7 Reasons Why Bowling Is a Fun Night Out for Moms

There’s no denying that you can often find many fun venues to visit on a night out with your mom friends. One of those is bowling, and it’s a popular pastime enjoyed by millions of people across America each year.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next evening out, bowling should definitely be one idea that you consider. If you’re not too sure whether bowling is your thing, take a look at these reasons to help convince you otherwise:

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Milkster Nitrogen Creamery, more than just a scoop, it’s an Experience!

Looking for the perfect afterschool snack, fun way to celebrate that win, a mini mommy and me date idea, a delicious way to treat yo self, or talk science with the kids? Milkster checks all the boxes! It’s more than just a spot to stop off for a scoop, it’s an experience. 

Milkster isn’t like your typical ice cream shop, they use liquid nitrogen to custom make each order. Liquid nitrogen? Yup, see I told you, science. Liquid nitrogen is -321 degrees Fahrenheit and is so cold it boils. Using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream minimizes the size of ice crystals and results in a much creamier ice cream that doesn’t require any extra preservatives or emulsifiers. The end result is a smooth creamy fresh ice cream like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. But don’t just take my word for it, the kids loved it too! 

We stopped off at Milkster after the kids first day back to in-person schooling (after a year), seemed like the perfect experience to celebrate such an occasion. I will warn you that when you initially enter it can seem a bit intimidating, like you’ve entered some futuristic ice cream shop, between the lighting and the liquid nitrogen. And in a way you’d be correct, it’s definitely futuristic, but it’s user friendly thanks to the easy to follow signs, they literally walk you through each step. From deciding what “recipe” or flavors you wish to have in your ice cream, indicating what base you wish to have, Latte, Vanilla, Chocolate, Vegan Plain, Keto Plain, or Sweetcream Plain. 

And then comes the fun part, “Milkster It!” watching the base and other ingredients mix in with the liquid nitrogen. 

Last but not least, garnishes! Be sure to ask for a syringe of caramel, chocolate, etc. 

And finally after that fun journey, you get to introduce your tastebuds to the perfection that is Milkster.


Address: 5333 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623

Phone: (419) 360-6863

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM-8PM and Sundays 12-8PM 

Cost: Varies- $4 and up (cups shown in image cost $5.50)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ToledoMilkster/ 

Did I mention they have vegan and keto ice cream options, making it legit the perfect family treat for most dietary needs. 

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention this…


Milkster partnered with their friends at Hope Water Project to help the Pokot people of Western Kenya. Their biggest need is clean water. With your help, for every cup of ice cream they sell, they’ll donate a cup of water by digging wells for the Pokot people.  Through clean water, you bring life, health, and HOPE.

Hybrid isn’t all it’s Hyped-Up to be: One year later & 6th-12th Graders are finally going back to school, so why aren’t parents happy?

If you’ve ever raised a toddler then you’ve had a glimpse into raising a teenager. Sure they can be impulsive at times, throw tantrums on occasion, but what toddlers and teenagers really have in common are their needs for structure, routine, schedules, and naps, lol!  Thus, the worst thing you can do to either is disrupt their routine which is precisely what is going to occur this week. After 6 months of remote learning, getting into a consistent routine, with a firm grasp of their schedules, they are going to have everything basically turned upside down and are going to be starting all over on a hybrid schedule with less than 3 months left in the school year. That’s virtually like teaching a toddler how to use a spoon and once they’ve almost mastered it you take away the spoon and give them chopsticks. Will they figure it out? Sure. But at what cost? That’s the big question, will there be detrimental repercussions due to the change in not only their schedule, but also, in how they are taught/learning? As our school district marches to it’s Yellow/Hybrid Learning the following are a few of the issues and concerns parents are expressing. 

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Try McDonald’s New Crispy Chicken Sandwich for FREE (no purchase necessary)

The official launch of the new McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich is nearly here!

Launching Wednesday, February 24, the sandwich features a brand new crispy, juicy, tender fillet made with all-white meat chicken that’s sure to capture the hearts and taste buds of chicken enthusiasts across America when it debuts. They’re serving it up three ways – Crispy, Spicy and Deluxe:

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4 Steps To Consider If Your Child Is Struggling In School

Have you recently noticed that your child is struggling in one or all of their classes? What’s going on here? The reality is that there could be multiple issues at play and that admittedly makes this a lot more difficult to deal with. So, let’s explore a few of the different steps that you can consider if your child is showing evidence that they are struggling at school

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Five Tips For Dealing With A Frustrated Toddler

Toddlers. Little people with giant emotions that aren’t always able to be regulated, toddlers know how to tell you what they want even if they don’t have any words yet! The world and life is frustrating for a toddler and it’s difficult for them to understand the world when they are so much smaller than everyone else. Their emotions are many and they’re overwhelming, and as their parents, it’s up to you to ensure that they can feel good about how they feel.

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9 Ways the Pandemic Will Change Travel

To say that the coronavirus changed the world would be an understatement. One of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic is the travel industry. A recent article from Travel Pulse estimated that the travel industry lost over $750 billion in 2020.

With coronavirus numbers starting a steady decline, many people are ready to start traveling again. However, travelers need to learn about current and upcoming changes that might affect how they travel.

Here are nine ways the pandemic will change travel for the foreseeable future.

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Win a 2-night stay in popular Northwest Ohio Treehouse Village

Courageous Community Services introduces a raffle to win a 2-night stay in popular Northwest Ohio treehouse village 

Participants are entered to win one an excursion at Metroparks Toledo’s recently opened Cannaley Treehouse Village 

Courageous Community Services (CCS), which provides educational and inclusive recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities and their families, is launching a raffle where ticketholders are eligible to win a weekend stay at the Cannaley Treehouse Village, one of the newest outdoor spaces developed by Metroparks Toledo. 

Not only will raffle winners stay at the much sought after ADA-accessible treehouse designed by Nelson Treehouse and Supply, but this prize package also includes a catered meal for four from Extra Virgin Catering Services in addition to a pie from Lamplight Cafe & Bakery and prizes worth $100 to “Treat Yo Self” from Buff City Soap! The weekend getaway will take place on March 19th and 20th, 2021. Tickets are $25 each or six for $100 and can be purchased now at https://givebox.com/ccsohio

Courageous Community Services, like many other small non-profits, has been negatively impacted by the current pandemic. Proceeds from the raffle will directly support the organization and its community members in the Northwest Ohio region. 

“Courageous Community Services is excited to be able to offer this opportunity,” said Executive Director Laura Kuhlenbeck. “I want to thank Metroparks Toledo for working with CCS to help make this possible, as the Cannaley Treehouse Village is a peaceful getaway for individuals during this unprecedented time.” 

The raffle closes on Wednesday, March 1, 2021. The first winner will be chosen in a random drawing at that time. For more information about the raffle and Courageous Community Services, please visit www.ccsohio.org. 

Brace Face

If you watch any kind of visual media, you will see a bunch of people with picture perfect smiles. Straight, even teeth that are neither too big nor too small for their mouths whitened to give the impression that person never indulges in coffee or red wine. Considering how popular coffee is, the second part is probably a lie achieved by chemical tooth whiteners. The first, however, – the straight, even teeth – is absolutely real. You can’t fake that kind of smile and you can’t make it happen overnight, either.

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