Exclaim! 2012

We had a remarkable weekend and I hope you all did too! While we did miss out on the Pizza Palooza event on Friday evening due to rain, rain that we desperately needed, the remainder of the weekend was gorgeous. Sunday was especially beautiful for Exclaim. What is Exclaim you ask? Well….

Three years ago the Toledo area Catholics decided to create a local event that would feature nationally prominent Christian musicians and family fun activities. The first year drew 4,000 and the second 7,000, making it one of the largest outdoor Christian music festivals in the region!

Exclaim is an event organized by Catholics but intended for the entire Christian community. One Faith. One Hope. One Lord. Exclaim is a FREE family friendly event. This year Exclaim featured….

Photo Booth Sponsored by The Blade.

Local band Canons played throughout the day. 

National artist Josh Blakesley

The City Harmonic played

Followed by one of my favorites, Kutless!

There were workshops on various faith topics.

Inflatable games, kids’ corner, and Magic show for the children.

Nearly 40 organizations were onsite to offer faith related information.

Reconciliation and Eucharistic Adoration tents

The day culminated with a gorgeous evening mass outside. But before Mass things needed to be taken down and the kiddos got to sit on the cart with their Nana (possibly one of the highlights of their evening) then we tailgated dinner…

Mass was amazing.  It was so fascinating to see so many Catholics gathered outdoors, the Mass was so moving between the awesome procession with the Bishop, the music by Josh Blakesely, the readings, Homily, and energy of the crowd the Holy Spirit was definitely present.


Thank you…

So many people put time, effort, energy, and sweat (literally sweat) into this event and it was amazing.

My parents and sister and brother helped this year and I would love to be a part of such a wonderful event next year. It is my hope that I can one day attend Exclaim with my grandchildren.

Of course none of this would have been made possible without the support and contributions from Medical Mutual, The Catholic Diocese of Toledo, and Catholic Youth Organization Athletics.

And there are many more to thank…click here

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Baby Book Menu: Mommy Guilt Sundae or Humble Pie (post includes a FREE journal)

It is time that I finally get my act together, hunker down and go through our baby girl’s 1st year pictures.

Now this might not sound that bad but there is a catch. See, that baby girl isn’t turning 1, nope, she is turning 2 in less than a month and mommy has yet to get her baby book together.  I feel like I have just been served two scoops of anxiety in one of those fancy Sunday dishes (you know the type, the frosted glass that is fluted at the top and has the rounded edges…shoot, if I am going to have two scoops of anxiety it better at least be served in a gorgeous dish).

With our first child I had her baby book completed before she was even 9 months old, (I really had my crap together back then). I was literally waiting for events to occur so I could add them to the book. Then with our son I had his completed by the time he was 1-1/2 years old. But with our third child I have been…well…busy.

I know…excuses, excuses…excuses!  So the fact that it has taken me longer than the other two to complete start her baby book isn’t the half of it.  I suppose we could add some toppings to that anxiety sundae.

Remember those ice cream cones that would get dipped in the chocolate and form a hard shell for all of two seconds until ice cream would come leaking out of all sides of the cone and running down your arm as you raced against time to stop it? Well, we mine as well coat that anxiety sundae with mommy guilt so as to allow the anxiety to leak through the guilt so to speak. Why?

Well, I am the worst mother ever; you know those amazing sonogram pictures? You know the ones that give you a first glimpse at the little person inside of you…basically your baby’s first photo ever….and if I may add…the only set we received. Yep, those!   Well…I…I lost them! There, I said it. Now you have my permission to judge away. What kind of mother loses those pictures, right!?! Maybe we should add some sorrowful sprinkles to that sundae and lastly, because what is a sundae without a cherry? One non-merry berry because (and this is the worst) there is still a big little part of me that doesn’t want to embark on this project and hassle with cutting pictures, pasting, writing, etc. You may now nominate me for worlds worst mom because I don’t want to do a scrap-book for my baby.

But wait…there might be hope. I will take that Mommy Anxiety and guilt smothered Sundae back and exchange it for some humble pie thanks to Paper Corterie.

