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Indian Creek Petting Zoo

Witnessing your child interact up close with animals you don’t often come in contact results in lots of laughter, fun, and makes for some precious memories which is precisely what you get when you visit Indian Creek Petting Zoo. Indian Creek Petting Zoo is a walk-thru-zoo that offers up close viewing of exotic animals like Zebra, Camels, […]

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Last Day of School!! (and clever ways to spend it)

Goodbye 2013-2014 school year! We will treasure the memories, the Kindergarteners’ special persons’ breakfast, the art shows, carnival, learning what a blizzard bag is, haha! We are sad to see it go but excited for the summer ahead!! Today is the last day of school and guess what? The kiddos didn’t have to go till […]

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Conversations with the Kids

So yesterday after a funfilled day outside we sat down to dinner, late as usual. Haha! We prayed, started eating and conversing. I asked our son about a birthday party he attended earlier. We all talked about the end of the school year. And then it happened. The conversation went somewhere no parent wants it […]

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