7 Secrets to Getting Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables


Kids often turn their noses up at anything green and it can be a struggle for many parents. You want to get your kids used to a healthy diet, but sometimes nagging just doesn’t work. There must be a secret to getting more vegetables on your kids’ plates. It turns, out there are several if you’re creative enough. Ensuring your children getting their five portions of fruit and vegetables every day is easier than it sounds. Here are seven secrets to getting your kids to eat more vegetables. 


Grow your own

If you have the luxury of enough outside space, growing your own produce is one of the easiest ways to get your children interested in vegetables. Homegrown veggies contain some of the best vitamins for kids, and you can even teach them about healthy eating. Gardening with kids is a lot of fun and some of them really enjoy it. Start small, and give them a project. Things like salad leaves are good starters as they grow nice and quickly. Have your kids take care of the seedlings inside, then plant them and watch them grow.


Pick your own

If you don’t have the time or space to grow your own, then you could visit a farm and pick some vegetables. There are farms open all year round with different harvests, and it’s a fun day out for all the family. Summer and fall are the best seasons to pick your own, so hurry and look for somewhere near you. It’s a great way to develop kids’ interest in vegetables and helps to make them more fun.


Try something new

Draw your kids’ interest by bringing home something exotic once in a while. You can find a new local store and bring home something new to taste. Sometimes novelty value goes a long way. Try out some new recipes and creative ways to eat more vegetables. Think outside the box and try to have fun with vegetables. Kids like making smoothies and blending everything, so you could try that. That way, you can get in the maximum amount of vitamins in one drink.


Teach them to cook

Getting the children involved in the kitchen is often the secret to improving their appetite. It’s all about developing an interest in food. Eventually, they’ll need to learn about what a balanced diet consists of. Engage them in the cooking and let them be your sous chef. There are plenty of cooking with kids recipes online that are designed to be easier and more fun. After you’ve tried out some healthier options, you can reward them with dessert recipes and let them choose their own. 


Frozen food

Frozen packs of fruit and veg are actually are a very convenient option without compromising on goodness. Frozen vegetables maintain their vitamins and fiber content, but last in your kitchen for longer. They’re simple to cook with and can be defrosted in minutes. They’re easy to hide in lots of different recipes. You can add frozen vegetables to stews and casseroles, and they even come pre-chopped.


Get em while they’re hungry

Get em while they’re hungry. It sounds a little cruel, but if you’re hungry, you’re less likely to turn down food. Start them off with vegetables and don’t let them snack on other things before dinner. If they’re hungry you’ll more likely to be successful. Offer them tasty wholesome meals with the vegetables hidden in the sauce if they’re more reluctant. You can gradually introduce different vegetables and more each time. 


Fun dips

Crudite and dips are a great way to make vegetables fun. You could even serve them at a birthday party. You can make vegetable dips such as hummus, babaganoush, or tzatziki. These are easy and fun to prepare and you can get the kids to help out in the kitchen. Try a healthy vegetable dip recipe that your kids will love. It’s also a great way to get younger children and babies into vegetables. They’re perfect for playing the airplane game with and dipping is a very sensory and engaging activity.  


Kids will even copy their friends if they see them eating vegetables, so it might be time for a bit of old fashioned peer pressure, but for their own good this time. Join forces with other parents and share recipe ideas. You could make sure there’s a veggie platter at every birthday party this season. Before you know it, your children won’t be able to get enough of those greens. 

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