Make that merry berry humble pie thanks to the ease of digital baby books and Paper Corterie’s user-friendly site. Not to mention the quality of the books, amazing! In fact, I might just have that baby book done before she turns two …maybe.  (Don’t hold me to that because, well, I am…busy. But thankfully Paper Corterie has something for that too, checkout their planners).

Oh…and this added bonus….

FREE journal for new customers! Enter the Coupon Code: welcomejournal at checkout.

Okay, so I dished to you. I was brutally honest about my feelings, emotions, and the fact that I am a horrible mommy for losing those sonogram pictures and not wanting to scrap-book my child’s baby book. Now comes the part where you build me back up and tell me that it isn’t just me, right?

How long did it take you to complete your child’s baby book? Do you scrap-book or go digital? Did you forget when milestones occurred in their lives and then have to guess? (Because I would never do something like that…now if you’ll excuse me I have a pie to eat, lol!)


Update: This Giveaway has been extended through the end of July.

Can you recall the moment you found out you were going to be a mother? For me it was the third morning in a row that I refused coffee, me, refuse coffee, that is a crazy concept! My inclination was confirmed after taking a pregnancy test.  The emotions that followed were so powerful, instant joy…quickly followed by worry…..rapidly accompanied by panic.  I felt like Cinderella, like my fairy Godmother had just transformed me into something amazing, it was magical. Then the clock struck midnight and reality hit and what preceded was shock! I am pregnant….I don’t know how to be pregnant….what is normal…what isn’t normal….what if I screw this up…….what if I eat the wrong food and my child has extra limbs because of it……am I going to have to buy granny panies…..can I still be intimate with my hubby…….labor…oh God, labor…..worse, delivery….what if I don’t have the strength….and those questions kept coming, one after another.  Then, upon hearing our exciting news my mother gave me a wonderful gift, What to Expect When Your Expecting. Inside the front cover she even addressed a person message to my hubby and me;

As you begin your journey as parents look for knowledge and pray for wisdom. Love always and God Bless, Mom & Dad

Ah….relief.  Being the wise woman she is, my mom just gave me the best thing to ease my pregnancy and pre-motherhood worries, she gave me knowledge, she gave me What to Expect When Your Expecting  or, better known as, the expect mom’s bible.  I carried my copy of What to Expect everywhere….to the grocery store, work, doctors appointments, mall, you name it and it was in my bag. I was constantly referencing and easing worries and concerns that coincide with……is this normal? I took it with me to the hospital to labor and deliver. Of course I had read the entire book by that point and it is a good thing I did because our little bundle of joy was born “sunny-side up”, or posterior, and had the cord wrapped around her neck twice.   But the book prepared me for any and all outcomes and I felt rest assured.  While in the hospital I reread the section on breastfeeding, postpartum, and more……mom was right, knowledge is the key!

After the birth of our first child we decided to do it again….and again three years later. And yes, I still referenced my, What to Expect When Your Expecting with my third pregnancy. The book is right, each pregnancy is totally different.

So, fast forward to today and we have a 6-year-old, 4-year-old, and 22 month old and I have to be honest, I have not referenced a What to Expect book in a while. I totally by-passed the What to Expect the First Year (But after reading through it I wish I could go back and do it all over again with that book of knowledge….hmm gives me an idea….baby # 4?).  Since I have 3 children, you would think I have it all figured out by now, or at least I thought I did, that is until I read What to Expect the Second Year. Hello! How could I have let my foolish pride keep me from purchasing this book! Talk about valuable information.  There is an entire section on Treating Toddler Injuries, totally could have used that, especially with our son, he was/is prone to “trying to fly” accidents (why must Super Hero’s fly!?!).

I have come to the realization that it doesn’t matter if you are a first time mom or this is your 15th time around, there is always something you need a refresher course on. What I have really found helpful in, What to Expect the Second Year, is the Disciplining your Toddler; What Discipline is…and Isn’t. How quickly we forget.  This book has really helped me express how a Toddler acts to my older two children too, in addition to a considerable amount of additional knowledge I had since forgotten.

