Momup Monday! Taking a Child to the Emergency Room

Rice Krispies mess!! I needed those!!

Mama’s to do List:

  • Laundry (praying clothes dry in time for school)
  • Morning Drop off
  • Doctor’s Appointment for our Toddler
  • Purchase Christmas tree lights (planned on decorating the tree last night but we had a few stands of lights out, kiddos were terribly disappointed)
  • Get prescription for our Toddler
  • Clean up box of Rice Krisipies that were spilt in the Family Room by our Toddler two minutes before leaving this morning!
  • Lunch
  • Quiet time
  • Momup! Thank you God, it has been a crazy weekend (and morning) and it is nice to sit
  • Pickup from School
  • Looks like I will be off to the store to purchase a new box of Rice Krispies Cereal and Crunch bars (hubby and kiddos got into the Crunch bars I sat aside for my daughter’s Girl Scout b-day treat).  That reminds me, they are also having their thanksgiving party, I need to grabs some sweet potatoes to make sweet potato sticks, the Thanksgiving festivities aren’t over yet.

Momup! Topic: Taking a Child to the Emergency Room

When I was a child I would go with my mom to the emergency room whenever a family member was hurt or ill and it never affected me.  We would sit and wait to hear what the doctor had to say and I saw it as an opportunity to watch television and each junk food.  My how things change when it is your baby at the Emergency room.

I can remember our first trip to the emergency room like it was yesterday.  It was three years ago and our family was getting ready to go to the apple orchard to pick apples and enjoy the fall festivities. We were about ten minutes from leaving the house when my son, who was 15 months at the time, started to shake the gate at the bottom of our stairs.  Since we have wrought iron handrails we have to put the gate on the second step from the floor so that it latches properly.  So there he was on the second step shaking the gate like it was a Piñata and if he kept shaking it maybe candy would fall out. Well, something definitely fell but it wasn’t candy.  The gate gave and he fell backwards, the gate went with him, and he landed on the wooden rocking horse which should have been anywhere but there.  I came running over to him as soon as I heard the thud and the loud cry that followed.  As I got closer I realized there was blood.  My heart started racing, I did my best to maintain my composure.  I called up to my husband and said it looks bad.  We grabbed our daughter and headed to the emergency room.  As soon as we walked into the room and the nurse started asking 20 questions I could feel my body physically starting to become ill.  I thought I was going to faint, what was wrong with me?

A day later he was back to himself which kept mommy on her toes.

He ended up receiving two staples in his head and it healed nicely and he has since decided he can fly and his attempt resulted in super glue on the other side of the head, boys!?!   What really concerned me was the way I reacted once in the Emergency room.  I was so disappointed in myself; I am usually cool as a cucumber under pressure and hardly, if ever panic, what was my deal? I chalked it up to nerves; it was the first time one of my children has been in the hospital (excluding birth).  I thought for sure, if something like this happens again I am going to be the levelheaded mom, I will be able to mentally and physically stand whatever circumstance may come my way. NOT!!!

Minutes before the incident she is wearing a Brutus buckeye hat.

After hosting our daughter’s birthday gatherings and party and hosting our first Thanksgiving we were looking forward to a relaxing Saturday. We went over to my Aunt and Uncle’s to watch the Ohio State vs. Michigan game (when you live this close to the state-line it can get ugly, but it is also a lot of fun).  So, we were at the party, our toddler was having fun visiting and then we decided we should sit down to eat. She ate a bowl full of fruit and within seconds she started to shake, her lips turned blue, her temperature rose, and she became extremely lethargic. As I held her I had the mommy instinct that something was not right. Thankfully there were nurses there and they agreed. So my husband and I took off for the ER without a second thought.  Once there I became the babbling idiot again. The receptionist asked me my daughter date of birth and I gave her my daughter due date; which was wrong, she was late.  I gave her my name, and not my daughters, I had a hard time focusing. Thankfully my hubby got back from parking the car and had a clear mind and fixed everything I stated.  Then it was off to the little room where we waited to see the doctor.  Once I sat down in that little room I instantly had physical reactions.  I was hot, I felt faint, and I thought I was going to throw-up. I remember telling myself to get it together; this was not happening again, I needed to be there for my baby. But nothing worked; I had to go outside for some fresh air.  I thanked God for my husband who was able to be the rock in this situation.

I still cannot figure out what my deal is when it comes to my own children and the ER.  Is it because the bond a mother has with her child is so strong? Is that why I become a babbling idiot and physically ill?  How on earth did Mary manage? I myself tried giving all my worries to God but in this particular case it was not working.

Have you ever experienced a similar situation? How did you handle it? Were you the cool as a cumber mom or did you fall to pieces?

4 thoughts on “Momup Monday! Taking a Child to the Emergency Room

  • Haven’t had to take one to the ER, yet – knock on wood! Pretty sure I will be a bumbling idiot if that happens. Pretty sure that is normal and the nurses understand.
    I like the story of him thinking he could fly afterwards – boys!

  • i did kristin was jumping on the bed at 1 years old and i was putting away her toys and just as i said don’t jump or you will fall off the bed she fell onto the edge of my desk and cut her cheek very close to her eye it was bleeding and i ran to pick her up and held her tight running down stairs and then placed her on the sink and got the first aid kit i took cpr and first aid training after i start nursing school online so i remember all that first i look at it then i got out the compress and put some pressure on the cut to stop the bleeding and then i looked to see what the cut looked like i checked her eye to make sure it was not red or cut or damaged and thenlooked to see how deep it was so i told her to hold the compress and mommy had to take her bye bye and we when to the er they didn’t need stiches they just did butterfly tape bandages but it’s better knowing then not caring and needing it …

    and then with my new born at the time nephew he was at my house because i was watching him he had been sick and just getting over it but as soon as his mommy left he had just woke up and i was holding him of course and playing then i see the way he was breathing and it was not normal i called my sister told her i was taking lucas to the er and for her to leave school and meet me at toledo hospital as soon as we get there they gave him a breathing test and he failed it he was not talking in enough air so they gave him a mask and and breathing treatment and kept him for a week in the hospital we later found out he had RSV i think that the word for it but they both were very scary and i broke down but after in the car i was always told that if you show your baby your scared that it makes them very scared but you did what was right you followed what your mom instinct said and saved your babies and that is all that matters yes every mommy wants there baby to never be hurt i know i would take all the hurts away from my baby and family for that matter too it just being a mommy and a great one at that

    • Kristin and your nephew were very fortunate to have you there and I agree that motherly gut- instinct is definitely something we should follow. Your right, if mommy illustrates fear the child can read it and mimic the same emotions. It can just be so difficult, as the mommy to see your child in such a vulnerable situation. Thank you for your words or encouragement and keep watching over the kiddos in your life, they are blessed to have you watching over them.

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