Childhood Tendencies Forecast Adult Abilities

In this label obsessed world we live in, where people find happiness an almost impossible path to negotiate parents have the opportunity to break the cycle.

God prewired your infant. He scripted your toddler’s strengths. He set your teen on a trajectory. God gave you an eighteen-year research project. Ask yourself, your spouse, and friends: What sets this child apart? Childhood tendencies forecast adult abilities. Read them. Discern them. Affirm them. Cheerlead them.

You’ve been given a book with no title-read it! A CD with no cover-listen to it! An island with no owner-explore it! Resist the urge to label before your study. Attend carefully to the unique childhood of your child.

-Max Lucado-

oak tree 020 

Comparisons, measuring, labels, etc. are all learned.  Have you ever heard an adult say to a child, “why can’t you be more like (insert sibling’s name, neighbor’s child’s name, etc. here)?”  Or, have you ever overheard a parent calling their child a brat or monster?  Granted most of the time it is a mere case of the child being overstimulated or exhausted and the parent likely exhibiting the same. But what the child hears is their parent calling them a brat, their own parent! And children are likely to live up to what you believe in them. Thus, as parents we not only need to encourage our children daily to be the best that they can be but we also need to model this behavior.

oak tree 016

Moms, this means no more comparing you to other moms. Each of us is different and that is beautiful. We can learn so much from each other if we remember that God gave each of us such unique talents and gifts to cherish and share. How liberating is it to know that you don’t have to mother just like your neighbor, or best friends? Your children need to hear and feel the same. Once you stop the ‘stinking thinking’ in your own mind you will find it much easier to be the best Mother you can be, the mother God intended for your children. For the relationship you have with your children is exclusive, special, unique, and that is not by chance, that was Gods magnificent plan.

Where to start?

It is simple (and yet so profound). In the morning as you drop your children off at school, preschool, daycare, the world, say to them, as I say to my children, and just as the Oak told the Acorn in The Oak inside the Acorn, “ be the best you that you can be, be the you that God made you to be”.

Please take a moment to reflect.  Then check out some great articles that address additional things that children need to hear…..


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Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and/or additional resources.

Wordless…wait, what is today?

Happy 1st week (1/2 week) of Spring, which means, only 1-1/2 weeks left of Lent. For Lent this year I decided to practice the act of talking less and listening more. It hasn’t been going as well as I would like, so God really gave some encouragement, I have laryngitis.

Thus, in an effort to talk less I will make the remainder of this post wordless. But first, I have to share this humorous morsel with you. My mom called the other day and I made every effort to talk but to no avail so my mom ended the conversation by stating, “Give me a holler if you need anything”.  Ha-ha…I have laryngitis, I can’t holler. And on with the show…

Background information: We decorated eggs this evening with a friend. The kiddos eagerly awaited their friend’s arrival. Each took turns looking out the window. The scene was so beautiful with the sunshine flooding the living room…..

iPad_eastereggs 036

iPad_eastereggs 028

iPad_eastereggs 024

iPad_eastereggs 040

iPad_eastereggs 041

iPad_eastereggs 043

iPad_eastereggs 048

iPad_eastereggs 049

iPad_eastereggs 057

iPad_eastereggs 052

iPad_eastereggs 050

With all the eggtravaganza fun we only had one casualty! Not too shabby!

egg 003

Reevaluating priorities: Where are you investing your time?

Reevaluating priorities can be a daunting and somewhat humbling task. Coming to the realization that what you had thought was in your best interest and your family’s actually might not be, or basically admitting that you got it wrong, is quite humbling. But did you actually get it wrong or have circumstances simply changed?

As I sit here filling out kindergarten registration for my son and Child’s Day Out (program that gets children acclimated to the idea of being away from mom and dad, not like preschool, but rather the step before preschool, it is only one day a week for 2-1/2 hours) for our youngest I can’t help but reflect on how much my life is going to change next year. I am going to have 2 children in elementary school! Go figure, I feel like I am just getting this having a 1st grader, preschooler, and toddler thing down and now things are going to change in less than 6 months! Part of me wants to scream’ BUT I DON’T WANNA!!!’ but where would that get me? Denial, that’s where. And while denial can be soothing at times it only delays the inevitable. So I am going to force myself past the all-inviting state of denial and venture towards reality.

priori 002

And the reality is that I need to reevaluate my priorities. I have to be honest; I thought life was going to get so much easier once my kiddos were in elementary school. I mean, hello, they can dress themselves, bathe themselves, help make their lunch, etc. That sounds like a vacation compared to parenting a baby, toddler, and/or preschooler, right!? Wrong!