Okay, enough about me, this is where you come in………

What to Expect.com has generously team up with me to host a giveaway to celebrate this wonderful book series. In honor of the ease, calm, peace, understanding, knowledge, and yes, as my mother stated, wisdom that has evolved as a result of the priceless advice discussed in the What to Expect Series I am giving away the first three books in this series to TWO lucky readers!

Two lucky readers will receive:

What to Expect When Expecting

•What to Expect the First Year

•What to Expect the Second Year

To enter this giveaway you must follow Mom on the go in Holy Toledo publicly, and leave a comment telling me which book you will enjoy the most. Please include your email. You must do this before you complete any of the extra entries! Even if you are a been-there, done-that mom remember the What to Expect Book series is a great refresher course and also makes a great gift for an expecting mom, dad, grandmother, caregiver, etc. so enter yourself and a friend!!

Extra entries – leave a comment telling me you have done each of these:

 -Like Mom on the go in Holy Toledo Facebook

-Like What to Expect Facebook

-Post this giveaway on your blog (leave the link to your post)

 This giveaway will end Monday, July  2nd at 9 EST. August 1st at 9pm EST.

Good luck to everyone!

Music under the Stars

Last night we attended Music under the Stars at the Toledo Zoo’s Amphitheatre. 

Music Under the stars is presented by the Toledo Symphony and is free, that’s right, I said FREE! Thanks to the headline sponsor, Mercy, and support from The Andersons, the Toledo Community Foundation, Huntington Bank, Taylor Cadillac, and the Toledo Zoo.

It is such a wonderful way to introduce your youngsters to the Symphony in an outdoor setting that is kiddo friendly.   So if you need to walk around with your toddler you can simply get up and walk around while still enjoying the music. Or, if your toddler is inspired to dance after watching the Ardan Academy of Irish Dancers on stage she can. The dancers were amazing…


And the zoo has a variety of yummy treats too! Nothing like a cold refreshing ice cream during intermission…


While waiting in line for ice cream, and what a line…

…we had the pleasure of listening to Summerstock Toledo who will be presenting My Favorite Year at Ottawa Hills School July 27th and 28th at 8pm and July 29th at 3pm. Summerstock Toledo is a non-profit, student run theatre company. We are committed to offering theatrical opportunities to high school students in the Toledo area. Our students not only perform on the stage, but also run the business and technical aspects of the show. Read more


The theme for last night’s concert was “Music of the Movies which included pieces from movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Selections from The Sound of Music, Theme from Superman, Selections from Star Wars, and more.

It was nice because there were a variety of genera that our entire family enjoyed. I and the girls adored the Selections from The Sound of Music that was conducted by Sam Szor who made a special appearance! Many in the crowd started singing along. My hubby and son favored the theme from Superman and Star Wars selections.

Upcoming concerts:

July 29th “Passport to Europe”

Jason Stumbo, conductor with Voices of Harmony

August 5 “Americana”

Rodney Dorsey, conductor

August 12 “That’s All Folks”

Kenneth Thompson, conductor

Have you been to Music under the Stars? Or perhaps you have attended something similar in your neck of the woods? If you have what is your favorite part, the music, the fact that it is outdoors, the entire atmosphere?  If not does it seem like something your family would be interested in attending?

Domino’s Petting Farm and J & G’s Pizza

Saturday morning my hubby and I contemplated what we wanted to with our day and we decided upon Domino’s Petting Farm in Ann Arbor, MI.

I guess we still had the farm on our minds from our visit to Imagination Station.  Domino’s Petting Farm is only a 45 minute drive from Toledo so we cranked up the tunes hopped on the expressway and before we knew it we arrived. Once there we paid the entrance fee (adults are $7, children 2 and over are $5.50, and those younger than 2 are FREE…so we lucked out with our 23 month old and the cost includes a hayride) and were greeted by…..


Then we made our way around the farm saying “HI” to all the animals. Our 23 month old adored all the animals but one, this guy….

And I am sure you can see why.  He got a little too friendly and started licking the stroller which it turn resulted in our 23 month old bolting from that stroller faster than a fly being alerted to fresh poo (we saw a lot of that too, it was the first thing that popped into my head, lol!). But our eldest took a liking to him….


These little chicks stole my heart they were so stinkin adorable. But I had to be quick with the click of the camera because mama was very protective.

