Axe 419 Ladies Night Out

Two words! Worth it!! Moms, we all know we need some time away from the obligations and responsibilities of motherhood. We need to regroup, decompress, & remember that we’re more than nose & butt wipers. And yes, Karen, we know we need to put our oxygen masks on first! If I hear that analogy ONE MORE TIME!! Lol! But let’s be honest, going out is a LOT of work. First & foremost you need to snag a sitter, make dinner for kids, write bedtime instructions, sit everything out for the next day so you don’t hate yourself in the morning, & finally, make yourself look presentable…that might be a reach, put a bra on.  Going out can also cost a lot of money. We’re talking having to sacrifice your Grande Frappe Latte for a few weeks kinda money!  And, finally after all that work, all those days of pretending to enjoy your new coffee & ice cream concoction, losing a lifelong friendship because you stole her babysitter, & wearing an uncomfortable bra ALL night, you arrive home and go straight to the fridge to slurp up your sorrows in the butter pecan coffee carafe. Moms Night Out Remorse is a real thing, it’s like buyer’s remorse only worse because not only are you out the money, but also the time! That’s why I’m happy to announce that there is a Ladies Night Out destination that has been given the Mom on the go in Holy Toledo seal of approval, WORTH IT!!

Axe 419

Phone: 419.351.2102

Address: 9851 Meridian Ct, Rossford, OH 43460


Cost: Walk-in Throwing: 

-$30/Hour per Thrower

-Reservations Required book online (up to 10 people)

Available on a first come, first serve basis

-Available: •Friday 3:30pm-6pm (last start at 5pm)

Sunday 5pm-8pm (last start at 7pm)

(SEE WEBSITE for 2-HOUR Private Lane Rental, Family Nights, & League info)

Food/Beer (Wine and Cocktails):


My Experience….

We arrived & my inner voice came unhinged….what are you thinking?! You can’t throw an axe…you can’t even throw a ball properly! You’re gonna throw the axe in the wrong direction and kill someone, you’re gonna end up on the nightly news, “Local mom blogger kills 3 while attempting to throw axe”.  I managed to silence the dialogue in my mind long enough to sign the waiver & received instruction from their awesome Axe Thrower instructor, (Taylor, you rock!). Then it was time, time to throw some axes! I was about ready to pull a toddler and pee my pants. But I Women-ed Up  and threw & just like that I was transformed….I walked up as a toddler ready to pee myself and I came back as Braveheart “They may take my youth, my flat stomach, bladder control, nights, & money, but my children will not take my FREEDOM!” LOL!

I had an absolute blast & can’t wait to go back!

UPDATE… I’ve been back a few times, I’m officially obsessed w/ axe throwing! I might only hit the bullseye once every 10 throws but it’s still thrilling!

Have you been axe throwing? Are you ready to Women Up & reclaim your FREEDOM? Then give the girls a call and plan your Ladies Night Out at Axe 419 today!


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