LOT of FREE things to do at the Ohio State Fair 2022

Where else can you learn how to fish, clean a fish, cook a fish, & sample said cooked fish, learn how to kayak, enjoy the serenity in a butterfly house, watch a magic show, street performers, bands, parade, tour a gallery filled with fine art, visit a petting zoo, and more ALL in one day and for FREE? talk about a great VALUE! We value our time, family, and finances, and the Ohio State Fair respects and accommodates all three! For a family of four to do all of that in one day and only cost $34 (free parking) is amazing!

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Where Is the Best-Tasting Salmon Found in the World?

When you’re dining out and you order salmon, you know you’re in for a treat. No matter how it’s prepared, salmon is always sure to delight the palate with its richness and firm texture. It makes for the perfect entrée, especially when paired with any dressing or sauce. 

Top-quality restaurants will always tell you where they source their salmon. This gives customers a significant advantage in knowing just how excellent the fish will be. This then begs the question of where you can find the best-tasting salmon in the world. Let’s explore this question together to see where you can find the best salmon.

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Ways To Determine Your Child’s Learning Style

Every child is unique. They have their own interests, likes, dislikes, and talents. Put a group of kids together in a classroom, and it becomes easy to notice which students are engaged and happy to learn and those who seem disinterested, frustrated, or bored. This may have to do with how a lesson is presented and whether it fits with a child’s individual way of learning. Here are some ways to determine your child’s learning style. 

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Heroes of Tomorrow: 5 Tips To Help Empower Children

If you ask any parent what they desire most for their children, it’s to see them at their happiest and doing what they love. Kids are blank slates and sponges who absorb so much influence from the adult figures they’re around most. 

Fostering positive behaviors and attitudes while creating a nurturing environment can establish a safe, loving place for young ones to develop belief in themselves. These positive affirmations help show kids they can make the most of their capabilities and achieve their goals.

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Top Tips To Help Your Teen Be a Safer Driver

You now have to consider giving your kids the keys to the family automobile after years of defending them from various risks both on and off the road. It’s time for them to start driving lessons. Are you ready? We can work with you to make your adolescent a capable and safe driver, provided you follow our tips. Read on to learn some of the top tips to help your teen be a safer driver!

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Moms’ Night-Out Ideas To Beat The Stress

It’s almost becoming cliché when people say motherhood is a tough job. Undoubtedly, it is and probably explains why 28% of mothers are more likely to experience burnout. Although some women have found ways to cope with the tough parenting role, it never seems enough. If you feel that way, perhaps, now is the time to review your relaxation activities, if you have any at all. Having a mom’s night out is a great way to relieve stress, get back to what you do best, and look forward to the next night out. Here are some ideas.

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What to Do When Pests Invade Your Property

Pests are, as the name suggests, a pest. They invade homes, gardens, and commercial properties alike. They can be destructive, unhygienic, and unsightly. For example, if you’re trying to help your garden grow, then getting rid of any pests is one of the first things you need to do. 

The good news is that, while pests might be attracted to your property, there are things that you can do to discourage them or get rid of them. Here are some tips to help you to deal with any pests invading your property.

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Ways To Help Children With Special Needs Stay Active

Now that summer weather is here, you and your family don’t want to stay cooped up indoors all season. However, if you’re having trouble finding family-friendly activities for children of all ability levels, it might seem like playing indoors is all you can do. Get outdoors with these fun and unique ways you can help children with special needs stay active and engaged with the whole family this summer.

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