Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips to Review with Your Kiddos

October 31 st is one of the most anticipated nights of the year for many children. The promise of candy, staying up late, school parties with friends, and the chance to dress up as their favorite character keep’s them excited and looking forward to Halloween night all year long. As adults we often get caught up in the fun of it all too; seeing all the kids dressed up, dressing up for a party with friends, and getting into the spirit with good natured tricks.


However, Halloween has a dark side lurking behind those silly scares and sugar highs. With over 175 million Americans hitting the streets to trick or treat last year crime rates also increase more then any other night of the year. Last year, there was a 17% increase in petty crime related automobile claims such as broken vehicle windows, keyed vehicles, egged vehicles, and minor dents and dings. Violent crimes saw an increase of up to 50% on Halloween night! A night full or tricks and masked strangers is enough to make anybody a little jumpy so how do you stay safe while still letting your kids enjoy the holiday?


Trick-or-Treat Safety
 Plan your route in a familiar neighborhood. Make sure that you map out your
route and take note of any sex offender homes in the neighborhood (avoid these
 Try to go out early so that you can avoid being out to long after dark.
 Trick-or-Treat as a group with adults to supervise. It is safe and more fun!
 Only approach houses with the porch light on and NEVER go into a house.
 Use the sidewalks and cross streets at the corners using traffic signals and
crosswalks. Children are FOUR times more likely to get hit by a car on
Halloween then any other night.
 Watch for cars that are turning or backing up. Make sure you review with your
children to make eye contact with drivers before they cross the street and to
NEVER dart into the street or cross a street between parked cars.
 Use face paint instead of a mask if possible. If you must use a mask, make sure
your child has a clear path of vision.
 If your child’s costume involves a weapon, make sure it looks fake and fake guns
have an orange tip. Tell your child to not make threatening gestures at strangers
with the fake weapons and if a law enforcement officer asks them to put down
their toy weapon, they should immediately follow the instructions and put it down.
 Everybody in your group should either have a flashlight, be wearing glow jewelry,
wearing a blinking light, or use reflective tape on their costumes. Make sure you
are making yourself visible.
 Review with your children how to call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency and what
they should do if the group gets separated.


Teen Safety for Halloween
 Set a reasonable curfew with your teens for their Halloween activities.
 Know which neighborhood your teen is trick or treating in.
 If teens are going out as a group still have regular check in points (at the end of a
block, etc.) with an adult.
 If your teen’s costumes involve a fake weapon, make sure that are aware of the
responsibility that goes along with carrying that weapon. Their fake weapon
should be recognizable as a fake, they should not make threatening gestures at
anybody, and if law enforcement asks them to put the weapon down, they should
follow instructions immediately.
 If your teen is going to a Halloween party know the location and encourage them
to stay at one party instead of hopping from party to party.
 Know which adults will be present at the parties or trick or treating.
 Make sure teen drivers understand the additional dangers of driving on
Driving on Halloween
 Slow down and be on high alert when driving on Halloween; especially in
residential neighborhoods. Children are excited and unpredictable in their
 Take an extra moment to look for children at intersections, on curbs, and
between cars when turning or pulling in/out of a space.
 Enter and exit driveways slowly and carefully
 Eliminate distractions in your vehicle so that you concentrate on the road and
your surroundings (do not be on your phone or trying to open candy.)
 Turn your headlights on earlier in the day, give yourself ample time, and
anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic, especially in neighborhoods.


Home Safety
 If possible, at least 1 adult should stay home
 Your house should be well lit both inside and out
 If you have pets make sure they are secure in your home.
 Make sure all doors and windows are locked, especially if you will not be home.
 Park your vehicles in the garage instead of leaving them on the street or in the
 You can install extra security measures like a smart camera or doorbell camera
that allows you to check on your home via smartphone for extra security when

Situational Awareness
 Be aware of your surroundings always.
 Look around carefully before crossing across driveways and streets (look for
brake lights, people getting into cars, headlights).
 Keep electronic devices on you for quick communication but keep them put away
unless needed. Keep your head and eyes up while out.
 Be aware of people who jump out and try to scare you. Be alert and know the
difference between the simple tricks and real danger.
 If you have a neighborhood watch then get as many volunteers as possible to
patrol your streets. More eyes watching for trouble is never bad.
 Trust your gut and if a house feels wrong avoid it.
 Notify law enforcement immediately of any suspicious or unlawful activity.