But who really captivated all 3 kiddos attention and myself was the peacock.  It was gorgeous….

Then we took a stroll down to see the cows that were eagerly waiting feeding time. As soon as the gate opened a chorus of moos processioned past us. It was hilarious and of course our 23 month old loved it…the first animal sound she learned was “Moo…moo…moo… goes the cow”.


Then it was time for a hayride around the farm….


Then we stopped by the building, Griffith Train Station, built to resemble an old train station with a train car on the site….

Last but certainly not least, pony rides!!

Then it was time to say goodbye to the farm….

My only regret was that I did not pack a picnic lunch or dinner for our family to enjoy. They had wonderful spots throughout the farm to sit out a blanket or a tablecloth on a picnic table to enjoy a picnic together…oh well, next time.

So instead we decided to surprise the kiddos with J & G’s Pizza located in downtown Sylvania. This was a treat because we usually just pick it up and eat at home but this time we dined at J & G’s. And the timing could not have been more perfect, it was around 4:30pm or so, (and no, we are not like 80 years-old, lol!) and that meant no waiting (maybe our elders have the right idea?).  The kiddos so enjoyed watching them make the dough from outside….


We had such a wonderful Saturday…I love family time and sharing the wonderful experiences our community and surrounding communities have to offer.

Have you ever been to Domino’s Petting Farm? Any suggestion for what we should do next Saturday?  What is a favorite family destination that your family enjoys in your community?

Why I Love an Overcast Day

We had planned on meeting up with our play-group friends at the park this morning for ice cream sundaes but the weather didn’t look like it was going to cooperate so our friends canceled. We had already rescheduled from the day before so the kiddos really didn’t want to hear that we had to reschedule again.  Not to mention, mommy really needed them to get out and run off some of their energy. So we headed to the park.

It was definitely overcast but thankfully it never rained and there was a nice breeze.  After days of hot sun baking down on us whenever we went outside and mommy sporting that classy back sweat streak down my shirt as well as that hair stuck to the neck look an overcast day was a breath of fresh air. What I found, though we missed our friends, I really enjoyed time with my kiddos.  I love an overcast day because…..

The children can play on the playground without the sun beating down on them and heating the equipment so that it is unpleasant to the touch.

Ice cream doesn’t melt as fast…nor does the toppings….

You can take your time and observe all that nature has to offer…

You can admire what others do on an overcast day too…like painting…

You can take a longer stroll in the park…

The cool breeze and fresh air is the perfect pairing for an afternoon nap….

What do you enjoy doing on an overcast day? What did you do today?

Splash Birthday Party!

The invitations went out over a month ago.


Then HFMD occurred and we had to postpone the party. There were a few tears but for the most part our little man understood. The day of his initial party past and the weather was gorgeous. Thus, we included the following in our evening prayers…that it wouldn’t rain on the postponed date of his party and that his friends would stay healthy and be able to attend.


Sure enough our prayers were answered all but one child was able to attend the party (the one was not due to illness but travels, thank GOD) and while it threatened rain it never actually rained. So, let the Splash Party Commence….



Given the fact that we had two extra weeks beyond the initial party date I found that I was adding things to the party. More time equals more stuff, right!?! Like our trip to Boyd’s Candy Store, the intricacy of the Happy Birthday banner I made, and the number of Chocolate Power Ranger suckers I made. Now that I think about it I might have been experiencing mommy guilt due to the fact that the party was postponed. Oh well, mommy guilt or not the kiddos seemed to have fun.

We started off the party with a game of Sink or Float…..


Each kiddo received a bag with 8 items in it and two signs, one stated Sink, and the other Float. They then each had a turn of deciding which item we would test.


Next we did gifts……


Any mother who has thrown a birthday party or has attended a young child’s birthday party can vouch for the fact that one of the main issues with opening birthday gifts is the crowding around the birthday child. They’re all so eager to see what the birthday child will open and of course the anticipation and excited is intensified when the birthday child is opening their gift.


