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Clean Music, Clean Moves, REFIT! The future of fitness is here! (1st class is FREE)

“Pop it, Pop it, & Thrust!” the instructed blared in her microphone. I glanced over at my 11 year old daughter and our eyes met, she gave me the ‘this is SO awkward’ glare, followed by a strong double eye roll! What did I sign us up for!?! I thought this would be a fun […]

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10 Awesome Ladies Night Out Destinations in Toledo

As moms and wives we are the one everyone comes to with request, complaints, clean laundry, food, TLC, etc. but what about moms? Where do they go to recharge, to be seen, heard, to have fun? 3 words, Ladies Night Out!!! Health experts say that maintaining positive relationships with friends should rank right up there […]

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