I almost killed a MOM: Why Do I Need A Light For My Bike?

Backstory to this post….I legit almost hit a a parent/guardian & their child while driving the other day. It was around 6:30PM in a neighborhood, sun had set, and I wasn’t driving fast, but I literally did not see them! That experience really shook me to my core…the thought that I almost hit a parent/guardian and their child crushed me. I could not live with that guilt, nor should anyone else have to live with that guilt, please PLEASE take the time to read through this post.

It seems that many more people are biking outside. Whether it is for exercise or pleasure, there are some safety precautions that should not be ignored. One of those features is bike lights. They may seem silly or not look cool on your bike, but they are necessary to keep you safe. Continue reading this article to find out more reasons to consider adding bike lights to your bike.

Bike lights increase visibility. They may not help you to see, but they definitely help to have you seen by others. Bikes are small and may be difficult to see. Adding a light to your bike allows you to be seen more easily. Even cars, which are much larger than bikes, have their lights on all the time to provide visibility. When you are biking on the road, you are vulnerable to all types of elements, these lights can help make you a little less vulnerable.

You may be out for a long bike ride and find that the weather suddenly changes on you. You may find yourself stuck in gray weather, or even rain with no choice but to keep riding until you get back home, or someplace where you can take shelter. A good bike light can help you remain visible and keep you safe when the weather changes on you. The bike lights that are available today are much brighter than the lights of the past. Many lights start around 300 Lumens and go up to 1500 Lumens to keep you bright. Many of these lights work to use as little battery life as possible so they last even longer. The lights have gotten smarter to provide you the light you need but not completely drain your battery. The lights can determine the difference between day and night and shine a light based on the time of day. These types of lights usually flash and the flash patterns differ based on the time of day.

A positive point about bike lights is they are affordable. You can find a light that does not break the bank and still gives you enough light to be visible to others while on the road. Some lights have the option to switch between a solid light and a flashing light. Solid light is beneficial because solid steam of light makes it much easier to see. It gets the attention of others without being distracting to those around you. You want to make sure they see you, but you do not want to distract them from their own driving. A flashing light is great when you are trying to get the attention of someone, such as when you are in distress or need assistance. The position of the light is important. If a driver cannot see your light, it is not helpful to you or anyone else on the road. It is always best to have a light on your bike, even if you already have one on your helmet. If it is just on your helmet and your head is turned, another driver may not truly know the direction in which you are going.

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