County Farm Park & Playground

Close Google Classroom, logout of Zoom, shut off your computers, &, UNPLUG! Unplug, unwind, and get lost in the great outdoors, for it is in losing oneself in nature that you’ll be reconnected with your soul.  And there’s no place more relaxing to get lost in the great outdoors than Pure Michigan!  Which was precisely what we did…we grabbed our walking shoes, water bottles, packed a picnic, and hit the road in hopes of leaving the stress of life behind and getting lost in the simplicity, comfort, and beauty of nature. Our destination, 141 acres of Pure Michigan trails, gardens, playgrounds, etc. at County Farm Park! 



County Farm Park 

Address: 2230 Platt Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Phone: (734) 971-6337

Hours: Daily 6AM-9PM


Amenities: Clean restrooms, picnic tables, shelter area with picnic tables, playground 

Brief History 

The land was bought from Claudius Britton in 1836 for $1200. A poor house and insane asylum was built in 1837 and used until 1917 when a brick hospital was constructed and named the Washtenaw Infirmary. The infirmary stood until 1967 when it was ordered to be closed or modernized. In 1972, the infirmary was vacated (and eventually razed) and the site began transitioning to parkland with the creation of community gardens, and over the next couple decades various trails and a perennial garden were created.Since 2000, the park has experienced significant ecological restoration efforts, including the removal of invasive plants, prairie restoration, and the creation of a wet meadow.  (Source)


County Farm Park is 141 acres of woodlands, gorgeous fields of wildflowers (like, seriously, if you’re a photographer or are looking to get pic of your fam/kiddos this is an ideal location…go past the playground and gardens, there’s a hill that’s perfection, and I bet the backdrop only gets better with the changing of the seasons), community gardens, and an amazing playground!  



The playground farm theme is adorable with the windmill being the central focal point. The equipment is great for families with children of all ages.   


There is a designated space for littles with a barn, slide, etc.


The larger equipment has space below for younger children and above for olders, so mom and dad can literally watch everyone at once. 





Ground covering is soft in case kiddos get too distracted by their next destination and trip or fall.


There are swings for all children, including those with special needs.

You could literally spend an entire day at the playground alone! 


But do explore beyond the playground…remind kiddos you can always come back! Or better yet get dinner to-go (They have an Olga’s Kitchen , who remembers Olga’s Kitchen? get it to-go, grab it, and go back to the park for dinner!)

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