Moms Nights Out


As moms and wives we are the one everyone comes to with request, complaints, clean laundry, food, TLC, etc. but what about moms? Where do they go to recharge, to be seen, heard, to have fun? 3 words, Ladies Night Out!!!

Health experts say that maintaining positive relationships with friends should rank right up there with healthy eating and exercising. That being socially engaged leads to more positive emotions and may actually boost your body’s immune system and reduce the physical signs of stress. So, no more excuses! It is time to give the girls a call, and set up a Moms Night Out!!

Needs some ideas?

AXE 419

Axe 419

Phone: 419.351.2102

Address: 9851 Meridian Ct, Rossford, OH 43460


Cost: Walk-in Throwing:

-$20/Hour per Thrower

-No Reservations Required

-Available on a first come, first serve basis

-Available: •Friday 3:30pm-6pm (last start at 5pm)

Sunday 5pm-8pm (last start at 7pm)

(SEE WEBSITE for 2-HOUR Private Lane Rental, Family Nights, & League info)

Food/Beer (Wine and Cocktails):

My Experience….

We arrived & my inner voice came unhinged….what are you thinking?! You can’t throw an axe…you can’t even throw a ball properly! You’re gonna throw the axe in the wrong direction and kill someone, you’re gonna end up on the nightly news, “Local mom blogger kills 3 while attempting to throw axe”.  I managed to silence the dialogue in my mind long enough to sign the waiver & received instruction from their awesome Axe Thrower instructor, (Taylor, you rock!). Then it was time, time to throw some axes! I was about ready to pull a toddler and pee my pants. But I Women-ed Up  and threw & just like that I was transformed….I walked up as a toddler ready to pee myself and I came back as Braveheart “They may take my youth, my flat stomach, bladder control, nights, & money, but my children will not take my FREEDOM!” LOL!

I had an absolute blast & can’t wait to go back!

UPDATE… I’ve been back a few times, I’m officially obsessed w/ axe throwing! I might only hit the bullseye once every 10 throws but it’s still thrilling!

Have you been axe throwing? Are you ready to Women Up & reclaim your FREEDOM? Then give the girls a call and plan your Ladies Night Out at Axe 419 today!


Address: 2059 W Laskey Rd, Toledo, OH 43613

Phone: (419) 567-7100




Native Toledoan and Chef Julie Daunhauer is finally answering the question we have been asking for years, “Where can I take cooking classes in Toledo without enrolling in a college program or certification course?” She offers a variety of courses at various class levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) if you are just looking to take a class (adults are welcomed to bring an adult beverage to enjoy while they cook) or you could set up a private party, checkout the website for more! Foodology supports local businesses and farmers and strives to purchase locally grown food for the cooking classes whenever possible. 



HandleBar Toledo & The Heights 

Imagine it….10 ladies, 2 hours, 1 awesome downtown! Cue the laughter, music, and pedal power!



What is The HandleBar Toledo? It’s a BYOB bar (cup holders provided) that you and 12+ of your closest friends literally pedal, like a bicycle, to make the bar go. It’s so basic, yet so unlike anything you’ve ever done before, you’ve just gotta try it for yourself.

A map is provided with various locations you can pedal to. Your group will have the opportunity to stop off at 3 different locations downtown.  So it’s like 4 mini ‘Ladies’ Nights Out’ in one! You could stop off at….Wesley’s, Ye Old Cock n Bull, The Height…basically any place that your pedal power can take you within the allotted time! Just FYI,  views of Toledo from The Height are gorgeous! (And, yes, I’m totally obsessed with this place).





You will have the best time EVER! It’s both, childlike fun & an invigorating adventure that’s close to home!


Lisa’s Manicure & Pedicure SPA

Address: 4024 North Holland Sylvania Rd Toledo 43623

Phone: 419-517-0092


Imagine an evening of relaxation….sitting in the massaging chair, feet soaking in the warm water, sipping wine, snacking on munchies, and enjoying fabulous conversations with friends. Yep, Lisa can make that happen! I am a fan of Lisa’s because it is an all-natural/green nail salon so you don’t have to worry about any ridiculous fumes giving you a headache. You can rent the space after hours for a Moms Night Out to remember!! Click on link above for more deets and contact Lisa so you can get your MNO in the books asap!

MNOBLOGmonsnight 008

Mon Ami Winery 

It’s like a magic potion! It boosts the immune system, increases bone density, contains antioxidants, reduces your risk of stroke & heart disease, helps lower cholesterol, reduce risk of type 2 diabetes & cancer, it improves cognitive function, but most importantly it ensures moms don’t officially make the transition to full on Cruella de Vil status! The benefits of wine are vast, but what about those vines?

Warning, what you are about to read may blow your mind!

Did you know Ohio is home to more than 280 wineries?! That’s 950 acres of vineyards & over a million gallons of wine produced here each year, making Ohio the sixth largest wine producing state in the country. Mind officially blown, right?!

