5 Ways You Can Plan For Christmas Right Now

If you get an early start on your Christmas preparations, you can save yourself a lot of stress throughout the holiday season. To have everything in order by the time the winter holidays roll around requires only a little bit of attention each month.

The sensation of being pressured to get everything done in time for Christmas is a common contributor to people’s stress levels. You have parties to attend, presents to purchase, a house to decorate, food to prepare, and a whole host of other things to do.

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Sincerely, Overwhelmed Mom

In between unloading the car from our first Costco trip (yes, there were two that day), texting/calling peeps, and finally getting lunch on the table for the kiddos (at 2pm…yep, I am totally mom of the year!), I went to the mailbox and was greeted by this little gem….

 rollinghills 040

Instantly that song, Under Pressure by Queen (but everyone confuses with Vanilla Ice’s,  Ice ice Baby) began playing in my head.  While all the ‘to do’s whirled around in my mind…son’s b-day party, dentist appointments, pack for vacation, purchase food for vacation, new book bags, school supplies, school clothes, school shoes, officially register son for kindergarten after dentist appointment, haircuts, get daughter’s Little Flower Girls’ club started, make doctor’s appointment for toddler, etc. No! There is no way school is starting soon.  We still have so much to do, places to go, friends and family to visit and entertain, etc.  DENIAL, check!

I feel like I have been playing catch-up all summer and I really don’t even know why. So much so that our son’s b-day was over a month ago and we finally had his b-day party last night…better late than never, right!?

maxparty 012

It gets better. Our toddler’s b-day is in 2 weeks. Yep, looks like we will be pushing that party back too. You know life is becoming too overwhelming when you find yourself changing the dates of your children’s birthday. I thought things were supposed to get easier as they got older and were sleeping through the night, potty trained, and using utensils…wrong!

I guess all those older and wiser mommas were right, it never gets easier only different. And different is good…albeit overwhelming at times…but good no less.  I suppose it is all about overcoming our shortcomings and enjoying the journey. I know I enjoyed quality time with my son today playing with all his b-day gifts together. Maybe motherhood is all about finding balance and being able to place that overwhelming sense of pressure to get everything done on the back-burner in order to enjoy what really matters…legos, lol!

legos 002

Anyone else out there feeling a tad overwhelmed this time of year with back to school requirements looming in the immediate future?

Anyone have a good strategy they wouldn’t mind sharing when it comes to back to school shopping? I am all ears!

Anyone else ever lost track of time and fed their child/children lunch at 2pm?

Please share…this is a judgment free zone.


Overwhelmed Mom