Organizing Memories One Adoramapix Photobook at a Time (Discount code included)

I posted this a couple weeks back on Facebook……

My 1st BIG Project of the school year: Stop Storing the Past & Make room to enjoy the Present!

Problem: “You can’t take it with you when you go”. So why do I have vast amounts of nostalgic memorabilia taking up valuable real-estate throughout my home? Total confession, the moment I became a mother I also became a sentimental fool…I have kept everything, first outift thru size 3T, first/almost all- art projects, etc. But what I would really like to do with the space is have a multipurpose family area for homework, piano lessons, puzzle assembling, etc.

Solution: Take pictures of everything. Place images in a photobook chronologically. In the back of the book attach a pocket to place memory cards from that year, any video/DVD footage, and/or small paper item. And then get rid of all the “stuff” after it has been documented.

It sounds very practical right? I’ll see how well my mommy heart does with this Project. Cheers to realizing the importance of no longer storing the past but making room to enjoy the present!!

So, I began my quest. First stop, family vacation 2015, Lake House (I decided to take it easy on my mommy heart and begin with the most recent items/memories). I managed to hunt down all images, pamphlets, and children’s art work from the Annual Lake House Art Show! lakehousebook7Honestly, the hardest part thus far has been the collecting of everything and identifying the date/location.  And the easiest part, thanks to Adroamapix is the putting the book together.

Why do I adore Adoramapix, let me count the ways….

  1. User-friendly! Everything about the AdoramaPix experience is very easy. Gone are the days of complicated formatting.lakehousebook50 Adoramapix formatting is so simple my kindergartener could do it. And the variety of themes, layouts, backgrounds, etc. is incomparable. They even offer round formatting options, so cool! They think outside the box, literally! I love it!lakehousebook60
  2. Economical price points! The only thing I can’t stand more than wasting my time with irritating, frustrating, formatting issues is wasting my money! Not an issue with Adoramapix, their products are priced accordingly and there aren’t any weird add-on costs at the end. BONUS: AdoramaPix offers credits through contests, sharing, etc. that you can accumulate to go towards your next project, score!!
  3. PROFESSIONAL- The end result left me speechless!







The quality of the photo book is like none other, the colors are so rich & vibrant color. I simply adore the fact that the thick, durable, professional grade photo paper resists fading & ensures that my photos will be just as colorful for future generations…which is HUGE for me since I am tossing most of these treasured items, in particular, the kiddos’ artwork, after I take the images.




(This page, swoon! I ❤ this memory….I want to go back to this day. The kiddos were obsessed with watching the Shrinky Dinks shrink in the oven. Did I mention this is such an emotional process…now I know why I just threw thing in the storage room. My heart aches…they are growing too fast :() 



(The Lake House Art Show is clearly a pajama friendly event, lol! In fact I think she lived in those PJs that week, next summer I should just pack bathing suits and PJs, lol!)



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One book down! Woot! Woot! Small victory, one photobook down and a thousand to go, lol! What photobook project are you working on? Are you one of those amazing, on-top of things, parent who is already collating images for Christmas photobooks? I so admire those parents.


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