There is a place for everything, now just make certain everything is in its place.

After Christmas the real fun begins, the process of finding a location to store each and every single item the children received.

Everything that comes into the house must have a home; this is a huge rule in our house.  If each and every little small thing that entered our house was just tossed somewhere our home would be clutter central and the chaos would soon follow.  In order for every single item that enters your house to have a specific home you must have the necessary storage and this all begins with your furniture.

As an interior designer I have much respect for the craftsmanship of furniture design.  The line, form, symmetry, etc. of a fine piece of furniture is easy on the eyes however as a mother I find myself always looking for the functionality of a furniture piece.   If a furniture piece is not capable of storing something I no longer see a purpose for it in my home.

Reassess your furniture, is it working for you? Can you store objects inside, on top of?

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in my home is my bench in our living room (similar to the one in the image).  The finish matches the décor, it has comfortable leather padding for guest to sit on, and the best part, it has drawers and baskets that are currently filled with our linens, winter gloves, scarves, and hats, and a basket for mommy’s planner.


While it can be difficult to locate the perfect piece that meets the aesthetic and functional needs of your interior and your growing family, space can also play a factor.



If per chance new furniture isn’t in your budget or perhaps you have already purchased all the furniture your family requires the next location that can be organized for storage are the closets. This includes the linen closet, pantry, bedroom closets, and front closet.



My closet is the same size as this closet and I am working on organizing it so that it resembles this image. At this rate by the time the children leave for college my closet should be complete.


I highly recommend removing closet doors when you have a long shallow closet and it encourages children to keep the space organized since it is visible at all times.


Once you no longer have storage available in the furniture pieces, closets, or shelves you need to become a little bit more creative. You can even have fun with it.


I want this for under my basement stairs, PLEASE!!! Talk about organized storage space and utilizing all means for storage, this is this girls dream come true.


Here is a creative way to maximize storage in a laundry room.


These are so much fun for a child’s room.


So, the next time your little one comes home with goodies from a party, gifts from their own party, clothing from grandma, etc. remember to express the importance of finding a home for each and every item that enters the house.  This will keep the home clean and also keep you from losing your mind because everything will be in its place, no more searching the house for random objects again.  That goes for the children as well, if they lose an item simply give them a gentle reminder that if it was in its place it would not be lost and they are in charge of their material things.  Failure to place your items where they belong doesn’t constitute an emergency on mommy’s part.

Do you have a similar rule in your home? Do you have a special item in your home that helps keep you organized? What is your favorite piece of furniture and why?

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