The truth of the matter is that yes, elementary aged children can do more for themselves with regard to the physical tasks. However they require so much guidance with the remainder of their lives, from homework, to helping make sense of friendships, and everything in-between. And since they are in school all day the only time left are those few hours between after school and bedtime. Of which often include an after school sport or activity, and homework! So you get about a solid hour if you are lucky. And that solid hour is often fragmented between driving to and from activity, dinner preparations, cleaning up before bed, and getting ready for the next day.  And you know what, those really deep questions; they often arise during this fragmented time. If only children would talk and bring up serious questions when it was convenient for us parents, say between 6 and 7pm, how much easier life would be. Can you imagine?  That would be awesome. I could then make it to Book Club, MOPS, Zumba, Dinner with the Gals, Dinner Co-op, Ladies Night Out, and Trivia Night, score! But they don’t. So what is the solution? Be present. Model the life lessons you want your children to learn. Reevaluate Priorities. Which can be really difficult especially for us social butterflies, there I said it!

priori 006

So, in an effort to truly reevaluate my priorities (because, to be honest, this past year after being with a preschooler and toddler all day and 1st grader after school I gladly welcomed a couple of evenings out for book club, dinner co-op, and dinner with the gals)But there isn’t enough days in the week for date night, two ‘me nights’, hubby’s night w/the boys, and still maintain a solid family foundation) and be MORE present now and in the future I have come up with a list of questions that I have been asking myself in order to determine which activities I should invest my time that is away from my family.

I ask myself these questions:

Does it correlate with my morals and values?

Will this have a neutral, positive, or negative influence my life?

Will it have a neutral, positive, or negative influence on the life of my children and husband?

Is it worth the time, the time I put into it, and the time away from my family?

Afterwards will I feel renewed, rested, peaceful and ready to be the best me I can be? Or will this be something that is draining?

Is there a long time commitment?

If after answering all these questions the conclusion is positive I then discuss it with my husband, and we will then see where the activity fits into our family’s schedule. We both firmly believe that family is of utmost priority but that in order to be the best spouse that we can be and parent it is healthy to have a day, evening away. So we have come to the conclusion that we will have no more than one evening a week away from the family. Then the next difficult task, trying to squeeze that evening in-between, the kids’ school of religion, soccer practice/games, t-ball practice/game, kiddos clubs, etc. And I suppose one day I might actually have to come to the realization that maybe a phone call with a friend will have to suffice as my ‘night out’.

One day my children will be grown and out of the house. At that time I will have all the time in the world to join clubs, co-ops, classes, etc. But I will never be able to get this time back, to get my children’s childhood years back. There is no redo.  This is not a dress rehearsal so it is important that we do our best and be the best parents we can be.  And yes, that does mean sacrificing things in the short-term, but oh, the abundance we will have in the long-term will be well worth it!

Did you think life was going to get much easier once your kiddos entered elementary school? How do you determine which activities are worth your time away from your family? Do you have a technique that you have found helpful? Please share.

Sippy Grab KoalaLabels Review and Giveaway (vlog)

“Label it!” was a phrase that my brother, sister, and I heard often when we were growing up. Whether it was a cup, crayons, scissors, bathing suit, underwear, shoes, you name and our mother told us to label it. Which totally make sense coming from a woman who grew up in a family of 9, and 6 of those 9 were brothers, I would have labeled everything too! So when I came across the opportunity to review something with label in the name I simply couldn’t refuse.  In fact, I found myself becoming all nostalgic.

My mind instantly went back to a fond childhood memory, planting flowers with my mom on a warm spring day. Sipping a cool refreshment from my awesome Tupperware Sippy cup.  Then going to sit that Sippy cup on the ground only to find that the adhesive from previous labeling (masking tape with child’s name written in marker) was left behind and the cup was stuck to my hand along with some dirt and what appeared to be a few strands of my hair.  Oh the memories.

Now that I am a mom I have a new-found appreciation for the good old labeling technique, in fact so much so that I actually have a little jingle I often sing to my children. Are you familiar with the song, ‘Put a Ring on it’ ? But in place of ring I state label. (I contemplated singing it for you in the vlog but I will not put you through that torture) It goes like this;

‘Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a label on it

If you liked it, then you shoulda put a label on it

Don’t be mad once you see that he want it

‘Cause if you liked it, then you shoulda put a label on it

Uhh, oh, uhh oh, oh, oh, oh

The funny thing is, in this day and age of iPads, Smart Phones, etc. the technique for labeling Sippy cups has not really evolved at all.  I am still using the same technique my mom used which is why I was excited to have the opportunity to review the Sippy Grab KoalaLabels. So, were they a bust, or brilliant? Find out….

