Thankful Thursday: That’s not mud, a new kind of mommy guilt, and having it all!

As I stand here cleaning dirty diapers I find myself reflecting on this morning and desperately trying to recall all the make that, any thankful moments. It is kind of like grasping at straws at this point.

Run down of this morning….

I guess it all started last night. Our toddler, once again, got up and refused to return to her crib. I have no idea what is going on, she is to young for bad dreams and she has never had the privilege of sleeping in a different crib so it can’t be chronic crib envy (phew, we can cross that off the list). For those of you who have not experienced, or are not familiar with the term I provided the definition below;

Definition of Chronic Crib envy – baby or toddler becomes accustom to sleeping in a crib that is not their own.  Perhaps the babysitter or grandparent has a comfortable crib they prefer but since they can not speak you have no idea. The result, they fall asleep in their own crib then roll over and awake horrified by the fact that they are not in the cozy crib they prefer but rather their own uncomfortable one.

Now here is a crib to envy…checkout more at Posh tots.

So, once again she was in our bed. And sometime during the night another child was added to the mix because when I woke up our toddler was desperately grasping at my neck, the cat was sleeping on my head, and there was two additional legs kicking my torso, talk about a great night sleep. You know how those famous people are always talking about their Sleep Numbers. Well, my sleep number, is 3-1/2 or what I call maximum capacity, that breaks down to, two adults, one animal, and and child under 4 feet tall.

My personal preference is to not be choked, kicked, or sat on while I sleep. Is that asking too much?


So I managed to free myself from all the people and animal in my bed and make my way downstairs to start breakfast. After everyone is fed it is time to get teeth brushed, get dressed, and then do the girls’ hair. Little did I know that I would be in for so much more than the occasional “ouch”, I would be introduced to an entirely new concept of mommy guilt.

This site has awesome ideas for hair.

My daughter requested a braid in her hair this morning and while most moms might think this is a small task I am here to clarify, it is not.  First I must make my expectations clear, so I ask that she stand straight, gently place her head where I need it to stay for the next two minutes, and ask her to not put her hands on her face. So, what does she do?  She puts her hands on her face, slouches, and starts bending her knees.  I then repeat my expectations and explain the consequence of not following my directions, which is no braid.  She then informs me that a friend in her class gets two braids and she would like two braids. To which I reply, “maybe tomorrow, we do not have time today”.  Then she went somewhere we have never been before, she expressed “But Amanda’s (name has been changed to protect the innocent) mom has time to do her hair”, ouch, really, the mommy jugular.  Now, I am definitely familiar with the self-inflicted Mommy guilt but having my child inflict it was an unfamiliar pain. I didn’t know what to say, I panicked, and pulled the number of children card. I asked her if Amanda had brothers and sisters.  She quickly expressed no. And there you have it folks, mommy comes out on top with the old number of children card!!! As I finished her braid and she made her way down the stair to put on her shoes she added, “Oh, no wait, she has two brothers and two sisters”.  Really!?!  In my mind I replied, ” well, she sounds like a lovely mom maybe you shouldgo live with her” (but I am the adult in this situation so I did not say this outloud, God did hear it though, I think I need to go to confession). At this point I added a note to self, figure out how many siblings Amanda has and how the heck she get her daughter to sit still long enough for two braids. I wonder if bribery is involved.

That is not mud, or my dog for that matter but it gets the point across.

Once downstairs I noticed dog paw prints all over the house. It rained last night and is still raining today, so mud happens but I prefer that it doesn’t happen throughout my home.  Then a non appealing aroma started to linger throughout. NO!?! Could it be that the dog did not track mud throughout the house but instead, poop!?! Yup!  So I request that all kiddos step around or over the paw prints as they proceed to the door.

We divided and conquered today. My hubby took my son to preschool and I took our daughter to Kindergarten (different schools/building but they begin at the same time).  Once home I had to rush downstairs to clean diapers because I put the last clean one on her this morning. And so here I am cleaning diapers and contemplating what I am thankful for today.

Then it dawns on me, I am thankful for all of it, everything!   I am thankful for the fact that I have a little toddler to keep me up at night, a preschooler who infringes upon my quality of sleep, a kindergartener who made me a mommy which also gave birth to mommy guilt, a cat that sleeps on my head, dog that tracks poop throughout the house (well I could do without the poop, it is just not sanitary, but you get my point), and a house for that dog to track poop throughout.  But most importantly I am thankful for my hubby, my partner in lives journeys and that God has blessed me with so much.

What are you thankful for today?

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