Teaching children to graciously receive gifts

Teaching children to graciously receive gifts

It is inevitable that somewhere along your Christmas celebration journeys your child will receive something they do not like, they do not understand, or a duplicate. As moms we try our best to prepare our children for gracious gift acceptance prior to the guests arrival or arriving at the individual’s home who is hosting the gift exchange/Christmas celebration.

The classic mommy preparation involves trying to address all possible scenarios for various angles, as if we are preparing a politician for a press conference, tricky business. And no matter how much time or effort goes into your preparations you still find yourself starting to sweat a little once your little one begins to open their gifts. You even find yourself praying that they do not receive that particular toy that you have been ranting about for weeks every time the commercial comes on or you see it in the stores. You were partially impressed when your child had your rant down to a tee but now you realize that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to vocalize your opinion repeatedly.

So, for this Momup! Monday I am posting a few humorous clips of children receiving Christmas gifts and asking you to please share your stories and how you prepare your children to graciously receive gifts.

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