Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Dog in Training

Some dog owners view obedience classes as a luxury instead of a necessity to improve dogs’ behavior. This idea simply isn’t accurate. Let’s explore a few reasons why you should enroll your dog in training. 

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Socialization and Manners

Dogs aren’t born knowing how to behave around other dogs and people. They think they can do whatever they’d like without consequences—socializing your pup teaches them how to behave in acceptable ways. Realistically, you should begin socialization when your dog is about seven weeks old. 

A great obedience school will teach your dog more than commands—it will improve their manners, so they know how to get along with people and dogs in various situations. 

Helps You Develop a Better Relationship

Trainers will spend time training owners and the pups because the average person doesn’t understand how a dog behaves. When you don’t understand your dog, you can’t train them properly. You probably become upset when they misbehave, but this only teaches your dog to fear you. 

Can Prevent Biting

 A well-socialized dog is less likely to feel fear and anxiety. Your dog will approach new humans and dogs with more confidence and without the fear that typically leads to biting and aggressive behavior. 

Protects From Potential Danger

Two necessary commands your dog should learn are “drop-it” and “sit.” These crucial commands will protect your pup from dangerous and harmful situations. Telling your dog to drop something when they have something toxic or damaging in their mouth can save them from a stomach ache, or worse, a visit to the vet.

Obedience training will teach your dog to stop when they are unknowingly in danger, providing you with an effective tool to keep your fur baby safe. 

Protects Your Home

If your dog is bored or anxious at home, your pup may destroy your furniture. Untrained dogs are more likely to scratch at furniture, go to the bathroom indoors, and chew apart your furniture.  Training your dog to become a quality member of the family is another reason you should enroll your dog in training. 

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