Oh, and I almost forgot, Sippy Grab KoalaLabels also….

  • Can be permanently personalized by simply placing child’s name on label with a sharpie permanent marker, placing label in boiling water for 8-10 minutes, dry, and repeat for best results
  • Are FDA compliant Non-Toxic Material
  • Dishwasher & Microwave safe
  • Makes griping cups much easier
  • Phthalate, Lead, & BPA FREE

Click here for more information.

Now it’s time to celebrate all the magnificent way these little labels make parents and caregivers lives much easier! And what better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway!

Enter to win a package of SippyGrab KoalaLabels by simply….

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Once you have completed all four please post a comment stating you have done so.

Winner will be randomly selected April 1st

For more great giveaways check out….

Disclosure: I was given two Sippy Grab KoalaLabels in order to complete this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Brunch Play Date sampling Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave

A couple of weeks ago we hosted our first EVER Brunch play date. But it wasn’t just any play date Brunch. This play date Brunch was made extra special because we were sampling Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave and all the amazing flavors of agave they offer, including, strawberry, vanilla, maple, and cinnamon!

zumba 013

I was a little apprehensive at first just because I have never hosted a Brunch play date; I mean what kind of toddler does brunch? Then, after contemplating the concept for a while I had a classic Oprah ‘aha moment’, every toddler loves brunch! I mean, let’s face it what do you typically eat at brunch? French toast, waffles, breakfast casseroles, eggs, etc. we’re talking about breakfast food that you can eat with your fingers, who wouldn’t like that?

So the night before our brunch I prepared the French toast bake and breakfast casserole.  The kiddos and I sanitized the toys (vinegar, lemon, and water spray) and we cleaned out the couch, removed the cushions from the couch and vacuumed (I prefer to be traumatized by the random things located, lost, and growing under my cushions and not have my guest endure such a sight to memory).  The morning of the play date we set up the tables, put the food in the oven, and then threw all the crap that I didn’t want anyone to see in the bedrooms and shut the doors (though a clever move, make certain you set the ground rules before doing this…there is nothing worse than just having received numerous complements on the neatness of your home only to have the children expose your dirty secret when they flood the rooms to play).

agave playdate 006

As our guests arrived the toddlers and kiddos played while the casserole and French toast bake cooled on the stove top. Then Brunch was served, or rather they served themselves but you get the gist. I had substituted the Wholesome organic blue agave in place of the sugar in the French toast bake so I was quite eager to bite into it and see if you can actually substitute agave in place of sugar. 

agave playdate 016

agave playdate 018

In hindsight it probably would have been wise to test this method prior to the Brunch but I had so much faith in Wholesome sweeteners that I just knew it was going to be amazing, is what I would love to say but it is rubbish. Truth is I had no idea. So I did what any good host would do, I let my guest take a bite first and then carefully watched their reactions. There were no grim expressions on their faces, perhaps Wholesome sweeteners delivered on taste? But like any control freak I was going to be the judge of that one.

agave playdate 014

agave playdate 012

So I took a bite and booyah went the agave on my taste buds! It tasted just as good, no, better than with the regular sugar. I kid you not. Cooking with agave instead of sugar is easy, it taste as good, if not better, and is low on the glycemic index (it is slowly absorbed into the body thus reducing spikes in blood sugar). Onto the next test, the packets of flavored agave, which the children clearly loved based upon the packets left behind.

agave playdate 021

The maple that I drizzled over a waffle tasted just like maple syrup, the strawberry flavor was the perfect pairing with strawberries and Greek yogurt, and the cinnamon tasted superb over the breakfast casserole. Oh, and the best part, they came in little convenient packets that you can place in your car, purse, diaper bag, etc. I asked the other moms to share their thoughts and they also thought the flavors tasted delicious. The only thing myself and another mom detected was a slight after taste but that might just be because we added too much agave. Each individual’s taste buds are different so I suppose a case of trial and error is in order in order to receive the preferred amount of sweetness. Talking about sweet, isn’t he just the sweetest…he is clearly a fan.

agave playdate 009

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you the best part, Wholesome sweetener organic blue agave is the World’s first Fairtrade agave! Wholesome sweeteners have helped bring clean water, health clinics, and schools to villages in Brazil, Mexico, and Africa. How awesome is that!

