Oak Openings Metropark, a wonder to behold!

Trip Advisor has it listed as #8 or 80 things to do in Toledo and I could not agree more! It is home to “the Spot” which has earned quite a reputation amongst Insta-grammers from all over Ohio as well as photographers from Michigan, Washington, D.C., New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Minnesota, California, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  With its sand dunes, bike trails, Tornado Alley, Mallard Lake, campgrounds, Horse trails, picnic areas, etc. it’s the Disney World of Metroparks with endless beauty everywhere you turn just waiting to be explored!







The playground is endless fun carefully constructed as to not deter from the natural beauty of the space. It is a camouflage of make-believe full of adventure!










The Zipline is the best…







Address: 4139 Girdham Rd, Toledo, OH 43558-9667

Phone: 419-826-6463

Website: https://metroparkstoledo.com/discover/blog/parkblog/?park=Oak+Openings&parkId=1765





Do take the time out of your busy week to get outside yourself and explore the wonder that is Oak Openings Metropark!


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