Rasa, The Date Night Game Changer

You booked the babysitter weeks ago; you’ve got on that pretty dress, even did your makeup, and yet, still haven’t decided where you’re going. Classic Date Night dilemma! So you’ll debate where to go for twenty minutes, each vetoing the other’s ideas, and eventually arrive at the “usual” spot. Date nights becoming a bit too predictable? Sick of the “usual” spot!? Want to venture off the restaurant chain path? Go somewhere more exotic? Want to feel like you’ve gone on a mini vacation? Then Rasa is the Date Night game changer you’ve been looking for!


I had the pleasure of dining at Rasa for my birthday and it was an experience like none other. From the moment you enter Rasa you can feel your blood pressure lowering, the atmosphere is like nothing else in the city. It’s like, if a high end farm-to-table establishment in a big city and a spa had a baby, it would be Rasa! Lol! Honestly, I fell in love with the atmosphere first and then the food. And the food, omg, it is REAL food, none of that frozen crap reheated or fried. But I’m getting ahead of myself. After all, Date Nights are meant to be savored!

First things first, beverages! Rasa takes beverage to a whole new level & encourages those dining to broaden their beverage palette to that beyond just Coke or Pepsi products. Sparkling water, seasonal Kombucha, Turmeric Horchata, Lemongrass Fresca, etc. in addition to the wine, beer, & amazing cocktail menu.


And the food, oh my gosh, it is seasonal, fresh, & prepared to perfection!! Or at least the 3 meals I sampled were, yep, I’m one of “those” people, I want to try it all! Lol! What I really appreciate is the fact that food, along with beverages, & some of the décor are local. The conscious community connection with local businesses & farms adds a layer of comfort to the meal.


I will warn you, it is hard to leave the little magical oasis that is Rasa and walk back into reality. But leave you must, even though the closing time is flexible for dinner they frown upon bringing in your sleeping bag. But the good news is Rasa isn’t just limited to Dinner, there is also a Brunch & Lunch menu! So call up the girls, for a ladies day brunch!


Location: 2633 West Bancroft Toledo, OH 43607


Phone: (419) 725-0525

Website: https://www.rasarestaurantandbar.com/


TUESDAY – FRIDAY: 11.00AM – 2:00PM


TUESDAY – SATURDAY: 5:00PM – until…



11:00AM – 2:00PM

10 Tips to Keep the Romance Alive While Raising Kids (Bonus: 20 Date Night Destinations in Toledo)

Uninterrupted dinners for two, energy to stay out past 2am, shaving above the knee, wearing high heels & lipstick, allowing intimacy to present itself anytime & anywhere in the house, those were the days! Fast forward a few kids later and you haven’t had a hot meal in years, your energy is zapped before 2pm, shaving has become a past luxury, flats & yoga pants are where it is at, and intimacy, what’s that!? Our obligations & responsibilities have increased exponential since kids entered the picture and it is so hard to find the time and energy to make any magic happen, ANY!! So here are 10 quick, minimal energy, effort, or time, tips to help you rekindle that romance while raising kids!



10 Tips to Keep the Romance Alive While Raising Kids

  1. Do something nice for your spouse first thing in the morning! Nothing huge, just something that say you are the first thing on my mind when I wake up….perhaps bring them coffee, let them use the bathroom first, if they are working out of town send them a good morning text, write “I love you” in the condensation on the bathroom mirror, put a clean towel out for them, etc.
  2. Text. Everyone is busy, busy at work, busy with the kids, busy, busy, busy! So sometimes a phone conversation is out of the question. Instead text, text something small, a simple, “thinking of you, I love you” text, just something that says you’re on my mind.
  3. A Picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes we just have those days when we can’t form words, let alone sentences….don’t worry it happens to everyone with kids on one day or another! Instead send a pic! Take a photo on your phone of something cute, funny, a picture of yourself, etc. a pic that doesn’t get posted to social media, one just for the two of you.
  4. Post-it-Notes. These are so simple and so fun!! Place post-it-notes in locations where your spouse will frequent the next day…say a briefcase, the silverware drawer, their car steering wheel. Don’t know what to write? Here are some ideas….CLICK HERE & HERE
  5. Give the yoga pants the night off (or the equivalent for men, sweatpants) & shave!! Look good for each other. Fight it all you want but there is a mind body connection. So on occasion give the yoga pants a break, shave your legs, and spritz a bit of perfume….when you are rocking shaved legs, cute pants/skirt, and smell good you will not only feel, but will exude sexy!!
  6. Take out the papers & the trash! Do something for your spouse without being asked. If you see that the trash is full take it upon yourself to take it out, if you notice that your hubby is running low on underwear get a load in before he asks, it really is the little things in life….no huge romantic gestures, it is the small acts of kindness that say I love you.
  7. Save the Date: Date Nights are a MUST! But we often make excuses…it is too expensive, it is way too much work packing up the kids, dropping them off just to go back 3 hours later to pick them up, there is nothing to do, etc. NO MORE EXCUSES!! Set a date; make it simple on yourselves, say, every 3rd Saturday will be date night.  Then call the sitter, have her place those on her calendar…then call the backup sitter and have them block out those 3 hours every 3rd Saturday for the rest of the year, and your date nights are saved!!!
  8. Do something new together!! The novelty of that newness at the beginning of a relationship need not wear off…keep doing new things together! Learn to cook together, go to the shooting range, take a trapeze class together, learn to dance, paint, the possibilities are endless…think outside the box…do something together that you never envisioned doing…something a bit outside your comfort zone.

BONUS: 20 Fun Date Night Destinations in Toledo (click on each to be redirected to website)

Bird’s Eye View Circus   (Circus class)

Cleland’s Outdoor World (Shooting Range/Archery)

Ritter Planetarium (Romance under the Stars)

Dance Class

The Art Supply Depot (Paint Pottery)

Uncork the Artist (Paint Canvases together & sip on some wine, romantic!!)

