5 Tips for Healthy After School Snacks

Omg! I drop off little, sweet, Angels at school in the morning & come 3:30pm I’m picking up cranky, hangry, feral animals! Like seriously, as soon as we step foot ...

Mom Tribes: Why you NEED them & where you can find your Toledo Mom Tribe

It was a stifling July afternoon. My 3 year old and 2 year old were bickering over the same toy for the third time in an hour. I was suffering ...

University of Michigan’s Museum of Natural History

University of Michigan’s Museum of Natural History is officially in its new home & OPEN! We have been dying to see it! We finally did! Check it….   This prehistoric ...

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Babysitters Club & Pop Rocks to Dick Pics?! Generation Xennial Kids

Babysitters Club & Pop Rocks to Dick Pics?! Generation Xennial Kids If being gender neutral is so important why do people have gender reveal parties? Do I call the boy in class, who is now a girl, “he”, “she”, “you”, if I get it wrong I’ll forever be called a bigot? What’s catfishing? Can I […]

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Life is a Highway at TMA FREE on Thursdays

Thursdays just got a whole lot thriftier at the Toledo Museum of Art! Looking for something fun to do with the kiddos, the family, a night out with the gals, or a date night, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? The Toledo Museum of Art has you covered! Toledo Museum of Art is […]

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Airstream Tour, J. Marie’s Wood-Fired Kitchen, & MORE!

Ya know how the fam totally gets stoked for a road trip, but you end up hitting the road late, & suddenly once you arrive everyone gets hangry? Yup, that’s what happened! Lol! Thankfully we stumbled upon this AWESOME restaurant! OMG! I was blown away by this restaurant. It’s not your typical small town greasy […]

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Blue Heron Bay Splash Park

Blue Heron Bay Splash Park Why hit up just one splash pad when you can visit an entire Splash Park!! If sunny with a chance of splash is in your forecast then Blue Heron Splash Park is the place to be! The park comes complete with a toddler zone, family zone, slides for the older […]

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How to Throw an Epic Tween Boy House Birthday Party

Not to brag, but, the words Epic and Legendary did get tossed around! But I’m getting ahead of myself. So, a few weeks back I asked my son what he wanted to do for his 12th b-day party.  Two eye rolls and one exhale of disgust later he replied, “I don’t know…nothing too babyish, no […]

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Defiance Ohio FREE Splash Pad

Safe, Fun, & FREE! This Splash Pad checks all the boxes! Located at Bronson Park which is roughly 45-50 minutes away from Toledo, the Defiance Splash Pad is a mom’s dream comes true! You can bring in food, the equipment accommodates an entire family (baby-adult), and you can sunbathe or chill in the shade! The […]

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Gals, grab a glass! June is Ohio Winery month Celebrate w/a Ladies Night Out

It’s like a magic potion! It boosts the immune system, increases bone density, contains antioxidants, reduces your risk of stroke & heart disease, helps lower cholesterol, reduce risk of type 2 diabetes & cancer, it improves cognitive function, but most importantly it ensures moms don’t officially make the transition to full on Cruella de Vil […]

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Splash Pads, Waterparks, & Pools Guide for Toledo

Temps are rising, days are getting longer, & school is officially out for the SUMMER!! Let the summer fun begin! Grab the sunblock, beach towels, and snacks and get the kids to a splash pad, waterpark, or pool, STAT! Where to go? Here’s a guide of some local and surrounding areas pools, splash parks, and […]

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FREE Kid-Friendly Summer of 2019 Activities in Toledo

Grab your calendars & tag your friends, mommas! Here’s this year’s list of fun, free, kid-friendly activities going on this Summer in Toledo & surrounding area!    FOSSIL PARK Fossil hunting pit is opens for the Season!! Travel back in time 375-million-years ago when Northwest Ohio was a great sea teeming with life.  Bring a […]

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Summer 2019 $1 Movies Schedule & Coupon

This is definitely one for the Summer 2019 Bucket List!! Whether it’s your first time seeing a movie, or your 103rd, nothing beats the experience of the BIG screen! Well, maybe one thing, the cost! Cinemark’s Summer Movie Clubhouse deal is amazing, $1 for each movie, or $5 for all 10 movies. And since Clubhouse […]

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