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What does a mom do with all her free time once her kids are in school?

Finally the answer to the question man has been longing for since the beginning of time! What does a mom do with all her free time once her kids are in school? This post is dedicated to all those dear souls, who since the beginning of time have so desperately wondered just what it is […]

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Discounted Photo Books!! Eeeek! (Promo code included)

We have had an absolute BLAST this summer! All our travels, road trips, all the amazing people we have had the opportunity & pleasure to meet, delicious foods we have eaten, and magnificent time together as a family deserves to be commemorated and treasured for always! I have the best intentions of one day printing off […]

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10 Reasons Why Franklin Park Mall is the Best Place for Moms to Shop (Includes $50 Giveaway!)

I met up with some other moms and their kids at the park the other day. The moms discussed the latest happenings in their lives while the kiddos played on the playground. I shared that I had just taken the kiddos back-to-school shopping at Franklin Park Mall, and let me tell you, if looks could […]

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