Pearls and Yoga Pants

Being a mother, though the most amazing gift in the world is not always the most glamorous! It is messy! The house needs to be cleaned, meals made, laundry done, kids chauffeur, etc. There are no red carpets, no amazing award shows, and no races requiring fancy hats! Let’s just say my son’s Boy Scout Pinewood derby is the fanciest derby I will be attending this year! Haha! So why dress up? Why wear jewelry? Why not just be comfortable? Why bother?

I subscribe to comfortable clothing; there is no denying the fact that yoga pants are the best!! Who wants jeans constantly riding up their bum while trying to clean the house and run errands? But perhaps Mrs. Cleaver was on to something. Perhaps letting yourself go too much, could have a negative effect? It might results in a motivationally challenged momma. This was precisely what I was two weeks ago!! That is until a pair of genuine pearl button earrings graced my ears!

pearls 003MINE

No joke, after putting on the pearls I suddenly felt different. I felt more important. I felt purposeful. I felt ambitious. And most importantly I felt luxurious! I now clean/tidy with such gusto and determination. I have officially channeled my inner Mrs. Cleaver.  The housewives of the 1950s were definitely on to something.  Maybe it is important to take pride in every job you do no matter how minimal it may seem, even cleaning floors and toilets. But I must admit it is a lot easier to take pride when you’re wearing pearls. (I am still working on my 1950’s housewives class, the pic below is anything but! lol!)


pearls 028MINE

These pearls have inspired me beyond just household cleaning. I am now taking more of an interest in what I am wearing. I used to enjoy picking out my clothes, having fun with colors & patterns but lost interest somewhere in between nursing bras & yoga pants. Haha! These pearls have helped me get my fashion mojo back and in a sense get back to myself, not the housewife version or mother version but rather me, simply me! And FYI- they have these really cool black button pearls too, check them out…for us hip, modern, happening mommas.


pearls 107MINE

I must admit, if a pair of earrings can do this much imagine what an entire strand of pearls could do? Besides I do believe they are feeling a little lonely. Hehe!

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Do you rock the yoga pants? What are your thoughts on the modern SAHM vs. the 1950s SAHM? When was the last time you cleaned the house with pearls on?

Disclosure: I received a pair of pink button pearl earrings to review, no other compensation was received, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

Have Christmas morning minus the sleep deprivation, debit, and guilt!

The doorbell rang and my initial reaction was one of panic. I thought for sure I had forgotten about a playdate or about a friend dropping by.  I quickly grabbed the nearest laundry basket and frantically starting throwing stuff in it ASAP! Violently rubbed baby powder around my oily hasn’t been washed in 4 days hair.  Tried my best to hold my eyebrows up for a more refreshed, I actually slept last night look, which I am fairly certain is also my surprised expression, but it is what I have to work with. Pinched my cheeks for a little color and hoped for the best! So you can imagine my splendid surprise when I opened the door and was greeted by that adorable, inspiring, (non-judgmental) orange box! It was like Christmas morning minus the sleep deprivation, debit, & guilt! Eeee!!

play_bulubox 008BLOG

It arrived!! Such a glorious surprise! And let’s be honest as a mother & wife/parent & spouse there are very few and far between surprises in life. Sure there are the occasional: “Oops, I pooped my pants”. “Oops I threw up all the way to the bathroom but felt great once I arrived”. “Oops, did I forget to tell you I invited clients over for dinner this evening? They will be there in 2 hours. Is that a problem?” And classic in our house, “Oops, I did have homework Friday” says the young man 10 minutes before we leave for school on Monday!! So it is so nice to have a pleasant surprise…one that doesn’t require clean up!! One that makes me feel special. One that makes me feel young & trendy! One that makes me feel like a star! Yep, I get all that from that one orange box…or rather, from all the goodies in the box. Look at all the goodies in this month’s box… (BTW- I am eating the Balance bare right now and it is AMAZING!). I love trying new things!!


play_bulubox 009BLOG

So maybe I can’t travel around the world, go rock climbing, or attend the Oscars but I can take a mini adventure in a box called Bulu!! Now, if you will excuse me I am off to try Sant, the organically grown dried superfruit that transform into a fresh beverage…sounds like a tropical vacation to me (or at least for my taste buds….-17 outside but a tropical vacation in my mouth…didn’t think that one out to well but you know what I me). Make today a magnificent one! Be ambitious! Be extraordinary! Be bold! Be outrageous! Be the best you that you can be!! And rock the Bulu!! Click here to learn more and get promo code.

