Afterschool Activities Guide 2019

“I want to be able to walk a tight rope while playing the trumpet & dribbling a soccer ball on my head! Then I want to go to Swim Lessons”. That’s what I get for saying they can learn how to do anything they want after school, lol! But I am fully confident, if any city is up for this challenge it is Toledo!! There is literally no shortage of awesome after school activities to sign your kiddos up for, whether its vocal lessons, dance, gymnastics, food class, art, swim, or, yes, even tight rope! Here’s a list of just some of the amazing after school activities, classes, lessons, & programs available in Toledo & the surrounding area…..



CREATE: Art Studio + Workshop

Classes/Clubs: Preteen Painting Club, Advanced Art 101, Slime Club, After-school Art Club, Friday Preschool Art, Adventures in Painting, & so much more!

Address: 188 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg, OH 43551

Phone: 419-873-6240


Cost: Varies…average is $75-$100 for a 6 week class/club

Their Grand Re-Opening is September 5th & 6th ….checkout website to be entered in giveaway!





Classes: Homemade Pierogis, Kids Turn to BAKE, Burger Battle (for teens) Taco Takeover (Family Friendly), Kids Turn to COOK (tweens 9+), and more!

Address: 2059 W Laskey Rd, Toledo, OH 43613

Phone: (567) 970-7100


Cost: Prices for the classes range anywhere from $30 – $80, depending on the menu



Toledo Ballet

Classes: Ballet, jazz, tap, musical/acting, tumbling, etc.

Address: 5327 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623

Phone: (419) 471-0049


Cost: Varies

Fall classes begin September 3rd! Also see deets for Nutcracker auditions (Sept 12th & 14th)


Mini Motions Dance Center


Classes: Tap, Jazz, Tumbling, Hip-Hop Modern, Ballet, Lyrical, Cheerleading, Poms, Baton, and more!

Address: 2437 Tremainsville Road. Toledo, Ohio 43613

Phone: 419.473.0999


Cost: $25 Registration Fee – Classes $60 a month.



Bird’s Eye View Circus

Classes: Beginner Youth, Intermediate, & Teen Circus Classes (aerial silks, static trapeze, and lyra)

Address: 1153, 2413 Collingwood Blvd 1st floor, Toledo, OH 43620

Phone: (567) 298-6841


Cost: •$20/single class •$105/ 7 Classes •$200/ 14 Classes

Learn more and sign up on their website!


Exceleration Gymnastics Center

Classes: Classes for babies through teens, boys & girls, Gymnastics, Tumbling, Aerial Silks, Ninjas/Parkour, and birthday parties!

Address: 2255 S Reynolds Rd. Toledo, OH 43614

Phone: 419-381-1000


Cost: Varies…$45-$89 See Website for details


New Heights Gymnastics & More

Classes: Gymnastics, Tumbling, Ninja Zone, Birthday Parties and more!

Business Address: 6539 Weatherfield Ct. Maumee, OH 43537

Phone: 419-795-2132


Cost: Varies!


Sunrise Gymnastics

Classes: Tumble, Gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do

Address: 3640 N Holland Sylvania Rd, Toledo, OH 43615

Phone: (419) 841-2902


Cost: Varies! (All new students can come & enjoy a FREE trial class!)

Music/Vocal Lessons


Forte Music School

Lessons: Vocal, Guitar, Drums, Flute, Clarinet, you name it & they’ll teach ya how to play it!

Address: 3208 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43613

Phone: (419) 471-2100


Cost: $90 a month for ½ hour lessons & $180 a month for 1 hour lessons (lessons are once a week)


The University of Toledo Community Music Program

UT Center for Performing Arts

Lessons/Classes: Workshops, ensembles, music lessons and more, the Community Music Program seeks to provide local people of all ages with ways to engage their passion for music. Beginner group music lessons in piano and guitar (6 weeks of lessons) start soon…other 6-week sessions available starting in October, January, and March. Visit online today to learn more.

Address: 1910 W. Rocket Drive Toledo, OH 43606

Phone: 419-530-2448


Operated by the University Of Toledo Department Of Music, the Community Music Program offers many opportunities for music education and performance, and does not require enrollment as a student at UT.


