Where to Grab Coffee in Toledo


Cars are fueled by gasoline and motherhood is fueled by coffee! It’s our BFF when the baby kept us up all night, it’s our companion as we “mom Uber” the entire clan to afterschool activities, it’s our excuse to meet up with other moms, and it’s the slap in the face we need to stay awake on that much needed date night, yep…coffee might just be motherhood’s soul mate! Thankfully there are fueling stations located all over Toledo and the surrounding areas….. Read more

Top Tips For Keeping Your Kids Tech Time Safe

We live in a world where tech is inescapable. It permeates every aspect of our lives, and while we can recall a time when it wasn’t so dominant, our kids are growing up as ‘digital natives’ – a generation that have never known life without a smartphone. Online, things evolve rapidly, so trying to keep up with everything your kids are doing can be tough. And yet we want to know that our children are safe, balancing their screen time with other activities and being kept away from things that could be harmful. So what are some practical steps we can take to ensure this?  Read more

Overdue for a Relaxing “Me” Day? Here Are 4 Ways to Treat Yourself!

This year hasn’t been easy for any of us. With kids back in school, at home or in the classroom, and the holidays fast approaching, that feeling of being overwhelmed hasn’t truly gone away. Never fear: fall is here! This is a great opportunity to spend some time outside, reconnect with family and friends, but most importantly reconnect with yourself. Whether you’ve been on a strict diet, buried in mountains of responsibilities, or just need some “me” time, go ahead and treat yourself. Need some ideas? Try these for starters. Read more

Going The Distance As A Couple When You Are Parents

Nobody tells you how you are going to feel when a baby comes into your life. There is no denying that a baby will change the dynamics of your whole life, but the one thing many overlook is the impact it can have on your relationship or marriage. The truth is, you become so overwhelmed about parenthood that it becomes your number one priority. Nothing wrong with that. But in the same breath, you need to ensure that as a couple you are also taking care of your relationship. Nobody intends for it to end unless there is no other option. However, there are ways you can try and ensure you go the distance, here are some of the things you could try.    Read more

Tips to Organize Your Home for Remote, Virtual, or Hybrid Schooling

Crayons are in the family room, construction paper in the kitchen, glue’s in the basement, and who had the scissors last?  Sound familiar? Before the kiddos’ school district decided to start off the year with remote learning we legit had kids’ school supplies sprawled throughout the house, it drove me insane!  I always said I’d organize it once I found the time, but you know how the saying goes… necessity is the mother of invention, or, in my case, motivation. And nothing motivates a mom quite like knowing all of her kiddos will be starting the school year off at home. So, whether your kiddos are being Home Schooled or doing Remote, Virtual, or Hybrid Schooling here are some great tips to help organize your home for learning!

Read more

Changing From Windows To Mac: Most Common Pain Points

In the 2020s we’re all increasingly reliant on tech. If you’re a Momtrepreneur running her own business, a part-time student juggling your family commitments alongside higher learning, or simply someone who likes to have a computer at home with more capabilities than the average mobile device, you’ve likely had to make the choice of Mac or PC. For years, conventional wisdom (including Apple’s own promotional materials) has led us to believe that a Windows PC is the better choice for business applications, while a Mac is better suited to fun stuff. Remember those “I’m a Mac” “And I’m a PC” ads? They leaned very heavily into that mentality. But in the past decade or so, Apple has become a more ubiquitous presence in our homes and businesses.  Read more

Sauder Village to Host Fiber Arts Fest September 26

Have you ever wondered how a sheep’s wool is transformed into your favorite sweater or warm wooly mittens? To learn more about knitting, spinning, quilting, and other fiber arts, plan a visit to Sauder Village on Saturday, September 26 for the Fiber Arts Fest – a fun-filled, fiber adventure! Read more