Peace & Love


Preparing for the Lenten Journey: Lenten Acts of Kindness & Sacrificial Alms Jar and Love Dare


As we begin with Ash Wednesday and its reminder of repentance, let us resolve to do our best each day, knowing that it is not the destination, but the journey that will ultimately transform us. -Father Barron-

So, on our Lenten journey this year we are trying something a little different for Lent. We are merging two traditions, the Lenten Alms Jar & the Kindness Jar (Jelly bean Jar).  I still feel strongly about the need for children to have these traditions during Lent. It is in childhood that we learn what Lent is and these activities are the perfect way for a child to comprehend the Lenten journey. 

We have a jar that is filled with 40 acts of kindness. Each day during Lent the children will take turns pulling an act from the jar.  I really liked the acts that Family at the Foot of the Cross shared. They included, draw a picture of Jesus with your family and hang it on the fridge, help set the table without being asked, read a story with a sibling, say a prayer for the Pope, learn a new bible verse, etc.  They all seemed appropriate for the age range of my children (4-9). Click here for a full list of the acts of kindness.  However we will not be adding any beans to the jar. Instead we will be adding money to the jar in order to enter into the spirit of saving for alms.

The children have decided to give up pizza that we usually have on pizza & movie nights. I know how much they look forward to it and I know how much I look forward to not cooking.  Haha! But that’s okay; maybe they will pull the “help mom cook dinner” act of kindness on movie night.

The older two have also decided to give up the chocolate milk they buy once a week at school in addition to any Tooth Fairy money they might be receiving.  And our youngest, our 4 year old has declared that she will be giving up her Valentine’s candy, which just so happens to be down to 1 sucker…a small sacrifices, but a sacrifice no less. And I have decided to give up Starbuck’s. It will be interesting to see how much we save as a result of self-denial. The next step is deciding where we would like to send the alms fund. The children have tossed around a few ideas…Apraxia Support, American Heart Foundation, Church, a student from school whose family lost an infant.


And for our marriage we will be taking up a wholesome activity as a couple and doing the Love Dare, 40 days love journey!  My husband’s new job has him traveling a lot. And I am suddenly in a new position myself as the solo parent when he is away. Both our jobs are very demanding, stressful, and draining at time. So it is no surprise that when we do finally see each other we have little left to give the other, if anything at all. Hopefully the Love Dare will help get us back on track.

I am also looking forward to Matthew Kelly’s Best Lent Ever!! BTW, in his first message he say’s don’t give up chocolate and to not do ANYTHING you have done before for Lent, which is precisely what we are doing!!  Click here to sign up for your best Lent Ever.

Here is to a magnificent Lenten journey!! God Bless

What are you doing for Lent? What have you done in the past that worked our well? Have you ever done the Love Dare?




Giveaway: LEGO Justice League Vs Bizarro League Blu-ray/DVD


My son was beyond excited when I shared this post with him! And if your child is anything like mine, or perhaps you are a huge LEGO fan  or someone you know (in which case you will want to share it with them! They will thank you) then this is for you!

Lego fans wait no more! LEGO: DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League is here along with an awesome Bizarro name-generator app and exclusive Digital Trading Cards.

Batman has joined the newly formed Justice League in order to keep tabs on Superman, a mistrust that is complicated by Superman’s clumsy – but well-meaning – clone, Bizarro. Bizarro’s creation of the Bizarro League has caused confusion amongst the world’s greatest Super Heroes, but an even greater and mysterious threat may force the Justice League and Bizarro League to band together to defeat evil.



Now here comes the fun part! The LEGO Bizarro Name Generator App:



How it works….

Simply click on the image above then type in your name to reveal your Bizarro alter-ego – Mine is Kat-Mega-Zarro-Blaster!! Hehe! FYI-If you don’t like your name, press the refresh button or try again!
Share the fun! Share your name from the app on Twitter & Facebook have your friends try it out and see what name they got! Who do you share an alter-ego with?

When I presented this next feature to my son he let out a lot of ooh & ahhs…exclusive digital trading card package!! Simply click on the image below to download your package now!  



Giveaway time…..

To enter the giveaway:

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Secret to Happiness

While reading through a couple blogs the other day I noticed a reoccurring topic, or rather, assumption. They were basically expressing that people a.k.a. strangers (can I just say how much I detest the word stranger. I always associate it with danger. Too bad we can’t come up with another term) are judgmental, unfriendly, and negative. I found myself suddenly feeling really sorry for these bloggers because I have to be honest; my experiences have very much been the opposite. I have had such wonderful, friendly, positive encounters with other. And I so badly wanted them to experience the same, to experience the happiness that comes from the simple exchange of smiles between strangers. Which had me wondering, how is it that my experiences differ so much from these bloggers’ experiences? Then it dawned on me that maybe it is me. Maybe it has something to do with what I put out into the world?