Toledo Leprechauns, Toledo Celtics Soccer Club

Leprechauns Registration Is Open To All Boys & Girls Pre-K Through 8th Grade

(Registration Deadlines: Monday, September 16th, 2019. Form is online)

Address: 3215 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43613

Phone: (419) 473-9490


Cost: $55-$65 depending on Division/grade


Pacesetter Soccer Club Offers Jr Day Academy for 3-5 yr olds

Address: 5400 Central Ave, Toledo, OH 43615

Phone: (419) 885-3140


Cost: $50 for ages 3-5yrs old (you can ONLY register online)


Sylvania Recreation

(Open to District residents as well as non-residents)

Soccer for Pre-K-8th Grade

Address: 7060 Sylvania Ave. Sylvania, Ohio 43560

Phone: 419.882.1500


Cost: $45 for residence & $55 for non-residence



Catholic Youth Organizations (CYO)

Sports offered: Soccer, Cheerleading, Football, Cross-country, Softball, Wrestling, Track, etc.

Address: 1933 Spielbusch Avenue Toledo, OH 43604-5360

Phone: Ms. Julie Dubielak 419-244-6711, ext. 4932


Cost: Varies


YMCA of Greater Toledo

Programs & Youth Sports: Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball, & Cross-country

Address: 1500 N. Superior St. 2nd Floor Toledo, OH 43604

Phone: 419.729.8135


Cost: Varies….see website for more details! See what your YMCA Branch is offering


Swim Lessons

SafeSplash +SwimLab Swim School

Offers swim classes & opportunities for competitive swimmers

Address: 1510 Spring Meadows Drive #D-100, Holland, OH 43528

Phone: (419) 370-2801



Cost: $80 per month…for all additional options see website



Boys & Girls Club of Toledo

Offers: POWER HOUR (An after school homework help program, students work with the instructors on their homework and earn Power Points for achieving weekly academic goals.) CADET CORPS. (A weekly club for 7-, 8-, and 9-year old Club members. Under the guidance of an instructor, members brainstorm and reach consensus on five goals that they will achieve during the week. Club members choose a reward activity for goals achieved.)LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, SPORTS, TECHNOLOGY, ARTS & CRAFTS, etc.

Address: 2250 N. Detroit Ave. Toledo, OH 43606

Phone: (419) 241-4258


Cost: Free….The Club is open Monday through Friday, after school and in the summer, when children need positive, productive outlets. (See website for locations)



American Heritage Girls Club

American Heritage Girls (AHG) is a Christ centered, family fun, scouting group open to all girls from grades kindergarten through 8th grade.

For all parents interested in having your daughter(s) be a part of AHG, or if you’d just like to find out more about what we are all about, please email Rachel at .

Cost: The cost is $55 for the year plus additional fees for uniforms (which are optional).


For ALL Scouting, Girls on the Run, Chess club, etc. be sure to check out your local public school or parish for deets!


5 Tips for Healthy After School Snacks

Omg! I drop off little, sweet, Angels at school in the morning & come 3:30pm I’m picking up cranky, hangry, feral animals! Like seriously, as soon as we step foot in the house they are trampling over one another to get to the kitchen…if I didn’t unlock the door fast enough I’m pretty sure they would knock it down or eat it, lol!!  

Here are 5 simple tips for healthy after school snacks:

1. Prepare snacking foods ahead of time

We want our kiddos to make healthy choices when it comes to their afterschool snack. We would much rather have them reaching for celery sticks & peanut butter or hummus than that processed bag of chips. However, convenience plays a huge role. If the celery isn’t cleaned and cut, ready for consumption, then chances are they will grab that bag of chips instead. Prepare healthy snacking foods ahead of time. Clean and cut fresh fruits & veggies and have them in easily accessible containers.

2. Don’t bring it in the house

Speaking of that bag of chips, lol! If we don’t want our kiddos consuming high-sugar, trans-fat-laden, processed foods, we can’t bring them into your house…let’s be honest, if we do it’s just too darn tempting.

3. Watch portion sizes

Even the healthiest, organic, GMO-free snacks can sabotage healthy eating when portion sizes are not monitored. Encourage kiddos to read the nutrition labels and take special consideration of the serving size.