Halloween is an exciting and fun holiday that many families enjoy each year. We all love experiencing these moments with our families but amidst all the fun as parents it is our responsibility to also teach them about safety. Halloween is a perfect opportunity to talk about staying safe and practicing good situational awareness. Stay in the moment and have a fun and safe Halloween.

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OSU Band Concert Family 4-Pack Tickets Giveaway & Prize Pack

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The Best Damn Band in the Land! And you & your family have the opportunity to see it in concert right here in Ohio as they make their way to the infamous border battle game! But you better get your tickets fast, like leap year, this opportunity only arises once every 4 years. The band only stops on their way to Michigan and the other year they are in Erie Co. thus, they won’t be making their way through this neck of the woods again until 2023!!

The Ohio State Alumni Club of Wood County host the event and the band makes the stop locally and holds the concert to raise funds to support scholarships for Wood County students and marching band members. And over the past 44 years this event has raised more than $287,000 providing 150 scholarships to Wood County students.

These are the local students (all from Wood & Lucas Co.) that are in the marching band and will be playing at the concert.

(Justin Barnes/Springfield High School, Ruth Bonnice/Clay High School, Sarah Wood/Anthony Wayne High School, Dawson Taylor/Anthony Wayne High School, Parker Stephens/Northview High School).



Perrysburg High School Gym

13385 Roachton Rd. Perrysburg, OH


November 29th @ 7:30pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)


ADULTS: $20 KIDS: $15

Click on link to purchase tickets,

(Proceeds benefit the OSU Alumni Club Endowed Scholarship Funds & the Ohio State Marching Band)


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Toledo’s Main Library Reno is a Parent’s Dream Come True!!

Dream BIG! Okay. I want a convenient parking spot, ease of entryway, enclosed kids space, lots of hands-on activities for the kids, Storytime, coffee, snacks/lunch option, a shop that doesn’t feel like an afterthought, and, did I mention coffee?! Can a public library actually provide all these amenities? It can and does! That’s right; the Main Library Reno has pulled out all the stops & checked off all the boxes to officially make a parents dream come true!

Toledo Lucas County Public Library

Address: 325 N Michigan St, Toledo, OH 43604

Phone: (419) 259-5200


Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday & Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm, & Sunday 1-5pm

Parking: Parking Garage, cost is $ .50 per ½ hour.


The renovation maintained the integrity of the original building and key features like the Vitrolite remain intact.


Heavy construction in more than half of the public footprint opened the space to provide a welcoming environment that provides many books and movies, collaboration, lifelong learning, circulation of materials & community engagement.









Stop off at the Gift Shop to purchase something unique and fun from local artists, check out the exhibit in the Gallery, & then grab a snack & that much needed coffee at the Café, Sarines!




Sarnies offers deli sandwiches & new chopped salads to the area using only the freshest ingredients. Fresh breads are baked daily, salads and sauces are made using local ingredients and cookies are baked from scratch. Sarnies is located on the first floor next to the Gallery.


Cafe` Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9am – 7pm, Friday & Saturday: 9am – 4pm, Sunday: 1 – 5pm

Eat in the Café area or take your lunch to the Roof Garden!



The Children’s Library is located on the second floor & is the perfect place to bring little ones for fun, learning and play!





They’ll enjoy features like the Rainbow Fish Tank and the Mystery Wall and explore signature areas including:

  • The Susan M. Savage Family Place: Creativity Lab
  • The Dorothy Louise Kyler Foundation Children’s Computer Center

The Joseph and Judith Conda Family School Readiness Room


ProMedica Picture Book Room








Jennifer Fisher Nancy Drew Collection






The Main Library Reno is legit amazing! What are you waiting for? Share, tag friends, & make plans to meet up at the library today!