So in an attempt to minimize the crowding, as to not resemble a mosh pit with the gifts surfing across the crowd of kiddos, we encouraged a circle formation with the birthday boy in the middle. We then had him stand with his eyes closed and arm extended while I spun him twice around the circle and whichever child his arm extended towards when he stopped was the child whose gift he would open next. He then opened that child’s gift and in return gave that child their goody bag.  It seemed to work nicely.

Time to sing Happy Birthday….and raid the food table. Again, this is another area where crowding can be anticipated.  So instead of allowing all the kiddos to get food at once we had them take turns two at a time. Those two kiddos at a time were determined by the first initial of their names. Again, it seemed to work nicely. I am not sure if it was the technique or the fact that the kiddos he invited exhibit such wonderful manners, I think it might be the latter. Next, outdoor activities….

Sidewalk Fizzy Paint….

The kiddos really seemed to enjoy this activity. One of the moms reminded me that the children are old enough for us to incorporate the science behind this activity. Well, they might not be ready for, NaHCO3 + CH3COOH –> CO2 + H2O + CH3COONa.  But what they can comprehend is, mixing an acid and base equals a chemical reaction and a whole lot of fun!

Next….Water balloons…

The kiddos paired up and played catch with the water balloons.  They all seemed to enjoy the water balloons except for one poor little kiddo whose water balloon was impaled by the corner of their glasses and the water slashed in their face. I felt so horrible. But they recovered quickly once we moved onto the next and final activity, water slide!

It was unfortunate that the kiddos contracted HFMD and in a way I guess that was the lemons we were dealt.  As the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons… make lemonade”. And that is precisely what we did…..

Off to help our little man with his thank you notes. What is your rule when it comes to thank you notes? Do you enforce a hand written thank you note? Do you, as the parent send an email with a thank you enclosed? Do you not send thank you notes? Is it a dying practice? What is your thought on the thank you note?

Farm Fest at Imagination Station (Exhibit extended through August 5th)

The temperature today is supposed to reach a sizzling 101 degrees.  When it gets that hot the pool is no longer refreshing but rather resembles bath water. So, what is a mom to do with her kiddos when it is too hot for the pool and too hot for outdoor activities? The answer is simple, go to the farm, the Imagination Station Farm Fest that is! The Farm Fest exhibit presented by The Andersons has been extended through August 5th so hurry down to downtown Toledo and enjoy an afternoon on the farm. Your children are sure to enjoy all this exhibit has to offer including….


Also while you are there be sure to go downstairs and checkout Eat it Up! The kiddos can learn so much about the food they consume, how calories are burned, they can smash their food, make a food person, and so much more…..

I think I Need a New Rack

While shopping for grocery a couple of weeks ago and carefully navigating the cart up and down the aisles I came upon the ethnic foods isle. I am usually partial to the Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, and Asian cuisine products but for some reason the Tasty Bite packets were calling my name. I lean more towards a vegetarian preference when it comes to food as opposed to my hubby who is more meat and potatoes. So meal time can be tricky in our house to say the least, especially when you add our preschooler and toddler to the mix.  So I decided to grab a couple pouches and give it a try. I found that I am a fan of Channa Masala, Jodhpur Lentils, Vegetable Korma, and Kashmir Spinach.

In fact for lunch today I had Vegetable Korma and Passion Orange Guava Juice, yum!

So I figured I’d research some recipes and see if could make my own Indian dishes.  What I found was that the majority incorporate the following spices.

  • Chili peppers
  • Mustard seed
  • Turmeric
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Curry Powder
  • Ginger root
  • Coriander seed
  • Cumin seed and garlic
  • And a spice blend known as garam masala (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, cumin and coriander)

So first things first, I need a new rack. Spice rack that is, thought I would clarify. My old one just isn’t doing it for me anymore. I need something updates, stylish, yet functional. So I did some more research, this time on kitchen spice racks and came across these cool spice racks…..



Leave it up to me to find some way to purchase something new for the kitchen based upon a new interest in Indian food. Now if only there was a way to get a new refrigerator out of this new culinary endeavor?

Have you ever had Indian food? Do you like it? Have you ever made Indian food? If you have I would be open to any suggestions, recommendations for recipes, etc. Also, do you have any suggestions for getting the rest of my family to enjoy Indian food especially my meat and potatoes hubby?