4. Provide variety

Children, like adults, get bored with food easily. Have a variety of snacking foods on hand—whole fruits, veggies, hardboiled eggs, smoothies, mixed nuts, frozen bananas covered w/Pb & sprinkles, potato wedges w/ketchup, trail mix, yogurt parfaits, fruit kabobs, etc.

These almond flour, sugar-free, homemade waffle corners are a huge hit in our house:

3 cups almond flour

1/4 tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

2 eggs

1 cup buttermilk

2 Tbs. olive oil

Mix ingredients together and follow waffle maker directions. Makes 6 waffles.

5. Choose healthy fast foods

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we do forget the snacks at home and find ourselves with a car full of hungry kiddos with back-to-back extracurricular activities. A fast-food chain might be your only option. When this happens seek heathier choices, like Chick-fil-a grilled nuggets, McDonald’s oatmeal and/or yogurt parfaits, etc.

Are your kiddos hangry after school? What’s your go-to after school snack?

Mom Tribes: Why you NEED them & where you can find your Toledo Mom Tribe

It was a stifling July afternoon. My 3 year old and 2 year old were bickering over the same toy for the third time in an hour. I was suffering from a mild depression due to a false positive pregnancy test. And to add insult to injury, my husband and I had just had a colossal fight. The tears just started rolling down my cheeks; I just wanted to melt into the floorboards. I felt so isolated; motherhood began to feel less like a blessing and more like a punishment. Sure, I had friends, friends that either weren’t married yet and/or didn’t have children.  And once I had children those friends seemed to avoid me like the plague, or, at least that was the way my exhausted mommy brain had interpreted it at the time. In reality our lives were just so different, when they were going out in the evening I was going to bed. On occasion they would try to send me some positive vibes like, “hang in there, it’ll get better” type comments. But let’s be honest receiving comment like that from friends who couldn’t relate to any of my daily woes as a mom was as useful as getting auto mechanic advice from my dentist. And then IT happened I received an email, an email that would end up changing my life.

A couple months prior to my meltdown in the living room, I had joined a small Playgroup of 9 moms on I had joined it in the midst of my hurricane of pity that I dubbed motherhood. They had a couple of playdate meetup that I wasn’t able to attend and apparently no one else was either because the organizer was done. The email stated that the Playgroup-in-Toledo was available for anyone who wished to take it over for a small fee of $15 a month. I must have been in the eye of that motherhood storm at the time, not quite thinking clearly because I did something so outside this introverts comfort zone to this day it still shocks the heck out of me, I took the leap…I jumped!  I took over as the organizer for the Playgroup-in-Toledo.  And what started off as 9 moms grew to over 200. It turned out that I wasn’t alone in this hurricane of pity; in fact with each meetup we had I could literally feel the dark clouds dissipating. The sun finally shined down, motherhood became a blessing again, even on my crappiest of motherhood days. I am so thankful something told me to jump, to take that leap that hot July afternoon because I ended up landing on a huge net, my net-work of other moms, I finally found my tribe.

Do you have a motherhood tribe?



Why you need your Tribe:

  1. Companionship– “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” C. S. Lewis. It is comforting to have other women to commiserate with, who understand, can relate, and even offer suggestions on how to survive a colic infant, sore nipples, potty training, tantrums, night terrors, Kindergarten, tweens, teenagers, etc.
  2. Many Hands make Light Work– Whether you are meeting up with other moms for a playdate at someone’s home, out and about on the town, or are taking turns providing childcare during a meeting, having extra sets of eyes and hands makes life much easier and more enjoyable.
  3. Access to a vault of knowledge– I must say women now a days are amazing, they are more than “just moms”, they are entrepreneurs, book writers, professors, homeschoolers, scientists, trainers, coaches, chefs, etc. And having that brilliant network of ladies on speed dial is advantageous….whether you just burnt dinner or are struggling to help your 8th grader with their science homework, these ladies put Siri to shame.
  4. They Raise you Up and Talk you Down-You know you have officially found your tribe when they raise you up, support your efforts, and encourage you to strive towards your goals, no matter how big or small. Likewise, when you are down on yourself and ready to jump off that preverbal cliff they are there to talk you down from your despair one step at a time.
  5. Life was meant to be Lived-Lucy(s) need their Ethel(s), Thelma(s), their Louise(s), and Laverne(s), their Shirley(s) to do crazy fun things with….a moms’ night out, movie, dance class, paint pottery, etc. Everyone needs those people in their lives who will say yes to experiences, who will join you on this magnificent adventure.