And what better way to bring attention to all of Ohio’s amazing wineries than by devoting an entire month to celebrate them! So what are you waiting for? Plan a Ladies Night/Day Out at the Winery today!

How to get started:

1-Order or download FREE wine Tools



2- Select a handful of the coolest ladies you know

3-Decide on a winery, or 3 to visit…a Ladies Weekend is always an option 😉

4- Set Date

5- Take Flight!

Our Ladies Night Out at Mon Ami Winery


Mon Ami Winery

Address: 3845 E. Wine Cellar Rd. Port Clinton OH, 43452

Phone: 419-797-4445


Cost: Wine Tasting Flight is $5 for 4 or $1.50 per single taste






Phone: (419) 537-1212


sandpiper 010

I planned a Ladies Night Out back in August on the Sandpiper, specifically, the Dinner Cruise. It was such a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We were allowed to bring wine, and I did, but the river and cruise was intoxicating enough, I never did open my bottle of Sangria. Thus, if you are in the mood for a “chill” evening out with the girls than a cruise down the Maumee River is perfect! There are a variety of options to choose from, CLICK HERE to see the schedule.

sandpiper 002

sandpiper 003

sandpiper 074


Address: 5380 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623

Phone: (419) 283-2484


Full disclosure; I was a tad nervous the first time I did this because I was afraid of everyone seeing my canvas and the fact that I was a total novice, a.k.a. clueless! Haha! My worries were quickly put at ease when the instructor explained that she would be giving us a step-by-step instruction, score! And the glass of wine didn’t hurt. Lol! That’s right; you are more than welcome to bring your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy while creating your gorgeous masterpiece! They offer a nice variety of painting to select from, view the calendar on the website (link above).


The Taste Wine Bar & Paint Event

Processed With Darkroom
Processed With Darkroom

The Taste Wine Bar was established as place to feel comfortable where people would not feel intimidated to order or buy wine. A place where you could casually try a variety of wines at your own pace. 20 wines to choose from, YES 20 !  Pour a taste, half or full glass at a time.  From Moscato to Cabernet Sauvignon, there is a wine for everyone and a risk free way of finding your new favorite.

Introducing Wine Stations!

There are two ways to enjoy wine.

  1. Open a bar tab to receive a smart card to be used at our wine stations, then just pay your tab at the end of your experience.
  2. Prepay one of our smart cards and use it like a gift card. You can even take the smart card home and use it next time you come in.

Processed With Darkroom

Processed With Darkroom
Processed With Darkroom

Address: 6801 Central Ave suite c, Toledo, OH 43617

Phone: (419) 517-0515


Processed With DarkroomProcessed With Darkroom


Uncork the Artist can come to your event!! 

The evening started with a fun little game that got the ladies mingling.  Everyone had an index card pinned to their back with a name of a popular chick flick written on it. The object of the game was to mingle around the room and ask others yes or no questions in order to receive clues to help solve the mystery of the movie title pinned on their back. The titles included, The Notebook, Thelma & Louise, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, You’ve got Mail, etc. And the best part, the winner received a prize!

ladiesnightout11_15 019

Then everyone grabbed refreshments and the lovely Tricia shared this new, awesome, trendy meets classic jewelry line KEEP Collective.

ladiesnightout11_15 006

ladiesnightout11_15 010

ladiesnightout11_15 024

I was so impressed with both the style and quality of this personalized jewelry.  The concept of KEEP is so simple.  You pick a bracelet or necklace (she called them Keepers), and then you slide charms (she called them Keys) on that represent the “things” that matter to you — family, faith, friendship, hobbies, etc.  I am always on the lookout for awesome, quality, customizable gifts and KEEP Collective is PERFECT!! 

ladiesnightout11_15 004

ladiesnightout11_15 025

And you won’t be able to resist designing something for yourself, too. She has some great ideas on a beautiful Mom Bracelet that is so different than what you’ve seen before.  (So, tell your husbands to call Trish!  Trust me; you will thank me for that tip!)  You can place an order anytime through this link: 


After our love affair with KEEP Collective I had a little surprise for the ladies, a pop quiz on chocolate, Ireland, and even a few random questions. And I do believe I stumped them on a few, the winner, the person with the highest score, which was 8/12 won one of the beautiful painted wine glass samples that Uncork the Artist provided.  Which transitioned us into the final event that evening, we painted wine glasses!!

ladiesnightout11_15 039

Let me tell you, painting a wine glass is much harder than it looks! But it was a challenge the ladies happily accepted and nearly all accelerated their skill (I was not one of them, lol!) we have some very talented artist in the bunch, check these out…..

ladiesnightout11_15 051

ladiesnightout11_15 050

ladiesnightout11_15 049

ladiesnightout11_15 052

ladiesnightout11_15 053

And the cherry on this legendary ladies night out sundae, we each received massages throughout the evening by the beautiful Joy at Rey Sunshine Massage

ladiesnightout11_15 030

I left feeling so refreshed, rejuvenated, and so blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing ladies!