Just to review, Wholesome Sweeteners organic blue agave is awesome because:

  • Low on the glycemic index
  • Worlds’ first Fairtrade Agave
  • Convenient, especially in those individually wrapped packet, genius!
  • Can easily be substituted in place of sugar, and use less
  • Flavors taste amazing

But don’t let me be the judge, grab your purse, buy a bottle, and you be the judge!  Or maybe you have tried it, what did you think? Got any great recipes to share?

I would like to send out a special thank you to all the moms that attended the Brunch as well as Moms Meet and Wholesome Sweeteners for allowing us to sample their products.

Disclosure: I was supplied with the package of items illustrated in the photo for sampling purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Bird themed activities for kids! (Free Printouts)

outsidefun 055

Last summer we had the pleasure of observing Robins make a nest in our backyard and the entire family found so much joy watching the baby birds.  The location of the nest was perfect because the backdrop was white so we could see the babies little heads popping up when the momma would bring food.  I was fascinated by how often she had to leave the nest to get food. And to think I thought my kiddos ate a lot, definitely not as much as those baby birds, thus the phrase eating like a bird is quite contradictory. 

The children’s interest in birds has seemed to really increase since our family of Robins flew the nest. They seem to have a heightened awareness of the birds around them and they long to know more. Like little detectives they want to know what chirp belongs to which bird, where the birds are from, what they eat, etc.

So I did what any good mom would do, I Googled it! I Googled, birds indigenous to northwest Ohio, and came upon a fantastic site, Northwest Ohio Nature website.  It has an alphabetical list of all birds indigenous to our area and includes a picture and the bird’s chirp/song.  I decided to limit our research to five birds. We focused on the state bird, the Cardinal, the Robin, Black Capped Chickadee, Red Headed Woodpecker, and House Sparrow.  I also visited the Audubon website and read more in-depth profiles on each bird with our 7-year-old. After the kiddos were introduced to each bird I printed off pictures of each for them to color. 

birds 041

Click here to print off a picture of the Cardinal.

birds 042

Click here to print off the Black Capped Chickadee

Click here for an entire list of Bird coloring pages.

After identifying indigenous birds, reviewing pictures, hearing their songs, printing off pictures, and coloring the pictures we thought it might be fun to try to attract those birds and what better way to attract birds than a bird feeder!!

TP roll bird feeder

What you need:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Peanut butter to spread on toilet paper roll
  • Bird feed
  • String or wire opptional…you can simply place roll right on a twig/branch depending on the size of the tree


Spread peanut butter on toilet paper roll

birds 049

Roll toilet paper with peanut butter in the bird feed.

birds 060

birds 068

Milk Contain Bird Feeder

What you need:

  • Milk container (carton, gallon, you name it!)
  • Bird feed
  • Wire
  • knife


First drink all milk (might require baking brownies, cookies, etc.)

Clean out container  and dry thoroughly.

birds 033

Cut a hole in the container large enough for birds to enter to retrieve food.

Cut two small holes, one on each side of the container in order for it to hang, place wire through so that feeder can hang from branch of tree. (see image below)

Add bird feed

birds 072

Hang bird feeders and enjoy!

birds 075

birds 081

birds 079

Here are a few more great examples of ways to make feeders by recycling…(source: Wild Birds Unlimited children’s presentation) 

birds 045

If you don’t have time or an empty container/toilet paper roll on hand you can always take a field trip to your local park’s nature window. My kiddos find much joy at our local park’s window on wildlife. They like to sit, watch, and listen to the birds and other small critters scurry in front of the windows. But on those extremely cold days when a trip to the park is out of the question we stumbled upon a fun website that has web cams on various bird feeders…..

birdwatch 003

To view The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds, Feeder Watch Cam click here.

Here are a few more bird themed sites we have come across and enjoyed:

Chipper Woods Bird Observatory

Bird Jigsaw Puzzles for preschoolers (online)

Bird Sets, counting, numerical order, number
recognition, order by size, shapes, patterning, dot to dots, categorizing

Happy Bird Watching!

Avon Spa Night and Giveaway!!

Last Friday night I had the most enjoyable and relaxing evening with friends and fellow moms, I hosted an Avon Spa Night!

sand art_spanight 032

The invites read….

As a mom you give, and give, and GIVE! You deserve a break!

You deserve time to unwind and relax, you deserve a Spa Night!

