Regretting Parenthood is a Thing

Is it normal to regret having a baby, children? Am I allowed to feel regret?

I came across this topic and it made my momma heart sink. Initially I thought of all those women longing to be mothers and dealing with their own infertility struggles and how they would long to simply hold a baby in their arms. And then I considered the pressure put on women by society and our culture. The pressure to have and do it all, have the career, have the baby, get the promotions, raise children, have the social status, be on all the committees, etc. And the immense pressure “at-home” moms receive, since they’re at home they should be able to do it all, the laundry, dishes, all the household work, raise the kids, and there’s this added pressure, “at-home mom guilt”, that they should be the ones volunteering for everything, after all, they don’t

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Have you been BOO-ed?

Door bell rings, dog barks, you rush to the door & no one! Are you the victim of ding-dong ditch? Nope. An adorable black & orang jack-o-lantern bucket full of Halloween tricks & treats is on your front-door step, you’ve been BOO-ed! BOO-ing neighbors has quickly become a fun Halloween tradition that has expanded into the workplace and with close friends & family. Read more

Improving Your Family Finances- Tips For Getting Back Into The Black

Money worries are among the most common causes of stress for US adults. 2020 has been a tough year for many, and financial pressures are affecting many households. If you’re looking for ways to improve your family finances, this guide contains tips and tricks to help you get back into the black. 

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3 Ways To Take Your Backyard To The Next Level

Everyone has been staying home a lot more often. From mandated lockdowns to social distancing measures, homes have become more vital than ever before for the safety and security of you and your family. However, with work, school and social activities all moved inside the home, sometimes getting outside is a must to give you a change of pace and scenery. Backyards have also become increasingly more popular, and people are investing in an outdoor conversation seating set to better utilize their yards. However, on top of outdoor seating, here are three ways you can spruce up your backyard. 

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Ohio Fall Colors at Holden Arboretum and Stickwork

Holden Arboretum is a safe haven, a reminder that there is endless and abundant beauty in this world, it’s a place where your soul can relax and your inner child can play. And after our visit back on the 11th of August, when we stumbled upon dozens of individuals playing with sticks we couldn’t wait to return to see what they were creating! And of course we wanted to experience the Canopy Walk and Emergent Tower during one of the most beautiful seasons in the Midwest. It is my hope that these images and our experience brighten your day and hopefully inspire you to visit this living, ever evolving, and beautiful outdoor museum with your family. 

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5 Ways That An Attorney Can Help You

Going through any kind of dispute can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, especially if it’s a legal matter. As the law can be confusing and complicated, there are times when you may need to reach out to an attorney for legal advice and their expertise and knowledge can help relieve some of the stress. 

Although it’s not mandatory in certain states for you to have legal representation, legal matters should not be taken lightly. So if you are going through a dispute, here are some of the ways that an attorney can help you.

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Tip for Sharing a Bathroom with Tweens & Teens

Is entering your tub/shower a great balancing act, trying effortlessly not to set off the domino effect of toiletries tossed haphazardly in all the corners, nooks and crannies? Have you ever accidentally grabbed the wrong body wash amidst all the chaos? Nothing worse than your husband going to work smelling like strawberry shortcake or you reeking of  Axe body wash! The insanity ends today! 

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The Monthly Expenses That You’re Probably Paying Too Much For

One of the things about monthly expenses is that we usually don’t consider them a major expense. Instead, we think of them as necessary expenses, especially when it comes to things like the bills or entertainment subscription services. In fact, some subscriptions and monthly expenses can be relatively inexpensive. This means we might find ourselves neglecting to consider them as expensive, especially if it’s something as low as $5 a month.

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