You get back what you put out into the world. Thus if you want to see more friendly and kind strangers than be a friendly and kind stranger. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change”. If you want the world to be better you need to be better. You need to look for the good. The next time a stranger is staring at you let your mind wander to a place of good, think…perhaps the person likes your outfit, or maybe they are simply in a daze, but do not allow your thoughts to go somewhere bad and assume the stare is one of judgment. For if your mind assumes others are judging you chances are, you guessed it, you are judging others!! Knock it off! You will NEVER find happiness that way.

So here it is the million dollar question, what is the secret to happiness? It has nothing to do with money, status, or career. The answer is rather simple; the power lies in the state of your mind! You decide how you want to interpret situations. How you want to portray yourself. How you want to react. How you want to see the world.


Here is a fun little experiment to try. The next time you go out smile the entire time. Smile at strangers and watch how many smile back. I think you will be surprised.

And thank you to all you amazing strangers out there who smile back at me, who open the door for me, engage in light conversation, and help others out, you are amazing! You make our community a better place. Please don’t stop. And please understand if one day I am exhausted or running behind and simply get caught up in my own thoughts and don’t look up and smile. Please find it in your heart to forgive me and understand. I will gladly do the same for you.

What are your thoughts? Do you tend to encounter unfriendly or friendly strangers? Would you classify yourself as friendly?


The Empty Crib Syndrome


I have really been in a funk lately. My mind has been a whirlwind of emotions & thoughts. Ever since my youngest, my baby, turned 4years old I have been giving myself a hard time. I feel this pressure, entirely from myself, but pressure no less, to work.  Not that I don’t work now, in fact I feel like this is the hardest I have ever worked in my life!  My husband and I are a bit old school. He works outside the home.  I do all the household chores, all things clothes and food related, and run the kiddos lives…school, homework, religious ed, sports, Scouts, clubs, B-day parties, etc. & lately I have been at the beckon call of our newest four-legged family member, Wyatt our Labrador puppy. So, you see, my life is extremely full. So what the heck is my problem? I think it all started 11 years ago when I received my Masters in Sustainable & Green Design. Incidentally, I received it in-between becoming a wife and a mother…talk about an emotional rollercoaster.

My intention was to get my Bachelors and Master’s degrees before children, in hopes of being able to rock the Interior Design world once they were in school.  I envisioned a couple kids, big house, fancy cars, and a lifestyle that would require two incomes. Then I had my first bundle of joy, second, and third, which only left me longing for more.  Oh how I long for more! I absolutely love motherhood, I love children, I honestly had no idea how much I loved children until I had my own. There is nothing I would love more in this world than to have a couple more adorable additions. I would gladly do the whole diaper, nursing, potty training, etc. all over again. I realize some may think I am crazy and that’s okay, ten years ago I would have thought I was crazy too. But it is what I yearn for, what my heart desires. I would gladly stay in this house forever, gone is the notion that a big house or fancy cars are of any importance. I have grown, I realize what is important in life, and it is the people, the relationships, those are the true treasures that should be worshiped. And I realize money is always a factor but it should be noted that children only need be as expensive as parents allow them to be…cloth diapers, nursing, secondhand clothes, public schools/homeschooling, limit extracurricular (when you have a lot of brother and sisters you can start your own Chess club, Scouts, etc.) potluck parties…you’d be surprised what children don’t actually need (i.e. iPad, iPhone, designer anything, their own cars). Unfortunately it doesn’t look like any more bundles of joy are in my future. It breaks my heart. And this has been the most difficult dream I have ever had to bury. But bury I must, until of course I see a pregnant woman, another mom asking if we are “done”, or advertisement for fostering/adopting, and then the feelings start stirring up again. Why must the thought of a new soul entering our family be so magnificent??? Ugh! I suppose I have true love to blame, oh true love…doing something for someone else without thinking about the pain it may cause you. Thus, I am at a crossroad in life. I am standing at the intersection of stay at home mom & working mom and screaming for directions!! My heart says stay at home but my mind says work!

I no longer have a baby or toddler in a crib, logic says I should move on and venture outside the home.  Shoot, “old me” before children (BC) me says go be that amazing Interior Designer you dreamt you would be and worked hard for your education to become.  After all women didn’t work so hard to overcome everything just so I would be a SAHM with professional degrees. But maybe they had it all wrong, maybe it was about options, being able to choose to stay home and be the most amazing person in 3 little children’s lives or maybe go to work fulltime, or part-time, my choice. Maybe for once I agree, when it comes to mom with a career vs. motherhood as a career it should be the woman’s choice.

I don’t know what my choice will be next year or even next month but for now I choose SAHM.

For now I am enjoying the company of my 4 year old and nursing a wounded heart going through the grieving process of an empty crib. Can you relate? How do you know when it is time? Time to be done with having babies? Time to go back to work?