On the menu for the evening:

– Detox & Hydrate Bar: Help yourself to a variety of veggies, sushi, etc. and a few naughty treats at the bar.

– Hand treatments: Sugar scrub, Paraffin dip, and moisturizer lotion.

– Avon Representative Lilly will share some of the great products Avon has for you to enjoy your own personal Spa Nights at home. As well as, some great tips for looking great while under the influence of motherhood.

– Raffle!

– Socializing time and table topics

– Massages: Massage Therapist will be bringing her table and setting up a tranquil retreat for private massages. (Massages are a $1 per minute, massages can vary from 10-45 minutes)

Please come dressed in comfortable lounging clothes. This is a moms only event, no kiddos, we want you to relax.

Added bonus: First 6 moms to RSVP will receive a prize!


Apparently a lot of moms agreed that a Spa Night was the perfect cure for the mommy mayhem because we filled the house with 10 Momma!  (Please note, I and one mom are missing from the photo, she was enjoying her massage…just seemed wrong to interrupt a peaceful massage for a photo-op).

sand art_spanight 052 (2)

Each mom took her turn getting a massage while the remainder enjoyed learning and using a few of the many awesome products Avon offers.  You truly can bring the Spa Experience home with Avon thus saving both time and money, and this party proved it. Here is just one example…

avon_emergencychoc 018

Mani-Pedi with paraffin wax dips at a Spa can cost an up worth of $80.  And you also have to find a babysitter for your kiddos and then work around that sitter’s schedule, exhausting! So, what’s the next best option? Bring the Spa experience home and give yourself a Mani-Pedi with paraffin wax (which can take time to get out, heat up, and clean). And while you may not require a babysitter you will have to walk the fine line between the kiddos falling asleep and you falling asleep. There is nothing worse than red nail polish across the forehead in the morning as you walk your child into school. After you have explained to the umpteenth parent that no, you are not bleeding, it is nail polish, you almost wish your forehead was just bleeding (hypothetically speaking of course)! So what is a mom to do? Go through life with dry cracking hands and feet accompanied by naked nails! NOOO (hands on cheeks, and screaming in astonishment)!! Avon to the rescue!


Paraffin Moisture Treatment Mask! This stuff is A-Mazing! We used it on our hands, placed a warm towel over our hands, a few minutes later, and voila! Beautiful, soft, young-looking hands, like Magic! Talk about convenient and affordable, takes no time compared to getting out the paraffin kit and heating up the wax, and it only cost $6. Hello, I believe this is what they call a no-brainer! Oh, and that nail drying dilemma, solved!

Avon Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel Urban Rush Shades

Speed Dry nail polish! No more having to worry about a scarlet line across the forehead as you drop your kiddos off at school (again, totally hypothetical scenario).  Not only did this party prove that it is much more convenient and practical to have an Avon Spa night at home as opposed to visiting the Spa but I also learned a few tidbits for my morning routine.

avon_emergencychoc 014

Such as, did you know that you should be doing your eye makeup first and then your foundation? I had no idea but it does make sense.  I often get eye shadow powder on my cheeks and sometimes a speck of mascara under my eyes.  It really stinks because I have to wipe it off and begins the process of trying to match the new foundation up with the prior coat. Now I do my eye makeup first and if I get anything on my cheeks I can wipe it clean with the handy makeup remover wipes that I received for hosting, in addition to eye makeup remover. We also had a chance to try out other Avon products. 

sand art_spanight 061

As the night progressed we had a raffle and then in was finally time for my massage. After that massage I was a happy, refreshed, and distressed momma.  It was such a great night! I only wish I could have invited all of you to the party, or at least have gotten everyone’s name into the raffle. What if there was a way? That’s right, giveaway!!

Lilly, the Avon Independent Sales Representative who shared all the amazing products Avon offers wants you to stress less, by saving time and money with the Avon Paraffin Moisture Treatment Mask and a Speed Drying nail polish (click here to see color options for nail polish). How awesome is she?

To Enter:

  1. Like Lilly’s Avon Ind. Sls. Rep. facebook page (please like from your personal facebook page and not a business, for some reason only the personal pages are counting on facebook now)
  2. Like Mom on the go in Holy Toledo facebook page (please like from your personal facebook page and not a business, for some reason only the personal pages are counting on facebook now)
  3. Like Be Well Massage Therapy (please like from your personal facebook page and not a business, for some reason only the personal pages are counting on facebook now)
  4. Once you have completed all three then post a comment stating you have done so.

Winner will be randomly selected March 8th