Fox Meadow Farm (Horseback Riding Lessons…every Knight in shining Armor should know how to ride a horse)

The Adventure Park (Zip lining….seasonal, starts in the Spring, book it now!)

Planet Rock (Rock Climbing)

Valentine Theater Silver screen Theatre Classic Movies

Go on a Gallery Hunt & enjoy lunch/dinner at the TMA café

War Zone Paint Games

Veritas Cork & Craft (Wine Tasting)

Q-Zar (Laser Tag)

Sky Zone (Trampoline Park)

577 Foundation (Learn how to cook Lebanese’s, Indian food, etc.)

Beauty Bar Couples Massages

Alexis Go-Carts & Bumper Cars

Go on a Scavenger Hunt in the Park


9. Take ten! At the end of every day take ten minutes of undivided attention, turn off phones, television, etc. and give each other 10 quality minutes to listen to your spouse and share your happenings of the day too…honestly, it only takes 10 minutes if it is undivided attention!!! Remember it’s not the quantity but quality of time that you give one another that say, I love you.

10. Keep all screens charged & get a lock for your bedroom door….I am thinking this one might be self-explanatory. After all that rekindling, connecting, shaving your legs, and spritzing on a bit of perfume there is a good chance “the magic” will strike and this is an entirely appropriate time to allow kids to have screen time!!

Any tips that your already do? Any you would suggest adding to the list?






McDonald’s Clubhouse, date night destination? (and Giveaway)

Date Night. What comes to mind when I hear those two words? Date night to me means, momma having to do lots of cleaning/prep work, disagreements, too much money, and guilt all for a few measly hours away from home. And the final words that come to mind when I hear date night, not worth it! Sad, but true!

Cleaning and Prep work….

So this may come as a shock to some but my home is a mess, it is in constant motion. With an 8, 6, and 3 year old the tables, floors, and counters are constantly being cleaned off and then seconds later they are covered with play dough, Legos, Barbie’s, Art projects, etc. Thus, before a sitter enters the house momma has some cleaning to do, mostly de-cluttering (so at least the children can be located easily), vacuuming, etc. nothing to strenuous. But by the time I have finished cleaning, setting out the children’s PJs, and making certain everything is ready for the next morning the last thing I want to do is primp. I don’t want to shave my legs, put on a dress, and high heels. After running everyone around all day, walking through Costco (and lugging everything into the house), chasing down the dog, going up and down the steps with loads of laundry, and cleaning the house, putting my feet in high heels would be a form of torture, no thank you.

Disagreements over our destination….

What kind of food do WE have a taste for? Where do WE want to eat? I despise these questions. Why? Because WE can never come to an agreement! My husband is more of a meat and potatoes type of guy while I am more of a foodie. I want more gourmet cuisine. I am totally comfortable with a huge plate that has two bites of something on it, as long as those two bites are amazing. Meanwhile my husband would be complaining to the waiter and requesting, where is the rest of my food? Haha! You can see our predicament.

Too much money….

I must clarify; I am okay with a gourmet restaurant, within reason. The cost of a meal at some restaurants is ridiculous. Ever glanced through a menu, noted the prices, and then wished you would have eaten the rest of your 3 year olds Mac& Cheese back at home before your left? Darn that willpower! Maybe you’ll luck out and at least be able to lick the plate when you get home. So what do you do when the prices are too high? Why act like a lady of course, and order just a side salad. Besides, like mom always said, you can fill up on water and bread. Nothing says you worked your bum off today, catered to everyone’s needs, ran around like a mad momma let’s celebrate with water and bread. Maybe the hubs will be impressed with your practice of  self-control…that is until that bread basket shows up. Lol!


Have you ever walked out of a restaurant and immediately felt the weight of guilt pressing down on you due to the exasperating amount you just spent on two meals? That was only for two meals?? I mean seriously, that one meal alone could have covered a semester of Junior’s college tuition. Going out to eat remorse, totally not worth it!

gymmcds 038

The solution to this date night dilemma….

The Clubhouse! The Bacon Clubhouse at McDonald’s. I know what you’re thinking, ‘please, McDonald’s, that’s a fast-food restaurant, not a date night destination’. But that’s the thing; the Bacon Clubhouse doesn’t taste like fast-food. It tastes like a ‘fancy’ Bistro sandwich (don’t worry; it is still messy enough to qualify as a man-sandwich and satisfy the meat and potato guy).

gymmcds 029

You have a choice of beef or chicken (crispy or grilled) comes with caramelized grilled onions, applewood smoked bacon, big mac special sauce, white cheddar, crisp left lettuce, fresh tomato on an Artesian Roll. YUM!


gymmcds 032


gymmcds 034

You don’t have to shave your legs, wear high-heels, or really even get a sitter…you could totally have the kiddos sit at the next table over…or there is always drive-thru Haha! Now that’s my kind of date night, no cleaning, no primping, amazing food for a reasonable price, and quality time with my hubby. Sold!


gymmcds 028

Calling all the local peeps! That means all followers who live in N. W. Ohio/ S. E. Michigan.
Northwest Ohio McDonalds and Mom on the go in Holy Toledo are giving away 3 Clubhouse Be Our Guest Cards (this way you can try all 3, beef, grilled chicken, and crispy chicken) or you could share, if you wish…got a date night coming up?
To Enter:
1 Like Mom on the go in Holy Toledo
2 Follow @McDonalds_NWOH
3 Simply post a comment stating which Bacon Clubhouse you are going to try first.
Winner will be randomly selected April 3rd @ 11:49am

Disclaimer: I attended a Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich tasting event and received Be our Guest Cards, no other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.