30 Date Night Destinations in Toledo

Date Night!! The two words every couple looks forward to, especially those with kids. It means a night away from the kiddos, to reconnect with your spouse, to remember why you fell in love in the first place. It is easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of adulthood & parenthood. That is why it is so important that you step away from it all for a few hours and have some fun, remember fun, that thing you did before you had a job, mortgage, kids, you know, before you had major responsibilities!?


Here are some FUN Date Night destinations you and your significant other are certain to enjoy: (click on each to be redirected to their website for more info)

  1. Bird’s Eye View Circus (Circus class) 
  2. The Handlebar Toledo (seasonal)
  3. AXE 419 indoor axe throwing 
  4. The Sandpiper Cruises 
  5. Cleland’s Outdoor World (Shooting Range/Archery)
  6. Maumee Indoor Theatre (only $3.75)
  7. Ritter Planetarium (Romance under the Stars)
  8. Dave & Busters 
  9. Sundance Drive-In Theater
  10. Murder Mystery Dinner Train (no longer running)
  11. The Art Supply Depot (Paint Pottery)
  12. Trapped Toledo
  13. Uncork the Artist (Paint Canvases together & sip on some wine, romantic!!)
  14. Copper Moon Studio and Gallery (create your own fused glass piece)
  15. Fox Meadow Farm (Horseback Riding Lessons…every Knight in shining Armor should know how to ride a horse)
  16. Clayful Art (paint pottery)
  17. Foodology (Cooking Class)
  18. Gathered Glassblowing Studio (glassblowing workshops & events)
  19. Bowlero Bowling & Fun Center 
  20. Element 112 Wednesday Wine & Dine (Half off bottles of wine)
  21. Planet Rock (Rock Climbing)
  22. Hollywood Casino
  23. Valentine Theater Silver screen Theatre Classic Movies
  24. Go on a Gallery Hunt & enjoy lunch/dinner at the TMA café
  25. War Zone Paint Games
  26. Board and Brush Creative Studios
  27. Q-Zar (Laser Tag)
  28. Sky Zone (Trampoline Park)
  29. 577 Foundation (Learn how to cook Lebanese’s, Indian food, etc.)
  30. Beauty Bar Couples Massages
  31. Alexis Go-Carts & Bumper Cars
  32. Go on a Scavenger Hunt in the Park

BONUS: Double dating? Then here is a challenge that will make the night extra fun….Goodwill Date Night Challenge!!  Official rules: each person picks out their significant others (or BFF’s) surprise outfit at Goodwill, $10 budget, outfit has to be gender appropriate. When on the date you can’t tell people it’s a joke. When you upload your picture you have to challenge two more couples.” (source)

Here are a few suggestions to make your date night more economical:

  • Whenever possible have family or friends watch your kiddos, perhaps even consider starting or being part of a babysitting co-op. 
  • Save up! Set aside a decided amount of money each week, say, $10 dollars, and at the end of the month you have $40 for your date night. Date Night can happen no matter what your budget is, it may mean sacrificing your lattés or convenience store purchases, but it is worth it!
  • If you go out to eat beforehand don’t order drinks and consider splitting a dish…..you can go REALLY fancy if you order water to drink and split a meal (note that there may be a splitting fee but it is often cheaper than ordering an additional meal). Added bonus when you split a meal, you don’t feel as guilty ordering dessert!
  • Inquire about possible coupons, deals; some places have deals on certain days.

Enjoy your time out, put your phones away, give each other your undivided attention, and most important, HAVE FUN!!

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