Chuck E Cheese is Open! How are they keeping you & your kiddos safe?

“Where a kid can be a kid” That infamous tag line is precisely what kiddos are longing for these days. After months of navigating everything online from field trips, tours, classroom learning, specials classes, after-school activities, Storytime, etc. and dealing with the glitches, frustrations, & at times, the loneliness of the screen kiddos need a place where they can just be a kid, a place where they can escape the adult issues of today’s world, they deserve a space where they can just be a kid! Read more

Toledo Museum of Art REOPENING Day! What to expect when you visit….

Endless memories of my littles playing and creating in the Family Center, meeting new friends at Summer Camps, honing their talents in Art Classes, “It’s Friday” date nights, after school trips & snacks in the Glass Pavilion, where I runaway to when Mom Life gets hard (a ½ hour in the Galleries, a glass of wine in the Café or Glass Pavilion, and you’re a new woman, try it ;), TMI on what TMA means to me? Read more

8 Tips for Safely Hosting a Gathering During the Age of Covid

Caution tape, face masks, floor decals, social distancing, & live streaming!! These were all foreign concepts back when our daughter started her Confirmation journey in September. The plan was to invite the entire family to the Cathedral to witness her beautiful Confirmation in March with a lovely sit-down dinner to follow. We all know what happened to those plans. After being rescheduled a couple times, it finally landed on the first day of summer, held at our local parish, only 6 people could be in attendance, and live streaming would be made available for everyone else.  This would be our first celebration since the ‘Age of Covid’ and I knew this gathering would be unlike any other event or celebration we had ever held. I wanted our guest to feel welcomed, comfortable, and most importantly, SAFE. After much contemplation, research, and careful consideration here are the main issues I addressed and as a result, 8 tips that will hopefully help you host your gatherings, events, and celebrations as we move forward, out of quarantine, and learn to live during this ‘Age of Covid’. Read more

5 Amazing Places for a Mom’s Trip Outside of Toledo


As a mom, chances are you spend almost all of your day doing things for other people, mainly your children. While it’s certainly rewarding and fulfilling to be a mother, sometimes you just need to take a break. A mom’s trip is a great getaway idea because you can get away from the kids for a few days and connect with your fellow mom friends! Check out these fun places and book your tickets today. Read more

Storybook Trail at Maumee Bay State Park

Talk about a metamorphosis?!  Back in March we were all like the larva just hatching from the egg, lost and confused.  We ate our way through fruits and veggies, and then found more comfort in cakes, candy, & pies like ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  We hunkered down, we sheltered-in-place, our homes became our cocoons. Are you ready to burst out of your quarantine chrysalis? It’s time to get out, navigate this new normal, and spread your wings! So what are you waiting for? Pack a picnic or go through the drive-thru, grab the sunblock, bug spray, & make it a fun filled day fluttering through the storybook ‘Where Butterflies Grow’ out at Maumee Bay! Read more

Toledo Zoo Reopening DAY!!! What to expect when you visit….

Members for 14 years, countless visits, first name basis with most the animals, kiddos were looking forward to Summer Camps, and then, bam, Covid-19 hit! Zoo closed. Sure we appreciated & enjoyed watching the Facebook Videos and seeing and learning more about some of our favorite animals during quarantine but it wasn’t the same.  So once we got the ah-mazing news that the zoo would be reopening we couldn’t wait! Read more

Chalkboard Obsession, Promo Code, & Chalk Marker Giveaway





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Why did we stop using these again?! Before there was texting, messenger, twitter, Instagram, & Facebook there was the chalkboard! The classic means of sending a message to passerby’s, a classroom, friend, etc.  Chalkboard & Chalk Markers are our new obsession…they’re a minimalist mom’s dream come true! Read more

Toledo Playgrounds are officially OPEN! Here’s how we celebrated…

Two months and three weeks!!! Ask any child and they could probably give you the time and their exact location when they heard the news that playgrounds were officially closed. March 22, 2020, Gov. Mike DeWine closed all public playgrounds in Ohio in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The next day playgrounds everywhere looked like crime scenes, with yellow caution tape draped where kiddos once climbed, slid, & swung. And for the next two month and three weeks we’d walk past the playgrounds at parks fondly remembering endless hours spent at play and longing for those days to return! And return they have, playgrounds opened today!  And we didn’t waste a second……



We got up early and hit as many playgrounds as we could!

First stop, Swan Creek!

As we walked up the hill towards the playground I literally thought my youngest might burst from enthusiasm! But once she was face-to-face with the playground she froze for a moment, looked back at me for reassurance, &  I gave her the “go for it” nod, and she climbed up, ran over, slid down, and repeated before the rest of us even officially made it all the way up the hill, lol!


We were the only ones at the playground for a while and then another mother and her daughter joined us. The kiddos ran, climbed, laughed, jumped, swung, you could literally feel the joy in the air. I sat on the picnic bench and for the first time in months I can honestly say it felt like pre-pandemic time, it felt amazing, it felt normal!


Swan Creek

Address: 4659 Airport Hwy, Toledo, OH 43615

Phone: (419) 407-9758


Amenities: Restrooms, swinging bridge, picnic shelters, & playgrounds


Next stop, Oak Openings!



Oak Openings

Where: 4139 Girdham Rd, Swanton, OH 43558

Phone: (419) 360-9179


Amenities: Endless…picnic areas, playgrounds, shelters, horseback riding, camping grounds, restrooms, etc.

Secor was our next Playground!







Address: 10001 Central Ave, Berkey, OH 43504

Phone: (419) 360-9179


Amenities: Restrooms (one next to the playground has been removed), picnic areas, sheltered picnic area, window on wildlife (not open yet)


Stopped off for Ice Cream before heading for our last Playground…


Last playground….

Toledo Botanical Gardens Secret Forest

This was the perfect last stop of the day, we had the secret forest all to ourselves, it was so beautiful and peaceful.




Toledo Botanical Gardens Secret Forest

Address: 5403 Elmer Drive Toledo, Ohio 43615

Phone: 419-270-7500


Hours: Open 7 a.m. until dark every day

Amenities: Picnic area adjacent as well as restrooms


And them home to cool off & play on the water blob….


Today was a great day!

Click here for a list of some more awesome playgrounds to take the kiddos to this summer (please note, some are located in Michigan and may not be open yet).

Did you visit any playgrounds today or have plans to in the near future? Do your kiddos have a favorite playground they are excited to visit?



Rent the Chicken

Rent the Chicken

Vegetable gardens, compost pile, chickens, oh my! Now those are some serious backyard goals, right!? But, what better way for children to learn about the lifecycle of plants and appreciation for their food than by growing and raising it themselves!? And with the weather finally warming up, ground is thawed, and days are getting longer, tis the season to begin to get these projects underway! While the vegetable garden and compost pile are fairly painless, I have to be honest; I don’t know the first thing about how to make a chicken coop or how to raise chickens, lol! But, check this out, you can rent EVERYTHING!!!


Read more

Simple Slime & Goo Recipes

Glitter, multi-colored, with googly eyes, frogs…how do your kiddos like their Goo & Slime?

Slime, parents like it because it’s educational and kiddos love it because it’s totally satisfying! I know nothing gets my kiddos gathered around the table faster than the opportunity to make a batch of Slime and/or Goo!!




Read more