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Motherhood Fueling Stations in Toledo (Coffee House Guide)

  Cars are fueled by gasoline and motherhood is fueled by coffee! It’s our BFF when the baby kept us up all night, it’s our companion as we “mom Uber” the entire clan to afterschool activities, it’s our excuse to meet up with other moms, and it’s the slap in the face we need to stay awake […]

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8 Tips to Help Busy Moms make Time for Themselves (Discount Codes Included)

Get adequate sleep, workout, make time for yourself, eat healthy, and apply your oxygen mask on the flight called life before you assist others! As moms we know what we NEED to do. And boy is everyone quick to remind us, doctors, child care providers, friends, family, etc. But have you ever noticed that no […]

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Clean Comedy Show in Toledo (get Tickets ASAP!)

As many of you know I am always on the lookout for new, different, & exciting experiences for a family date, and/or a mother/son, father/daughter date so when I came across this I had to share! Check this out; kids can actually attend a comedy show! Don’t worry parents; it’s a clean comedy show. How […]

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