Where can you find your tribe?

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Location: Washington Church, 3925 W Central Ave. Toledo, OH 43606-2766

Phone: (419) 536-3789

Meetings: Sept.-May, 1st & 3rd Friday of the Month at 9:30am to11:30am


A MOPS meeting includes practical teaching through speakers, demonstrations and videos. Plus, there’s usually food! But more important, you’ll get to have honest conversations with other moms who understand the joys and frustrations of motherhood. We’ve all been placed in this time and place in history, as the tribe of women who are raising the world. We know we mother better together, so all moms are welcome at MOPS. From the time you get pregnant to when your kiddo is in Kindergarten, our doors are open.

Bloom (for Mothers and Grandmothers)

Location: Little Flower Catholic Church

Meetings: September to May, 2nd Thursday from 9:00am – 11:15am



Bloom is a program for Catholic mothers in all stages of mothering/grandmothering, which will meet on the second Thursday of each month from September to May, from 9:00am – 11:15am in the St. Francis Room. Please contact Ann Francis at or register online at

Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo

Location: West Toledo YMCA

Meetings: Held once a week on Thursday mornings, beginning at 9:45 am and concluding at 11:15 am


They are a non-profit established in 1984 that meets regularly to share common experiences, make new friends and enjoy the company of peers while the children are supervised by experienced childcare workers. In addition to weekly meetings, they offer playdates, an Executive Mommas group for working mothers and many family activities.  If you’re looking for fun, friendships, social activities, parenting ideas, community involvement opportunities, or just a reason to get out of the house with your little ones, they might be just what you’ve been searching for.

FiA (Females in Action) Toledo Exercise Group

Location: Varies (see website)


Meetings: Vary see website

Before the demands of the day pull us in different directions, FiA’s start their day with a 45 minute workout. During this time, we experience a physical and personal growth that radiates through the rest of our day – enabling us to be better daughters, sisters, employees, spouses, friends, bosses and mothers.

-FiA’s develop incredible female friendships

-At FiA, they are focused on supporting and encouraging one another to push beyond our comfort zones.

-Supporting you, challenging you, and cheering you on – those 45 minutes are a great investment in you so that when you’re tackling all the rest of your roles – your heart, mind and body are ready.

-This environment brings out the good in each of us and helps us connect/relate based on our common interest to get fit and be healthy. And then we build on this commonality by providing opportunities for women to get to know each other through our book clubs, Bible studies, and socials.

MOMs (Mommies Of Munchkins)

Location: Napoleon Church of the Nazarene 630 Appian Ave. Napoleon OH 43545

Meetings: First Friday of each month 9-11am


Meets in Napoleon the first Friday of every month from 9-11a!! Group of welcoming mommas talking all things mom while sipping coffee/tea and snacking! Free childcare provided!

MOMsNext (A Sister group to MOPs)

Location: Washington Church, 3925 W Central Ave. Toledo, OH 43606-2766

Phone: (419) 536-3789

Meetings: Sept – May: Mtg 1st & 3rd Friday of the Month at 9:30am – 11:30am


If you are a mom with school aged children and are free in the morning, then come check out MomsNext! Come meet some amazing women, who are on the same journey of motherhood as you are.

Toledo Area Playgroup

Location: Online,

Meetings: vary

Local mom’s with kids who want to get together with other mom’s who have kids.


Location: Christ the Word 3100 Murd Rd, Sylvania, OH 43560

Phone: (419) 829-2005


Meetings: Sept-May First Wednesday of the month 9:15AM-11AM

Mom2mom is a Toledo area mom’s group designed to grow friendships and strengthen families. We meet the first Wednesday of the month from September through May. Our theme this year is “Deep Roots ~ Strong Moms”. Free childcare is provided. Registration is open!



I know it can be a little scary at first but remember, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Neale Donald Walsch

Know of additional Mom Tribes in Toledo? Please comment & share.