I said yes knowing full well that he will change his mind a dozen times over the course of the next twelve months.


Do you ask your children what kind of party they would like or do you inform them on what kind of party they are having? Do you ever find yourself looking for something to worry about? (Crazy, right!?!) What is the shortest amount of time that you have pulled a party together? (This is your time to shine!!)

Orlando here we come!!

The limousine arrived at 9am to take us to the Detroit airport. The kiddos were beyond excited!! They were waiting outside with their book bags on jumping up and down as it approached. My parents took the kiddos overnight the night before we left so that we could finish packing and let me tell you that was one of the best gifts. To be able to pack without 3 kiddos moving things and removing items from the suitcase helped immensely. Thus, if anyone ever offers to watch your kiddos so you can prepare and pack for a trip do take them up on their offer. This was the children’s first time in a limousine and they though it was just the neatest!!


disney 004

And on to their second 1st of the day, flying!! Our eldest has flown before but she was 17 months old the last time she was in a plane thus all 3 of them were super excited to fly. We made it through security fairly quickly. Thankfully the children could keep on their shoes. Once through we grabbed snacks for the plane and boarded!! The children had the opportunity to meet the pilot and see the cockpit and best of all, received wings!!  Then it was time to find our seats and wait eagerly for take off or, as our 3-1/2 year old said, “mommy, when are we going to blast off?”. Haha! it was the cutest. She went on to ask if we would go upside down first. It was adorable, all she knew about planes was from cartoons where they go upside down. She was disappointed that we were not going upside down but definitely enjoyed take off.

disney 670


disney 665


disney 667

It was amusing, at one point during the flight our littlest’s ears wouldn’t pop and she kept yelling, “I CAN’T HEAR MYSELF” and her sister was quick to say, “BUT WE CAN!!! STOP YELLING!!”. Haha! Flying with children is so much fun! They get excited about all of it, looking out the window, getting pretzels, the trays going up and down, the safety video, etc. it really reminds you to slow down and enjoy the little things which was precisely what I did on this vacation.

Once we arrived our Walt Disney World Vacation officially started! We got to use our Disney Bands for the first time to board the bus to the resort. Those things were like our second skin we used them for everything, food, to get into our room, to get on rides , etc. In fact I feel naked now without mine on. Haha!


disney 024


disney 023

We arrived at The Riverside Port Orleans Resort late afternoon and immediately I was in awe over the scenery. It was gorgeous! I absolutely love the foliage and air moss found in that climate. And the little critters and creatures really amazed the children. We saw bunnies, frogs, snake, and lizards on way to our building/room, Alligator Bayou 28!


disney 020


disney 021

disney 008

Once we opened the door the first thing the children noticed was the Mickey Mouse head shaped towels on the bed and then they noticed the adorable shampoo and conditioner. That was the moment the excitement hit a new level. We arrived!!!


disney 010


disney 007


disney 005

After we looked around the room and got situated we headed down to the dinning area for dinner. Talk about overwhelming! It felt like everyone received directions except us. There were so many people!! People waiting in lines for food, walking with trays, rushing here and there, yet, there seemed to be a method to the madness and we were not clued in at all! After searching the dinning area for a table we finally found one after 10 minutes! The key is to watch for a family getting ready to leave and stand next to them until they leave then sit quickly to claim your space. You then have one parent go up and get food why the other stays and waits. That first meal was quit an ordeal and we were not too excited to do it all over again the next morning but we did eventually become pros at the dinning charades, besides, it was all worth it once we finally arrived at the Magic Kingdom!!! But boy were we in store for some adventures…storms, swimming with a snake, getting stuck on an adorable ride that quickly turned into an annoying ride, and more! To be continued…..


disney 038